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Feeling “Welcomed” in Death Valley. CA

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.”
~ Cesare Pavese ~

Mosaic Canyon-18 xxx

From “Evanescence”, a beautiful song called “My Immortal” from the “Fallen” Album


Mosaic Canyon-19 xxx

I wonder how many truly experience the true space offered to us within this vast country of ours. We can take it a step further… "within this World". I am not meaning the riding, the photography, the outdoor cooking, the socializing with others when in a group, the hiking. I am meaning the true one on one with Nature. The silence when suddenly not a spec of noise is carried to our ears, when lonely is no more only knowing we are not alone but with ourselves and when one feels as being planted on a ground in a mental state never before achieved. This is when it all starts, this when it is as a luxury of present times detached from everything one might have experienced in earlier times. Centuries ago. It happens, it takes often place with us, it becomes an addition to search and be as such as often as possible.

Mosaic Canyon-16 xxx

Mosaic Canyon xxx

It is a Gift I have given myself, I give myself. Lance has given to me. I say the World, yet it does not matter where one is as long as in the center of a vast space away from civilization’s footprint. It is not a brainless state of mind, quite the opposite. It might even be frightening at times as suddenly the questions arise and answers are just not present. It is not "will you have your coffee with cream or sugar?", it is not "what show will I watch on the television?". It is a depth I don’t know how many have experienced.

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Mosaic Canyon-3 xxx

Hills, mountains, valleys, creeks, deserts, darker or lighter skies… all are the backdrop of Mother Nature which will guide you. Yet, there is a huge trend I have noticed, as also many Friends have, "going around the World". Gone is the Alaska trips which made everyone feel as a pioneer of Modern Ages, Mexico for so many is now most of the time a distant forbidden memory. "Around the World" is the fashion, is the main catwalk and as much as I have to admit "is" entertaining and mainly incredibly containing a depth in being exposed to so many cultures and ancient civilization, I am being asked over and over about "our own backyard" as truly how many can take one year or two or more to experience such Global entertainment.

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We are so gifted here in this country. Over 3 million square miles we are within and as even all is seemingly becoming smaller, the empty spaces are still there while found with some soul and physical searching. It is when one feels safer "out there" within no miles from cohabitation, when feels more secure then downtown, when the mind can flow freely unobstructed, that is when the doors open and the lining is smiling back.

Mosaic Canyon-7 xxx

Mosaic Canyon-8 xxx

We have moved south of Death Valley. Fueling is now a game of miles per gallon and distances. Math. The skies unexpectedly are today blue without a cloud. I am a bit taken back by it, only because of the lack of pizzazz in photos but for the now moments it is an unparalleled beauty surrounding us. We left the Park for a day to re-provisioned and with the choice of no coming back, Death Valley called me to backtrack. Here we are. It is as I am waiting for something. I don’t know what. I don’t question. I wait as it will come. The experience. I will leave richer, different no doubt as already the mental distant horizon has changed it’s shape and it’s character seems to be leaving behind what was.


A bit dusty lens… proper effects!


The mountains are literally glistening with the sun rays almost as horizontal as their slopes. Mirror like they shine with only dark traces of their crevasses as deep make up tattooed on forever marking each mount with their own personality. They too slowly disappeared as they always do. The west before the east which is still painted from the last glow of days now from an absent sun. My intimidation has gone away. My familiarity however is not yet on a first name bases. Here is bigger than ever and I and all should be happy this space has escaped the urban brutality of a cement jungle.

Mosaic Canyon-17 xxx

Mosaic Canyon-20

Timeless, empty. Thoughts have finally stopped and I can just "be". Just "be". That is all. Spoiled I feel as these are the moments I cherish. They are an unlike therapy for these days.

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