Walk, eat, sleep, eat, talk, eat, repeat… Munich

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

“Words are like the wind and the waves… flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free; stay centered.” ~ Chuang Tzu

Sunday morning. The City is asleep but the Bakeries are open. Of course. Where else would I start the day filling up with also great coffee. Confession… my Mother’s coffee is horrible, it is of that “instant stuff” and she has refused for me to even get a Melitta cone. She prefers me to go out every morning and get my fix somewhere else. After all, I am only 62, I have to do what I am told… No argument there. It gives me a chance to watch the locals on to work, the hundreds of bicycles in their lanes and the carriages filled with babies rolling away. The bicycles have their own lanes on the sidewalks, probably hitting 50mph as I originally put my Life on the line many times when forgetting about that fact. The carriages, well, couples are subsidized by the Country here to have Children. The Wife or the Husband upon birth of a new Child receives 3 years of a sort of a pension to stay Home with the guaranty that the job he or she left will be waiting for them. I have never seen so many babies strolling up and down the streets and the carriage business, some of them worthy of a spaceship design are a dime a dozen. Sometimes, watch out, the carriage and the bicycle are in one.

Kid on a bicycle  

The cars? So many we do not have, specially the little ones. Little Renaults, Fords, Citroens, Fiats, Audis, Mercedes, even a couple BMW’s I had never seen, and then on the fast ones. But they are all fast and I realized how they can drive with such speeds as I enjoy just watching them standing at a corner of a street, off the bicycle lane, watching them like a live video game. The key is the fact that they “trust” each other. I yet have to see an accident. I have been told when there is, it is a big one. The same is for motorcycles. So many smaller displacements I have never seen, wishing they would be imported to the US. I yet have to see one sidecar rig, none yet and as my time here is down to a couple days, I doubt I will see one.

Morning Coffee  
Pastry shop-2  

We eat out every day, one meal besides my own breakfast outside. Things have not changed, she does not let me cook, only once! It is her kitchen and in actuality she enjoys going out for the few hours she can, specially for a meal together, an outing she does not do alone too often. So why not. A nice change for myself also, getting spoiled. The food has been good, it has changed a lot from the previous years with only a couple bad experiences. Dinner at Home is then light, generally a yogurt with more bread and more bread. Ice Cream, Chocolate. Real light. I like to walk a lot or my pants are never going to fit again in this short time here. They are already kind of bursting at the seams, it does not take long.

Lunch-3 Pizza
English Gardens-10  
Pastry shop-6  

That must have been a Pastry plate from a another table near by, or was it mine? The Pastries, with very little sugar, are truly incredible. My Mother and I have found a common ground neither of us have experienced much in the near past, “eating out”. It has lighten the load, how can one does not smile taking those bites. I have to admit that I will miss the food as this outing is coming to an end. I have also realized how deep I have sunk into a Life so different than most and yet, a Life with it’s own wealth emanating from inside when I see so much “stuff” around me. I never thought the relationship between a Mother and a Son living apart for so long and for “so far” could be so complex. Amazing.

Pastry shop-7  
Pastry shop-8  
Pastry shop-9  

We did manage to stroll a bit through what they call the “English Gardens” for about half a day and check out the “Chinese Tower”. Real nice Park, not crowded and as I understand it goes on for almost 100 kilometers northbound. It was a treat to be away from the crowds, even if just a bit till we reached another restaurant. We would not want to starve, would we?

Dog on the River  
Lovers on a Bridge  
English Gardens English Gardens-2
English Gardens-7  
Mother-3 English Gardens-6

It seems as there is no more chronological order to all these days even if the events are similar and yet the surroundings are different if all within a couple subway stations. We are actually both tired as I never thought there would be such a difference in the physical entity between hiking and strolling down the streets. Might be the food!

Pastry shop-5  
Pastry shop-4 Pastry shop

So this visit is also coming to an end. I feel as I have been really hard on myself or maybe it is just the consequence unable to control so many new feelings, a new environment suddenly plunged into, being without Spirit. I don’t do well with losses even if brief, not well at all. I guess Life will go on for my Mother as it is, it will go on for myself also as it is, sheltered a bit more for the winter months coming up, projects in mind such as a Book, a Recipe Book, a Gallery showing in Bisbee, AZ, October the 23rd, who knows what else. Just some thoughts as she often asks me what my plans are. None really.


A “Honda Varadero” Dual Sport 1000 we do no have in sight. An odd “Ford” I had never seen before and of course as soon as I mention the fact I have not seen a hack there is one appearing. Not well versed in the older years, a single cylinder BMW which I think dates back to the mid 20’s. It does run as I did see them going down the road later on, it was too late for a running photo!

Ford Ford-2
Hack Hack-2
Hack-3 Hack-4

I found a “first emergency response” BMW RT and as I spoke to the rider he mentioned they are retired Military Motorcycles being given a second chance. No waste here. More walking, more eating, more I as I call them "useful vehicles” being Land Rover Defenders, also not imported in the US. Back alleys, outdoor Cafes by the dozen, I see many Lifetimes which could be spend here, “Urban Lifetimes”, not my chosen path but I have to say interesting and entertaining.

Emergency response RT Emergency response RT-2
Bicycle Samourai  
Defender-2 Defender-3
Black Defender Black Defender-2

…and maybe not so useful, but nice!


You be well… always.

Ara & Spirit

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Trolley in Munich Trolley in Munich-3
Outdoor Cafe Shopping mall
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8 Responses to “Walk, eat, sleep, eat, talk, eat, repeat… Munich”

  1. mark dekruyter Says:

    This was a great post Ara…perhaps the best of your trip….or a good one anyways. Thanks for sharing…I like keeping an eye on you. Have a great trip “home”.

  2. john Says:

    it appears to me you need to get back to the desert soon… enjoy your time there nonetheless…

  3. Judy LaParne Says:

    The photography is amazing… and you made me very hungry!! Be well, my friend and come home soon.

  4. Michelanna☂ Says:

    I so enjoyed this post, almost as much, as the anticipation of seeing your an Spirits’ reunion! Goodness, so complex, so simple, so much muchness! I am as always so grateful to you for sharing your wonderfilled life Ara!!!

  5. MsBelinda Says:

    Enjoy your time with your mother. Your pictures are talking to me tonight especially the ones of the food 🙂

  6. Natasha Says:

    Tell Spirit Hi for me. My humans got me home from our trip this week too. Sure enjoyed playing “stick” on the Gravelly
    Range. Maybe he and I can visit England where they will let us in the pubs with our people.

  7. Phil Says:

    Wow… Europe has the best food, sweets, cars, and bikes. Why do they get all the good stuff!!!? 🙂 Glad you are back. Welcome home.

  8. Terry Holden Says:

    exceptional, thank you for sharing and for the up-close photography of your days… enjoy the day
    peace ~ pillion resa

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