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It is so beautiful here, Blue Mesa Lake.CO

Friday, May 29th, 2009


Is it so beautiful here, or is it just me after two nights at St Mary’s Hospital, surrounded by the urban jungle and the gray hues of the cement walls, the pink and pale greens of linoleum floors and generic illustrations hanging throughout the hallways of hope. I think the color “green” was invented here in Colorado, I have no doubts about it! From the shadows of pain and foreign medicinal smells mixed in with colored exhaust fumes, the players of this big labyrinth past send me off back to our Journey. We are near Gunnison, on the shores of Blue Mesa Lake. Sounds exotic? It is. We are in a primitive campground paying a fee for the first time since we left The Oasis and that is alright. Rain and hail came quickly upon us and late in the day there is not much sense adventuring ourselves onto the other paths off the Lake to find free space yet. The Ranger’s counseling to stay here for a couple days till we find better…

beach a  


lake trail c  

It will not be better, there is no such a thing here. Every step is a new wonder freshly painted and still wet dripping from Mother Nature’s aspiration and imagination. The leaves are sparkling, almost glaring my vision as the birds happy as ever are in concert tuning their muses. Quiet times are ahead, more riding also as Old Faithful is probably wondering when she is going to warm up again.

the point

lake trail d

beach c  

I realized by walking with Spirit only about 500 feet to the beach, the reason why this Journey moves me so much. Suddenly, as the body and mind remains in unison, there was joy with every step taken, every rock and grain of sand felt through my moccasins where speaking to me as penetrating deep into my thoughts shooting up this beauty surrounding us. Did I miss this? Immensely… it is my food for thoughts, it is my prescribed path for Life till it ends maybe showing us then another one as well worth.

Spirit c  
trunk lake trail b
spirit a  

My poor buddy Spirit had been a bit down from my not well being and my quietness toward him. Yesterday was Spirit Day, much catching up between us, much to talk about and much to catch up on hugs missed these past few days. Show me anyone that is so filled with unconditional Love. He is aging… his features are not of a puppy anymore, but as in years past he still finds his way to rest his face between my arm and my chest and take that big sigh when I tell him “everything is alright”. He tears me up you know, he is so present, such care, his vision is on me never leaving that track as to not loose me, as much as me not to loose him.

Spirit d  
foam sandstone

He listens, he has become more serious these past weeks. We lock eyes as never before almost now as a game as to who will look away first! There is never a winner or a looser, only a blink and the game restarts. We talked a long time holding each other sitting at this picnic table by this beach that suddenly appeared as our prescription so much needed to calm our Souls together. Breath in and breath out, the air so fluid like the water surrounding us, the air so quiet and so pure, the water flowing, this miraculous matter existing, water I can watch for hours taking me back always to my sailboat years. 

lake trail e  
rocks a  

The spaces are immense here, there is no going just next door in little time. The two passes alone arriving here suddenly made me realize where we are within this stage so raw and so powerful all around us. The mountains are steep and so were the roads. “Summit 4 miles away” I kept reading every few miles forgetting the reality of the present, but quickly reminded when the 4 miles seemed as a hundred. Strange enough when uploading my photos to Smugmug, I realized that I did not even have a Colorado chapter! Utah kept us busy last year and this year I feel as we left in a hurry for otherwise never leaving again throughout this upcoming summer of long days and good riding season.

the point a  
lake trail a  

Colorado, at the speed we are going, will require many visits. We always leave with so much unseen, it is the same everywhere we go, even in Texas where we have been three times for some length still has kept her mysteries to be unveiled. That is the difference between traveling and living on the road. I am so used to it by now, there is a certain nonchalant well being that has developed these past few months. The days so much do not matter anymore, there is no schedule, there is only night and day and weather to be concerned with.


Halfway between Grand Junction and Montrose en route here, we came across the quaint little town of Delta. It only took the sight of a couple murals to start going around and find some parking and some grass for Spirit. It was a nice break, kind of like my first outing away from a generic parking lot. Delta had some great “vibes” as I call them. I even had a long conversation with the postman walking around, one can find out a lot from them!

Delta l  
wells fargo  

This is new space for us, one day at the time I find out about road barely known to maps, roads only locals can give me much information needed as to where to go and not to go as some of the passes are barely now opening their gates. Surprises are always welcome, they fill the days with that element so satisfying to the Journey.

mural g  
mural d mural f
mural e mural b

And more murals with a couple local shops…

mural i  
mural m mural n
doghouse fat cat pottery

This first day out arriving here was a gift, skies mixed with rain and hail and sunshine, all the characters perfect for a grand finale before the curtain lowering for that evening…


Till next time, you all be well…

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Ara & Spirit