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A bite and a kite in Terlingua. Tx

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

“There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of Life, and beyond which Life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive” Jack London [The Call of the Wild].


I read a lot. Lately more than I ride due to the weather, but less than playing with Spirit. What a docile, gentle and intelligent dog he has turned out to be. He climbs the ladder of Life always right next to me never missing a beat. We have truly become one, specially when we are alone, him as my previous dogs is now my shadow. He goes where I go, he comes to where I am. He is very much alive. My loneliness has it’s face at times, the Stars above, the Moon descending onto the other side, the Sunsets like miracles on the senses, all would be so more filled with richness if shared with emotions on a Human level. So instead I look at Spirit, a big hug, I know he does what he can at it’s best across me within his eyes always locked on mine, always.

Doug and his Dogs  
Doug's Dogs  

Heavy winds today, they moved the tent about 5 inches! Northbound. Maybe 30 mph? That was the forecast. The forecast was not however being bitten by… a dog! Needing some hardware and so rarely riding to the Porch, yesterday afternoon was still early, thought it would be a good excuse to lounge around a bit. As the photos show, dogs are not allowed on the Porch (right!) as not too long ago a very young girl was also bitten. These four dogs are owned by the man in the red shirt, Doug, and I had been watching them for a while chase cars and a Goldwing trike. Yes, he got up at times, hit his dog, screamed, totally out of control. I don’t know why I did not think they would not chase us when leaving as it happened, as the black and white one decided to take a run and a bite out of my ankle. What an irony he came on my side instead of Spirit’s! That would have been another story as they had already tried to pick on him while he sat in his chair as his reply never made them even come close near by again.

The Porch  

It amazes me sometimes not doing the right thing. As much as I love animals, I should have kicked this dog, only to defend my ankle, I wear steel toe boots. Or I should have stopped and asses the damages which I did not do till we returned. Maybe call the local Sheriff, maybe animal control. It was a bite through my pants and socks, two marks bleeding, today the bites are sore, much Neosporin to combat an infection, my foot is on the numb side. I have no idea if those dogs ever had their shots, I honestly doubt it, will find out in the morning. [Update: there are no leash laws and rabies shots Law in this County. I have been told that this past summer the Community had made him vaccinate his dogs. I was asked to call today the local Sheriff. His dogs will go in quarantine and a Court hearing in 10 days]. The Porch and Ghost Town are Private Properties and as I spoke with Susan today, the Manager, they have been trying to fight this problem which is totally out of hand as of now. I dislike leashes, but Spirit is on a leash in any public place as I expect others to also respect this common sense. With the Tourist season approaching I can only see more problems arising from this situation. I would hope this would be a warning to the many motorcyclists with the Porch as their destination, unless appropriate steps are taken.

The Porch  

Earlier was a better time. I had been meaning to see Phil, the caretaker of the Boathouse Hostel where they have tents, a bathhouse and a communal kitchen set up, all for $10 a night. Phil flies kites. He was a “kite rescuer” when he was in Milwaukee walking around the Parks with a 25′ long telescopic rod taking down the kites many thought lost in the the trees! One learns every day of others hobbies. He has over 100 rescued kites and he was kind enough to give me my own to take back with me. Enlightening I must say.

Dragon Kite  

Flying a kite I think will put a smile on anyone’s face! I know it did on mine when I flew it this morning before the heavy winds started, unfortunately already lost it’s tail. There are kites for light winds, heavy winds, all kinds and all shapes, stunt kites… Mine is now laying somewhere in the bushes for the night till I attach a new tail to it, maybe try to rescue some myself and give them a good home. Phil tried to promote kite flying in Terlingua to no avail. I thought it was a great idea since so many are always looking to create an event.

My Kite!  
My Kite  

Today we have rain added to the wind. Sunny days are ahead, all is always subject to change. It is not a good day for a solar shower, but with the hardware purchased, a left over 2x4x12 and a 50G drum, I devised how to hold one up on the shipping container. Never been one to build anything, there might have been a simpler way to do this, but it works!

Shower Left  
Shower Left Shower R side

Felt a bit like a Flintstone that morning. Also managed to attend to my rear wheel at the same time as the tube was giving me some trouble, too much air trapped in the tire and end up mounting it with the tube partially filled with air. Another situation under control! We are now waiting for better weather to again move around.


I feel a bit suspended these past days. The Journey on it’s path feels crowded from it’s past simplicity. I cannot find the need for all this added “extra stuff” which sometimes is not allowing me to solely feel myself. And yet, it is winter, feeling it more today than ever with the temperature hovering at 35 degrees only by noon. Heat is nice, shelter is even nicer. My tolerance to bad weather has diminished as I cannot even think about riding today, even with my heated electric gear and Spirit his heated blanket. It is a new phase that is leaving me a bit perplexed at the age of 61. Is this normal? Am I being transformed into this fair weather Adventurer I feel as becoming, straying away from the days when nothing stopped me. I am having a hard time standing still from these conditions prevailing upon us and feel no choice being given.

The Boathouse  

The notion of going back to work maybe even if part time has been entering my mind and thoughts. Still a true passion of mine, the accomplishment of creating smiles from raw pieces of a puzzle will always be there. How can I truly leave forty years in kitchens behind as I have these past three years. Out of need also from lately financial burdens that starts weighing in when the most basic needs of a Dr or Dentist cannot be met. I have never wanted to be a commercial entity even as I try to unsuccessfully sell photos or as in the past asking for a One Dollar a month contribution to cover the astronomical constant Internet costs to be connected anywhere, anytime. It is not a path into I like enunciating those words. The after thought is not of a pleasant one even if so many reading these words enjoy for their own reasons the present and past pages as an ongoing Book purchased at a Bookstore.


Strong upcoming dilemmas on the horizon seems like as I wait for every day to take care of itself as myself trying to take care of my own and Spirit. There has been complains from certain Forums in regard to these pages being so called commercial and links to it to be removed. There are people with nothing else to do but project their own pettiness through their own Life only wanting to disturb a path acquired in my fashion or others for that matter. “We are starting to get complaints regarding your commercial web site in your signature, which, since you are selling items and soliciting donations it is in direct conflict with our posting rules. We have to ask you to delete the link from your signature and profile.” I can only hope those petty complainers never have to even borrow my shoes for any length of time… maybe they should go fly a kite…

Till next time, you be well.

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