A taste of Fort Davis, Texas.

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Top down, ice pellets mixed with hard rain, windshield wipers on full force and heater blasting… sorry… does not sound like riding a motorcycle! There was a time not too long ago when I considered me a purist. Trailering was never an option… I even blackmailed a friend of mine one time by taking pictures of his bike on a trailer… the years have passed… Kansas City to Denver too many times… what can I say?… yes, there is comfort in this fashion. Summer will change the logistics… under the Stars we will be. The drive was uneventful, keeping my attention on the road, not even the music was playing. It honestly felt strange the first few miles to again be driving. Almost like I had lost all senses… I had to concentrate myself it seems a bit more than usual. We took a break… let Spirit unwind a bit, he does not like water in any form or shape and the campground was not very inviting for our walk this morning. The skies started to calm down, just a few drops now, some fog and the scenery became clearer… it had changed so fast. The high mountains now were hills, but there was more vegetation and big trees! When you are in the desert for a while, trees are always welcome! One mountain stood above the rest… like the mother hen as she was looking upon them all… My cell phone started working again as we reached Alpine, and a train was totally stopped for at least 20 minutes… I smiled! I smiled because I realized that I had all day for this, I smiled because I realized that a change had taken place from months ago… I went back to see the images of the commuters in Atlanta… their faces torn by impatience… and I confess that I have been as guilty of it as anyone else!… It was now a complete turn around, I put that time to good use and made my reservations for Anza Borrego for the 14th… Awesome! The California Park system is very… how should I say… organized?… reservations are a must, and very busy. I have a week reserved in Anza Borrego, it will give me enough time to get myself organized and breakdown the area in the different sections that I want to stay in… And we made it to the Overland Trail Campground… yes… right downtown! And I am happy to be here, I am looking forward to walking the streets… or street should I say… look at the shops that I noticed on the way in, a couple Restaurants… can the city still be a little bit in me? It is almost, writing this with a guilty feeling, a welcome switch… it is filling my other senses, a bit of civilization… with hardly any traffic in a Town with a long history Registering turns into a social event! The owner has a friend that also lives next store, a musician… they are tasting some vintage Whisky… they want to know what I myself do… I feel like time again has stopped, and if it was not for some cars passing by, I would think I am living in the Old Wild West… I personally love this picture… it seems to be the definition of Fort Davis… A couple horses would have added its meaning… Channel, the dog however just fills in its whole meaning, the two men are sitting for hours… life is at a stand still! Everything is unpacked… well, there is not much really… hook up, top up… unsecuring the secured items!… and we are ready for a little walk, Spirit and I. He has become very aware of his surroundings, I wonder what he thinks moving around as we do, I am sure that by now he is used to it… almost like a daily flow of new smells and Just a short walk… we are both hungry, I have some groceries to put away which I purchased in Alpine, and this is the first sign across the street… meaning?… I have no clue but will find out… We are in Texas… even the laundromat is “a propos”… There is a court house… a bank… few hotels… some unusual stores selling local artifacts… and of course this book catches my attention… what an ironie!… The Twin Soul Coffee house is right next door to me… I will check it out in the morning, there is much more to this town, this was a quick stroll up and down the Main Street… when I am done, you will know it as well as me! The sun will be up… we will ride the loops around here… sounds like a great week ahead. Tine to go on for a basic bowl of Pasta and retire for the night! Around 3am I woke up, wanting to check the skies for the day’ sunshine?… all clear… the office light was on… promising… Be well… Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “A taste of Fort Davis, Texas.”

  1. jean Says:

    hi Chef, happy to see you on the beautiful pictures. i hope that you have had the nice holidays.

    from Jean


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