With the San Antonio Riders…

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

I cannot help today repeating here what I have written on some Forums… I just want to be sure it has been read and maybe given to you readers some food for thoughts… I know… none will change… I am not trying to start a losing battle… It is just my sentiments when I see so much beauty and spiritual land surrounding me, and I like to express them… that is all on that subject!

This is in response to a comment on my thread on BMW MOA… "sensory overload", truly I agree describes the indescribable… and after a while, a few days, one just wants to stop describing and just look.

Every few miles, a 360 degree span offers a new background, new silhouettes against lately the clear blue skies I have been spoiled with… the feelings are actually beyond the scenery, the space here itself is magical and spiritual as being transported in a different medium, which it is with no doubt. I have a tendency to always think about years back when it was the land of the Native Indians and sadness always occurs in my mind. I see families living here off the land, only using what their needs where, the children playing peacefully, the women going on to their chores… it is always the biggest puzzle for me as to what happened? How did this happen! They call life in the past "the dark ages", I call the present years… "the dark ages". None of the natives now are here and it was not so many years ago, their Spirits are still lingering, probably tearing constantly to the loss of their lifestyle and ancestry , manhood and civilization… It is to me one of the most mind boggling part of History… I am not even comfortable to the fact that it is now a National Park, sure, trying to conserve the beauty of it all, with rules and regulations needed for the masses that would ruin it all in a heartbeat… how sad would it be to witness some day a descendant of a family that lived on this land, walk to the front gate and pay his or her $5 to get in… can you feel his heart and emotions?… What a World we live in!… driven by greed… materialism and no fondness for the past in real sense… if it was… all the land would be given back… all of it!

NO… I am not a political person or would ever get political… this statement is purely from the heart!

On a different subject… it was a fun time meeting some of the San Antonio riders for a run through the Park, will also the presence of Voni and Paul… as written and pictured on SmuMugImgp1077

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

*Setting the upper right hand "style" window to "Journal" is the best way to see it all.

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