Why on the Road?

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

It was only this morning that we left Beaver Creek Campground, south of Sedona… we are a few miles for the Grand Canyon’s south rim, I have not seen any of it yet, and it is sometime in the middle of the night… We are camped on National Forest, they call it “dispersed” camping, off a forest road which are abundant around here. There is no one near by and my clock right away has switched to a no time zone.

I am far from being an anti social person, and at the same time I seek isolation in my nights and days. I am more excited, right now, about camping here than the beauty of the Grand Canyon that lies only a few miles away. As soon as I was done setting up camp, actually while, everything within me had changed, the focus took on a closer path toward the trees, the bark eaten by the ants, I heard stronger than ever the wind howling through the trees, I even sat on the ground with Spirit resting gently his head on my crossed legs, just being. Time had stopped… and there were no more barriers between my senses and the beauty and the peace that Mother Nature was displaying in front of me. And I was thinking, to make the matters even more amazing… this is only a forest! There are no reds, there are no rocks, no formations and ridges and silhouettes against the darkening skies… but the solitude and the quietness of my surrounding has made this forest the most beautiful one I have been in for a while. So what am I saying?… Crowds, construction, traffic, commercialism, noise and pollution… all have simply hindered the relationship that I have with my surroundings in so many places…

It has become an issue throughout this Journey already. Some States do not have “dispersed’ camping, will use that term since this is what they are calling it here, and I like it! The land is privately owned leaving only Parks to camp in with strict regulations and rules. And truthfully it is not even the rules and regulations that bothers me, I have been camping all my life, I have great respect for my surroundings, it is not the kids screaming and the dogs left behind barking while their owners are gone hiking… this is life and everyone, to the best of their ability, is going to try to get out of their four walls and cement driveway… what bothers me is that not much land as this land where I am right now exists anymore. From Parker, south of Lake Havasu where I witnessed thousands of RV’s lined up on the banks of the river like sardines in a giant can, at least with no lid, to Sedona which has become an unbelievable sight of miles and miles of traffic bumper to bumper… we are losing ground and the ability to feel what the land was so many centuries ago.

Maybe it is only me… maybe few have this feeling, this search for vast spaces where the clock and civilization has yet to put its imprint on. Maybe that is why I so much enjoyed the spirituality of living on a sailboat, drop the lines and sail away, re acquiring at any given time the ability to re establish the relationship within ourselves and the surroundings unspoiled by it all!

We should all have this option throughout our daily lives to get away as such, as now, and re establish that said connection with ourselves, with nothing in between us toward the sights and feels of the raw land that was created so long ago in its most beautiful unspoiled form.

Nothing is permanent, I know that, and the knowledge that I will be in cities again at times for various reasons is well known to me. Being here however allows one, if I can use the similarity, to recharge its batteries, the deep cells within us that deplete sometimes so quickly, leaving us on the edge of emotions governed by the hassle and bustle of the daily grind some of us have to or had to endure for the sake of putting bread on our tables. Just look at the faces of the daily commuters next time on your way to work… I know why using cell phones while driving has been a lost battle… it provides that narrow window of escapism while the lid is trying to close upon us tighter by the day!

I would say to all… pack up and go… afford yourselves the freedom to re acquire what is owed to your life, serenity, peace, growth and better health. I have never felt better these past few months… my strength has increased both mentally and physically, my medicine cabinet has diminished and my friendships are many with strangers I have met and more I have not even met yet!

Good things, rewarding aspects of this Journey have surfaced besides showing in text and pictures of the beautiful surroundings I have been fortunate to see and experience so far. I have had school teachers write to me to the fact that they read my Blog and show the pictures to their children students!… I have had parents write to me that their children which do not know how to even read yet ask how Spirit is doing!… I have had many parents, in the unfortunate situation of their loss as I am, write to me that after reading my January 26th dedication to Lance, they have been awaken by my doings and have finally come out of their four walls to again embrace life to the best of their ability. After six years of grieving a now friend is even selling his house to like me get on the road and experience its beauty and life. And others are reading and viewing the honest reports with each region and area we go through… I do not embellish the experience, I say it the way it is… as a friend told me the other day, we want the truth and not plan a vacation or a ride thinking to find what we will not!

But enough rambling on… this has been fun and helpful as the pulse of time is beating as it should.

Thanks for reading… and be well.

Ara & Spirit

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6 Responses to “Why on the Road?”

  1. End Lands » Why on the Road? Says:

    […] post by aragureghian and plugin by Elliott Back […]

  2. Kevin Says:

    Ara, glad you made it to your next destination safely. I was down at the river yesterday and today I am going up on the mountain, not far from where I showed you to recharge!

    Your sharing these experiences are appreciated by many.

    Take care,


  3. wes Says:

    thanks for rambling, and all the beautiful pics. love your discriptions. i look forward to your writing as well as your adventures.

  4. Clem Says:

    incredible, you seem to have caught something really special! I am grateful to be part of it.

  5. SidecarRon Says:

    Hi Ara,
    I, too, enjoyed this episode! I’ve worried at times that you’d be unhappy when you get up here to northern Illinois, but I feel somewhat reassured that you’ll be able to find some solitude. Your description of the forest reminded me of feelings I had last year. There are times when I’ve felt a longing for a more “dramatic” setting than we have here — but late last summer Luke and I were out by ourselves and while just cresting a small hill, I was struck by the beauty of the surrounding corn fields and blue sky. Guess we all need to take the time really LOOK at what’s around us.
    Best wishes,
    Sidecar Ron

  6. Kristina Hall Says:

    Ara, I see that you were in Sedona and area~~~~I live in Sedona with Pasquale. We were away during the time that you were here, sorry to have missed you. I am reading the local paper this morning and there was a big article with photos of you and Spirit! I can send it to you if you like. Also, I see that you had a restaurant in Forestville. I was raised in Forestville!! Went to Forestville elementary and El Molino High and was a certified River Rat, growing up playing in the Russian River. What was the name of your restaurant??

    Happy Trails and enjoy the cool northern climate, it is still very hot here in Sedona.

    Kristina (aka desertgirl66)

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