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Locke, old delta Chinese town… and some new friends. CA

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I would almost say that silence is “golden”, it has been a couple of days since my last posting here… but I am going to write that “silence has been expensive”… and nerve wrecking! I had to purchase a new lap top a couple days ago… my old faithful HP must have had a broken heart and just was not waking up when needed. It started as a weekly routine, turned in to a daily affair… and when she went on strike with just about every start up… it was time!


Computeramus ignoramus… my middle name… always falling into a high blood pressure dilemma when even thinking about these matters.Fortunately, my good friend Brian from Placerville (he likes the ride here!), a computer Guru, took the matter in hands… Everything had to be moved from one lap top to another… this one with Windows Vista Premium Software (???), a sleek widescreen machine. The first person that actually has done what he said was going to accomplish! We are not totally done yet, maybe Friday… some glitches, some words on the Blog are and have appeared on the side on each picture… that is in the wide screen format… If it happens to you also, do as I do, set it on regular screen format this a solution is found.

My old HP was like an old shoe… slipped in the task with no flaws, not a thought on my part… only when she did not want to wake up! I have to say that this Vista is entertaining with all the bells and whistles… colors… line going in motion everywhere… only if I could find what I am looking for, I could not even find my pictures for a while… And of course, as if that was not enough, having to enter a user name and password on everything that pertains to my life… 

So yes, I will get over it… soon I hope!I have to mention this wind also that is blowing I would say at about 30 to 40mph for night and day now… lucky I have been as my Dish is cutting through the wind, it would have been long gone and flown like a kite otherwise I am sure… 4 tie downs have also helped… we are facing a field, I understand that this is a normal pattern in the Delta!

Finally all caught up this afternoon, we had a lift off… and decided to go to Locke, an old Chinese town just a few miles from here. Walnut Grove is only a couple miles preceding Locke. In 1915 a fire broke out in Walnut Grove and the Chinese residents decided that it was due time to have a town of their own. Purchasing land from a land owner “George Locke”, they established themselves and built that town which has not changed since.

[quote]Levee construction originally brought the Chinese to this area, but by the time Locke was built most of the work was in farm labor. Locke had many businesses that catered to the farm workers and residents of this region. In the 1940’s restaurants, bakeries, herb shops, fish markets, gambling halls, boarding houses, grocery stores, a school, clothing stores, and the Star Theatre lined the bustling streets of Locke. At its peak 600 residents, and as many as 1500 people occupied the town of Locke.

On August 2, 1970, Locke was added to the registry of national historical places, by the Sacramento County Historical Society, because of its unique status as the only town in the United States built exclusively by the Chinese for the Chinese. Locke is no tourist trap, nor is it a ghost town. Its unusual, out-of-the-way charm is genuine. Perhaps it is this authenticity, without any hypocritical overtones, which brings so many out of town visitors to its doors. Currently, there are between 80 to 90 people live in Locke. Chinese population is down to about ten. [quote]


Going in, we end up on the tail of a GS… of course, one does not let the other one get away without finding out who they are! In Locke… California… on a Wednesday afternoon… what would be the chances to ran into Mark Zollo!… an ADV Rider which we had corresponded through e mail a while back! He needed to know my opinion on some kitchen knives… small world! We chatted for a while, exchanged phone numbers and hopefully we will get together soon for a dinner in Sacramento… I hope that he will change his rear tire as soon as tomorrow… they are definitely reinforced with steel belts! I saw them… nice and shiny…


   There is like a mystery to this town… everything has remained the same as it was… the little School even, open all day, where I met three ladies which visit the sites quite often from San Francisco… it is an intrigue, a draw… maybe even a mystery in their lives…


    The narrow alleys are still there, but at the same time, there is a sense of peacefulness in the streets. A sense of wanting to be quiet, expecting heads to pop up from the windows… laughter and voices as loud as in the old times… but none of that.


 Many Galleries, I understand it is fairly busy on the weekends when the big sales happen… I even smelled some Chinese kitchen in the midst of cooking… I have the feeling that the food should be good.

We walked around for a while… Spirit had enough shortly after and just wanted to get back in his car… his wishes my desires… always! The back streets, the only two other ones in existence were only gravel…


And to my surprise… a sidecar rig was parked in front of a garage… someone was on a ladder working… I had to ask if it was his! Of course… Russel Ooms, a resident since 1973, a nice older house him and his wife live… bought that year for… yes… $50!!! Where was I?His friend from Point Reyes, Tony Ragona was also there… a humoristic couple of guys that had me a bit in stitches very quickly!

A complete Ural hack, used for cruising around the Delta… do you think he knows all the roads around here?… for sure… we are planning a ride!I will take along my map this time…

Amazing… traveling! The people you meet… And if that was not enough, his friend Tony lives in Point Reyes, on the coast… that is tomorrow… as he also would like to introduce me to a friend of his, a great writer winner of a “Pulitzer Prize”… I will be honored.

 Well, I need to get back to try deciphering this new machine… Murphy’s law… just when you expect it the less… the more drops on the shoulders of the wanderer… or was it the ‘wonderer”!Be well… Ara & Spirit

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