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I need a “wake up” call. TX

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.” ~ Charles Kuralt ~

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sand dunes xxx

Out of Death Valley! The reel of the past roads are still unwinding. Silence has now been replaced by some urban cacophony while stopped in Shoshone and treating myself to a Ruben sandwich at the Crowbar. I remember it from years past. I like a good Ruben. I don’t know what he does to it, but it is the best. I made a point to let him. Chefs like that. I was one of them. The road went along the Park for a while. More roads I saw going up the hills, more "wants" to explore and camp out as I am so much realizing we could spend a few months within those spaces. Food and water weekly being not too far. Only moving on when the weather dictates.

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Suddenly I am finding people being loud. I am sitting outside with Spirit to escape the four walls, and yet… A deep contrast from the past weeks. Plain loud as if their intentions are for the World to hear some of their non sense. Outdoor is of a sanctuary to me. A space to be quiet. To think and feel without the noise pollution and bragging rights hearing about a car faster than theirs or a house more opulent than their neighbor. Some seem as convicts let out with a yearly free pass. I know I should not feel as such. Unfair. Our Life is different. It has been detached from the main stream and is only getting further and further I don’t quite know where.

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I went down the ladder last week. A few days. Time passing helped. The thought of going through the Mojave National Preserve and maybe even again Joshua Tree if my favorite campground "Belle" is open, all lifted me up. The weather is cooperating. It has been after the past storm such an incredible Gift. Climbing back up a couple steps. Too dark down there. Smiles are always needed. I do have caring Friends. They drop in halting their own lives sending their good and uplifting words.

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I found a Treasure by the Dunes in Mojave. The Kelso Dunes with another washboard Rd. Only about 3 miles in though. One camper a mile away and then us. Friendly Mojave. Right at the foothills of the Dunes. Kind of a shame we have to return to Texas. I am trying to see this path as a tantalizing offering for future times. It is not often if ever we have to be somewhere at a certain time. I am breathing deeper today. My past emotions have left me worn out. I am trying to keep it all on an uphill swing. More Friends have written, a couple have called as I yet have to call back. No luxury of a connection but it will be nice to talk to them soon. I know that if our Life’s speed is 10 mph theirs must be a 100. Life’s rules these days. Slow down.

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I am now strongly feeling the connection with “The Oasis”. We are moving fast. Not a blur by far, just only too quick. Too immediate, a sense of rush and yet suddenly wanting to, feeling it as it is that time. Confusing. Not wanting to leave but moving on. We are already passed Mojave. It was only one night. We found a spot at Belle campground in Joshua Tree. Things have changed from years past. The sites are larger meaning RV’s, meaning generators, meaning noise overtaking what was once this primitive space. An influx of traffic. I realize it is spring break. Yes, they are out still acting as between cement walls with no respect for others. Even Life on the road changes. I cannot let it spoil my morning as the Sun is slowly making it’s way from behind the giant boulders keeping company with an army of Joshua’s.

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We have already crossed a Freeway yesterday. I stopped when it came into my sight of vision. Oppressive it looked after all this time away. We only had to cross it going southbound. The fast and faster way for all to get from point A to point B. We will have to experience it also at some point soon when without much of a choice passed El Paso. Or was it before? I am still on Death Valley time. So raw was the space. Death Valley. Those two words are resonating. I know many visit, will, in and out. I don’t know if many will feel this unexplainable sense of being amidst what seems to be the last frontier. This vast isolation that was as such only a few centuries ago. They will come and ride, they will come and drive, take a few photos and leave. Will they acknowledge the present blending in with the past or will they only bypass it all?

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I have not figured things out yet. The fingerprint of days past is getting stronger. I think I found that desolation and isolation as such is a space I had not quite experienced these past years. It was of a different momentum. Not ever at this level. Those uphills going on dirt paths we camped on hiding behind a hill or two with no light or noise pollution, a silence so deep it made the ground feel hollow. I want to be there again, sometime soon we will.

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Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit