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Thanksgiving week at The Oasis. TX

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Writing our book spanning 7 years on the road takes me to those past times when the future was so uncertain. As it is today. We never know the day before that day. The contents of this Journal are the photos of this “now” while writing this book and sometimes a few words from this present. It is our magical surrounding.


“When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty.”
~ John Muir ~

Sunset at The Oasis-2 xxx

Sunset at The Oasis-8 xxx

It is the day after Thanksgiving as I feel I am sticking my head out when on these pages of today. It has been a winter unlike any. Stuck in the past while reading our own Journal from day one, the journey has been within. The welcomed cold weather arrived a few days ago. We even had snow on the ground for part of one day, it does not last long. Spirit is back out in mid mornings working on his sun tan after running around in circles as the clown he is.

Fire rings xxx

Old Faithful xxx

Not much cooking unless in the Sun Oven, when much is thrown in a pot and let the rays do their thing. A huge convenience I must say. Mother Nature’s palette keeps on painting the sunrises and the sunsets, each so different and more beautiful than one another. They keep me company.

Fire rings-2 xxx

Caved in tent. xxx

Snowed in solar panel xxx

I tried a couple times to drop the book writing for a couple days. Such aspect does not work out very well for me. I then found having lost the flow of the pages and the momentum of those years past. I am entering our fourth year on the road, roughly 55,000 pages have been written and edited as I go along. A good thing as more edits will take place once the last word is written.

Nine Points xxx

Sunset-4 xxx

This could have not happened throughout a better time. Yet, I cannot keep myself from thinking about getting back on the road again soon, and even though all these years are a continuation of a start, I tell myself “starting all over again”. Seeing my own photos makes me want to go back to so many spaces we have experienced, some I had forgotten. It all will be as new again. My outlook has so much changed even if the passion has remained the same. There is nothing like experiencing the wilderness of this country while surrounded by such incredible landmarks with a luxury called “time”.

Sunset-8 xxx

Sunset-13 xxx

Sunset-16 xxx

It is peaceful here. I am thankful every day to have been so lucky acquiring these few acres of land. There is no outside interferences. There is nothing but silence, a constantly changing landscape and the two of us. It is perfect.

Sunset-19 xxx

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit