What a great morning and Spirit’s "Fame"… Utah

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

I have to admit that yesterday was a tough day. Mother’s Day with my own Mother thousands of miles away and the absence of Lance only deepened this feeling of being so helpless. However this Journey is bearing its fruit as I am learning to cope with it all and sadness is not a bad thing, only an honest emotion sometimes I go through just letting the hours go by and standing tall, maybe not trying to comprehend it all as the answers have not materialized, but making it through uplifted by the beauty that surrounds me these days. Spirit understands also, I don’t know if many comprehend the deep relationship we have and the lessons emanating from him. His composure is erased those days, he becomes quiet and respectful of my own inner emotions. I pet him much those times and hold him close to me for him to understand that he is never the source of those emotions. There are no demands, there never are, there is no need to talk… he also accepts willingly the path taken throughout those moments. As I witnessed yesterday the last ray of sunshine behind the horizon, I took a deep breath culminating with the end of "that" day. And I thought after all those hours spend, those tears at time and stuffy nose just not able to snap out of it, it was not such a bad day. I am Human and I feel "that" in itself it is a good thing. Any time spend on this Earth is a gift given to me, how can I ever think that it is a bad one… It is only my human emotions testing my strength as there is no reason to fight it, but only accept it and live with it. That is what so far what the Journey has taught me. It has taken 18 months for this to happen… none of this has been in vain. And I knew as this morning, throughout the night when the Earth did its full circle and its Sun reappeared on the other horizon this time, that this will be a good morning as it is right now writing this. "The World of those who are Happy is different from the World of those who are Unhappy" [Ludwig Wittgenstein]. I have always known that…

great sunset

I keep telling myself "no more Sunsets… no more". But when this was gifted to us last night I ran and got the camera and it happened that this one was the last one I snapped. It was just hair raising, comparable to the Big Bend Sunsets and as I stood there pretty much speechless considering this was the aftermath of first a sand storm and then a heavy down pour, it was just as the final curtain of that day’s play was finally going to drop unequalled from the days before. We had taken a ride to Monticello again to mail a few boxes, at 7000 feet it was cold and the wind penetrating. They do not fool around with the weather in Monticello as myself bundled up everyone else was in short sleeve T shirt telling me how warm it was! Right!


The short cut from point 4 to 7 had been closed for a while due to more snow, opened now, again it proved the many facets of the landscape of Utah. I was thinking that maybe the Bureau of Tourism of Utah should hire us!!! I am so sold on this State and its diversity. Many campgrounds off the road into "Manti-La Sal National Forest", with elevations of about 8-9000 feet, I was thinking it would be a great destination for cool weather in the hot months of summer. Of course the way things are going lately I am having doubts if summer will ever be here unless it suddenly slams us like a red hot iron.

loop rd 1

loop rd 2  

The big News however, well, I say big for lack of better terms, I thought it being very "cool", (still young at heart here…) was a couple messages from readers having found us on many web sites around the World. Andy Dukes, from England, a great free lance writer for many publications had conducted an interview with me, (Spirit could not talk that day…) and I had followed it by sending him some pictures. Suddenly there it was, a well written story about our Journey… no misquotes as it had happened in the past. The "true" story… I first saw it on "Welcome to World of BMW", what an honor I thought, and then it was seeing us right below an article with Rossi, "my Hero", on Motor Cyclist… wonder if he will read our story! The full story again on another page. We also found it on Automotive.com! and BMW Motorrad South Africa… Don’t really have much to say or add to what has been written, I kept looking at Spirit telling him that now he was famous!… I think the reply was this time "just feed me!!!" I will take this opportunity to thank all of you that have supported us in more ways than one, continuing to support us, and just hope some day to be able to return the favor.

loop rd 4

loop rd 3  

And, in another news, many lately it seems like, in total agreement with Suz and Bob, the owners of "Urban Artifacts Gallery", we have pulled out my pictures. The main reason?… I am no Ansel Adams and as a business stand point, as they also need to make a profit, the prices where just too high. The change has already been done, they are now handled by myself and the prices have been cut in half. Keep in mind that the Art Cards are still being printed and it is not just the photos on the Gallery you can have to fill that empty space on your wall, but any that you like on the Blog. E mail me for the enlargements, just so we can get it right the first time! I have been getting many compliments also on the T shirt printing, its quality and sharpness of image… they do create smiles!

