Unlocked, the Road is again ahead of us… TX

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

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"At the end we can only try to leave this place a little bit better than it was… "

The Road

Silence here, as the expression goes, has been golden.

Quiet upward steps started facing me months ago, with behind them each standing tall, so many doors all locked and no keys. Only thoughts of a decision and how to get from point B to point C as it has taken me 10 years to travel from point A to point B where we both right now stand for a few more days. Yes, we are leaving… Hungry for what is ahead.

Evening fire 

So much has changed these past 10 years. These past 20 years. I was here present on this Life’s stages. I have been here experiencing them. Pondering, wondering, all while at times getting sucked into the flow, this new current  where everyone is so connected and yet so disconnected. Luckily waking up in different moments of stupor wanting my old life back.

Nine Points

The path has been at times crooked, at times straight, up and down with never a true destination either mental or physical. The body has taken a beating while the mind too often especially these past few months, on the edge of a cliff trying to hang on as to not fall into this one way precipice. The rope held up while Spirit always at my side showing me the way to live the present and smile at the past with only few tears towards my loss. I try so hard to make sense of it all while witnessing too often this society in a bickering mode while their own present escapes never realizing it will not come back. Futile, so much of it.


Fall is finally here. I would never want to spend another summer at The Oasis. I am not an indoor person as the heat put on a lid on our activities. At the same time they have been healing moments. I don’t know if feeling like a wounded Life’s gladiator is a bit too intense of an image, but that has been my latest reality. Only four days remain here. Four days and then on forever, meaning for however long this passage will allow us to again be gypsies on the road as this Oasis is now up for sale.


It is a bitter sweet thought. Act. Motion. We have to ply with whatever society dishes out. Who would we fight? There is no way in any fashion to feud with the local thieves, those low life "beings" as I will skip the word "human". Come and gone there is no valid trace of them. No one still knows who they are. Only clues, rumors but no proven facts. Maybe all for the better as I did find a key to unlock one of those doors staring at me with a new avenue smiling at us and yelling "come and regain your freedom". We will. We are. All even if the nerves are a bit on edge from such a decision which had to be taken without, unfortunately, much of a choice.

Sun Oven-2


“The sky is a shirt wet with tears, the road a vein about to break…”

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8 Responses to “Unlocked, the Road is again ahead of us… TX”

  1. Carol Savournin Says:

    As always … Vaya con Dios.

  2. Randy Reynolds Says:

    Good for you Ara!

  3. Don McGilvray Says:

    Ara ~ I am not at all surprised by this news today. I can well understand your frustration with the local situation where you become afraid to leave you Oasis, not knowing what, if anything, will still be there when you return… My family went through a similar situation years ago in the National Forest lands just south of the west entrance to Yosemite National Park. Our family had for three generations owned some ground there which had been developed into family campsites over the years. A long slow process. The area was insulated a bit from thieves during the winter because of the 5500 foot elevation, which meant the area was snowed-in during the winter.

    That all changed when snowmobiles became first available, then popular… Thieves soon discovered that they could first steal someone’s snowmobile and perhaps trailer upon which to transport it, then head up into the mountains where the pickings were ripe in the summer cabins. A few years of going up to “open up camp” only to discover that the cabin(s) had been broken into, stripped, and in one case burned, took all the potential for fun out of the equation.

    My fervent prayer for you is to find peace once again on the road with Spirit… That is where you belong, my friend! May your body adapt once again to the rigors of daily riding, and offer you the chance for solace, comfort and inspiration. God be with you, my friend!

  4. john Says:

    Sad to hear that those scoundrels have chased you out of the oasis… but alas I am sure you will find another…

  5. Jen Chambers Says:

    Ari – I am so excited for you and Spirit, to be back on the road but I do think about the ashes of your mother and son and you leaving them behind. I hope the open road is everything you are hoping it will be this time around.

  6. Ara & Spirit Says:

    You would not really think I would leave them behind, would you? They are with me. Thank You for the concern.

  7. Don Hamon Says:

    Thank you both for the book, we have enjoyed every page. In so many ways I hope we share the journey; perhaps not physically, but spiritually. I can only aspire to travel a similar path. In better weather should you pass through the Northwest again, please be in touch. Don & Karla, Leia (The Pit) and Max (the Golden). Bend, Oregon

  8. Dave Says:

    Sorry to hear the bad guys have chased you away from your beloved oasis, but I do understand. At the same time I am excited to know that you and Spirit will be back on the road, and I hope you will continue to let us be part of your adventures here on your website! Travel well my friends.

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