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Another “Get Together” in WA.

Monday, July 30th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering."
~ St Augustine ~

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One of my favorite piano player, writer and musician “Kendra Springer”. This is called “With You”…


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Media News do not present themselves in our World too often. My own News are of Mother Nature’s Channel as I call it. Instant gratification of present weather, shapes and silhouettes all in colors and smells all along. Yet, while in Salem, I did not escape the tragedy which took place in Aurora, Colorado. It was not a surprise. I think we have come to expect such constant tragedy when weapons and ammunitions are so readily available, when today’s pass times are videos of wars and battles plentiful filling the screens with the gory aspects that goes along. When mainly a brain becomes suddenly deranged.

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The story left me numb, sadder than sad as filled with tears the thought of all this senseless halt of so many lives and the ones left behind mourning on a stage now their own for the rest of their own lives which has changed forever. The World however has not stopped. It never does. Does not for no one. Could all be even forgotten by now. The impatient driver was still tailgating us, a trucker gave us the finger in a 30mph zone, pedestrians where still laughing, people are still complaining and impatient as they dig their heels so filled with themselves overflowing with the "me…. me… me… " syndrome.

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I am aware of this constant path which will not change. Maybe we are of too many, maybe far from any of us being perfect in this non perfect World a few will always take a wrong turn. Maybe… maybe… I don’t think we have yet the answers today. I feel fortunate to the fact that I find my own resemblance of Peace on this stage I seek without any despair of not finding it. Maybe I am just rambling trying to put into words what cannot be.

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From Salem to Plain, Washington, were we are here now. All has been a blur. Finally finding the field were we will spend a few days the moments calmed down. The sights sharpened realizing we are in a beautiful space. Country setting, narrow roads, fields lined up with dwellings of farms, some ancient ones barely standing yet harboring an old boat or a truck, some newer in a style deserving a second look. We are all alone tonight, a large field which will start filling up on Thursday. A nice shady forest is only 5 feet away. It will be our shelter during the day.

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I never thought we would come this summer this far North. Such a coincidence Salem and my giving Classes are near by. Tucson and Munich are so far away. I can breathe throughout the times left to reach them. One day at the time. The memories of Salem and this Family of Friends which put Terra Explorer together will always linger in my mind. I started feeling as I was also part of the crew myself and I know Spirit did too as everyone here and there stopped on their tracks to give him a good scratch. It really is all for him. If he was not present I would still be on two wheels. Seven years together, six of it on the road, he has come such a long way building up his personality and a taste of freedom as much as he can have.

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We both have come a long way as I look around me and so often wonder what happened since Lance left us. “Sherpa”, a trailer, “Terra Explorer” as “Old Faithful” is stored for now, “The Oasis”. Nothing present has been intentional as so many ask me how “this is all done?”. Lance has marked the path and is watching over us. I missed him so terribly last evening. One of those moments when I feel so vulnerable as my wish while here will never happen. One of those moments when closure must be restarted from the ground up while wondering "what is closure?". Does not even sound right as there never will be a closure. Acceptance is a better word. And that one is also of a hardship.

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A couple days have past. We have escaped to some unknown forest trails listening to the wind playing amongst the tall trees with crackling sounds, smells, coolness and everything we have been missing. I breathe a bit better here. Sitting on a soft bed of pine needles, living the moment as I always try. The Rally near by in Plain has a nice attendance, a small crowd, friendly faces and the cooking so far has gone well everyone bringing their ingredients and I guiding them ending up in tasty dishes.

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Some have brought their pantry, some have not as we have a little bit of ours. I enjoy the process as everyone’s bag is a surprise and I need to think quickly what can be prepared. No challenges yet. Some have even fed me as it is not a time to cook for myself unless jumping on the peanut butter and jelly bandwagon!

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An update. A challenge was brought in. A can of tuna, a can of Spam, a bag of 2 minute instant rice, a bag of Top Ramen noodles and… a real onion. Paul from Snow Peak did feel my shoulders quiver. What could I do?

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