Juice Cafe 1 Juice Cafe 3

Juice Cafe 2

We had stopped at the "Juice Bar" after the Post Office in Monticello, ready for another cup of coffee, a colorful building that will make one stop just because! We met up with John and Jeff, two travelers on their separate ways. John is from Eugene, OR, Jeff from Denver,CO, or it could be vice versa (!!!) and before we knew it, lap top came out, maps and much chit chat about everyone’s route, places to camp and sights to see! I never realized how much already I have learned about this area and could pin point answering every question they had! They are on shorter trips, 2 to 3 weeks… impossible to see it all, I could only talk about it and let them make their own decision.


loop rd 6

Back to the ride… I guess you realize that none of this is in chronological order! Spirit was cold… he looked tired that day as we stop at a look out where one should be able to see all the way to Deadhorse Point, about 100 miles away. It was not so, the clouds toward our campsite looked darker and darker, the wind was picking up and again… we let go of seeing the other Needles Look out and ride the Anticline Rd. Another time, I was getting again more concerned about returning to camp by mid afternoon. Great ride back as we also stopped by a creek right before Newspaper Rock for some pictures.

creek 2  

creek 1

And all this was just in time. Within a few minutes after arriving the ultimate sand storm made its presence first and then it was a deluge! Old Faithful was beyond recognition with sheets of water dumping on her and making her look as she had just been waxed! My years of sailing have taught me if nothing else to read the weather and I was so glad that I recognized what was coming. This is all before the above sunset picture… amazing day, amazing afternoon, news… and even those trees below wondering if they are twins or one tree? What do you think?…Twin trees

So I will leave you now with one more Sunset! That one was from the previous day. As I finish writing this we are now in Moab, as I call it, "regrouping"!!! Much laundry to be done, Rx to be filled, oil changes, tire changes… the good stuff as you know. We are then, at least that is what I think, going back to Bluff as there is so much that we have not seen… Thanks for being with us…

sunset 1

Till next time… have a great day, come and visit! Utah is beautiful…

You be well and stay well…   Ara & Spirit

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6 Responses to “What a great morning and Spirit’s "Fame"… Utah”

  1. Brian from Kansas Says:

    Ara, We just got back home from Moab. It’s nice to keep reading your posts of the area. It’s like an extended vacation for me. I’ve ordered my T-shirt, so throw Spirit a bone for me. Thanks, brian.

  2. rv-boondocker-explorer Says:

    A very interesting pair of trees!

  3. John 02TahoeMD Says:

    My sincerest thanks for sharing your stories, photos, and your heart. I understand much of the emotions that you are dealing with, and am one of those people that bond with dogs in a manner that most people just do not understand. I am so thankful for being blessed with them, to paraphrase one of my favorite quotes ” Help us to be the people our dogs think us to be!” . It is great to see your journey with Spirit at your side.

    I enjoy reading your posts immensely, as well as seeing your photos. I am a bit of a “desert rat” that is, unfortunately, stuck out here on the East Coast. But I have been out west many times and absolutely love the area you are travelling through. I just can not wait to get back there. So, thanks for helping “keep the fires burning” by your numerous, and well written, posts.

    Take care and safe journeys. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to meet you and Spirit in person.

  4. Los Angeles guy Says:

    Nice piece by Andy Dukes. I hope he was, ahem, compensated by the folks who reprinted his nice profile of you and your sweet Sprit.

  5. Ginny Says:

    Ara that is probably one of the prettiest sunset pictures I have ever seen! What a gem. All of your photographs move me but sometimes it is hard for me to look at them believe it or not, because they make me long to be out there too. I wish I could see what you are seeing first hand! Maybe someday I’ll get my opportunity. ‘Til then I will just look at your gorgeous photos of the lands you visit and dream.

  6. Fernando Says:

    Bon jour mon amie Ara. Its Fernando from the campground in Moab. I enjoyed chatting with you briefly and will now follow your adventures online. We share a similar love for adventure and our “best friends”, mine being a Golden named Emmy. Hope this message finds you well and I look forward to reading about your adventures.

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