They call it the “loop” here in Lander, WY. [Video/Hudson~Atlantic-City Rd]

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

“Just remember that the things you put in your head are forever, he said. You might want to think about that.
‘You forget some things, don’t you?’
’Yes. You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget’”
~ Cormac McCarthy  [The Road]

The video is from a few days ago. Music by “Kendra” [With You]. I was thinking about Spirit when I found the Music of it today. It was such a fine ride within such an incredible space we will return to. I am still learning the intricacies of shooting videos and rendering them. I finally did today but cannot discard the ones already taken.


There is no doubt in my mind and soul about my Lifestyle with Spirit. The simplicity of it all, the union, the unison of body and soul with this Earth, it’s colors, shapes, smells, wildlife, sunrises and sunsets and I am skipping more as I am watching this one sunset at the peak of this Mountain we rode up within the Shoshone National Forest. It is the flip side of the Hudson-Atlantic City road. Trees, forest, lakes, meadows so inviting to just lay down and watch this World go by.

Whitten Meadows Reservoir  
Whitten Meadows Reservoir  

My last day is tomorrow when I will leave with a suitcase and a carry on in the sidecar instead of Spirit. We needed this ride today. So much. I was as the expression goes "loosing it". I had to put it all back in perspective. It is a momentary change, it is a good one, it will bring much insight to the path I am on. All is well. I think it is.

Whitten Meadows Reservoir  
Whitten Meadows Reservoir  

The amazing fact about this landscape is a road, one road, 28, which separates these luscious Mountains and the torrid Desert. Two such different and separate stages. So amazing. From Lander side is the road, which is 131, starts curving through the Sink Canyon State Park and takes on the figure of switchbacks which reminds me of a mini Bear Tooth Pass. They call it the “loop” here, it is # 300. It was unpaved till last year, sad a bit to see the black top now open to much more traffic, more ease for many for the drive, and yet I found it as they have done a beautiful job.

Whitten Meadows Reservoir  
Whitten Meadows Reservoir  
Whitten Meadows Reservoir  

We went through of it all with a bit of a rush. Whitten Reservoir, Fiddlers Lake, Louis Lake. Trying to scout the so many places free camping was offered for some future stay. Probably next year. Time has been escaping me. There was a new concept, a timeline for packing, get it all together, I could only force myself to do so. It did not come naturally. The proof is the fact that I am now writing this from Denver and my moments are now incomplete without Spirit. Seems as the harmony of Life has suddenly come to a halt again as it has so much in years past when with much effort I brought it to a better “now”.

The switchbacks  
the switchbacks  
the switchbacks the switchbacks

I am trying to ease into the curve, smooth entry, no slipping, all without making a big deal out of it all. Feelings I am realizing again these past days. Feelings. Can one truly control them or do they just come in and go without a handle of one’s self. I had tears the other evening thinking about Spirit. Oh! they say… some say… he is just a Dog! I guess the 39 flavors of Ice Cream come into play. And so what if I am all at the same time sad and happy as I know this path also is a must. It is just a test of Life to take on wondering what my score will be.

The loop near 28  
the loop near 28  

The other day packing was the culprit, then it was the ride to Denver with an empty chair. Tomorrow are the planes! Ah! the planes… All is well tonight, Spirit is having a great summer camp, that is really my only concern, his well being. I prepared a great dinner last night, (they thought so!), took a lot of photos I will post soon, I feel good, I am for the first time really looking forward to the coming days as I know my Mother is so excited as I am for that big hug. Staying with some wonderful Friends here, right now it is another pound or two of my bread pudding made with Ciabatta bread, heavy cream, apricot glaze, fresh eggs and lets not forget the bit of Cognac! All this cannot be that bad…

The loop near 28  
The loop near 28  

You be well… always.

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “They call it the “loop” here in Lander, WY. [Video/Hudson~Atlantic-City Rd]”

  1. john Says:

    thanks for the ride along with spirit… safe travels..

  2. Macadam Drifter Says:

    Enjoy your visit to Germany.

    Auf Wiedersehen!

    Macadam Drifter

    PS-I liked the video

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