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Toward “Overland Expo 11”. AZ

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

“Through our ‘Thanks’, we honor all possibilities, while bringing the ones we choose to this World” ~ Gregg Braden ~

OX 11-12

OX 11-15

The temperatures are now milder here in Tucson. I have been mentally preparing myself for Overland Expo 2011 which starts this Thursday in Amado about 40 miles or so south of here. I then, now, realize mental preparedness is really not going to prep all the ingredients I will need for the three Classes I am giving, Classes on “one pan cooking” and “traveling without refrigeration” combined. Two quick meals it will be, both subjects will blend in. I am trying to keep it together and yet this empty space, this to me sudden departure of my Dear Friend is as collapsing the present moments. I was talking about it a while ago and it is as all I want for the World would be to stop spinning a while. Take a break.

OX 11-16

OX 11-18

OX 11-20

It won’t be so, it never is. Only behind the boulders and monuments down the brown dirt roads I have found does it all stop, it is only then all senses can pause and catch up toward the surface of these stormy winds, sometimes sailing through a grim reality we have no choice accepting. I have given myself the gift of that said path these past years. Not so glamorous some say, yet it is to me and soon will again blend in. I know the reality of it all is not as harsh of as such thought as today’s stage the curtain rises from. They are unfortunately the same questions with no answers that run over and over through this at times unsettled mind. The logistics of this Life never cease to amaze me, yet as a recent quote "We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way." It also did not happen to me, it happened to my Friend. Our emotions are what takes on the roller coaster motions of these days.

Prep for one pan meal

So back to “Overland Expo 2011”. The Show goes on. Our tent is already set up on a nice grassy space which actually is called “The Oasis”. Coincidence. Back to my Classes also. Three 50 minute long Classes while preparing these two meals, refrigeration of their ingredients not being a must unless using meat which I will, only because many present will indeed have refrigeration in their motorized vehicles, not being as such for many of us on motorcycles. I figured there will be no time to chop and dice all the ingredients as each Class will be of 30. All is now done, prepped and labeled in bags per day and per meal. I cooked a test run as I will also do tonight for the second meal.

Rice and Pork one pan meal

I will post the recipes when the Classes are over, after this coming Sunday. There are as many on the waiting list as there are attendees. Maybe next year if I again participate we will make it a two hour Class. Maybe I will even have a Book by then, who knows. Maybe… maybe… The discipline while on the road to stop and putting such said Book together has not been my strong point. I always say “yes” when asked, “soon” also, and yet, such different “adventure” seems to be taking much time from what I call “just living”.

OX 11-22

OX 11-23

Spirit knows how to live. It did not take him long to find some shade under this crooked tree behind our tent. We are fortunate to have such a good spot, across the road would have been difficult for us, all has fallen in place very nicely thanks to “Roseann Hanson” and the tight grip she has on organizing such event. Again we will see many Friends from last year, some on their first visit, many surprises, incredible road and off road toys. The coming days will be busy for this annual event which keeps getting bigger and bigger each year which goes by.

OX 11-2

OX 11-3 OX 11-4

OX 11-5

Where to from here? The Deserts are always calling. Maybe try “Death Valley” again if and when under good weather. “Valley of the Gods”, “Muley Point” where our stays in the past have always seemingly been unfinished. Hang up the Calendar, stop the Clock and feel the Earth, the unpaved one where cement does not yet exist as I always feel “do it now before it is too late… before those man made campsites sprout in their multitudes as we well know”.

OX 11-8

OX 11-11

OX 11-9

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