The Point Reyes Lighthouse, CA.

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

So we left off in Point Reyes, both of us riding Sir Drake Boulevard to the Lighthouse. No blue skies, but also no rain, perfect temperature, as usual riding last, still uncomfortable doing so… and letting quite often some picture opportunities go by! I just came back by the way from a long ride through Tioga Pass and Lake Tahoe… it was the first time in a long time, it seems like anyhow, that we were riding alone, and the ability to stop any given time… was nice! I think I stopped sometimes as often as less than a mile apart…

It is not the rider or riders that accompany me… it is a “mental” thing! Just don’t like being a non sense stopping and having others wait… even when they have mentioned many of times to do so… human nature I guess!


     As we arrived in the parking lot, again, as previously seen in the park we stopped by on our way, the sign “no dogs” was on display… I always wondered… it is written specifically “no dogs”… how about a cat on a leash?… or a little domesticated pig or goat?… Love to try it sometimes… as it does not say “pets”.


    Spirit stays in his car, making sure he is well with his water supply… and we take off the uphill walk toward the Lighthouse which from the road is nowhere in sight. I found out that it has been built at an elevation chosen for it to be under the fog layer that blankets this coast almost constantly.



    And yes… it is way… way down there!… We read the sign… what do you think?… did I make it or not? Can I say that we were running out of time?… That I did not want to leave Spirit behind too long?… OK… thanks! We did not make it… the view was better from where we were standing anyhow!

                                                                                                                     [quote] There are more than 300 stairs between the observation platform at the lighthouse station and the actual lighthouse below. [quote]

A couple jaw bones were on display, big ones, about 12 to 14 feet long… so was a skull… all from a couple whales which actually can be seen from where we were standing at certain times of the year. Check out the size of that one vertebrae bone!!!


  Beautiful rock formations also, too bad that camping is not allowed on this land, it would have been a great destination for us and I am sure thousands of other campers also. Preservation from people and dogs!


      We watched this sailboat go by… standing there for a while, thinking about the ones aboard, a slice of my past life went by me as sailing the west coast is something I have never done. They had to be enjoying their Journey, as the rugged coastline was passing by their sight… How far were they going? It is a large one… pilot house to be protected from the elements… Vancouver would not be a problem!


It seems lately that everywhere we go is a bit ill planned… I can’t help feeling that way. Point Reyes is a place where we should have stayed a few days… a hike to the beach down below in the early morning, catch a sunset on a clear day maybe, feel that fresh air blowing without a rest… I am trying to run the scenarios from the past couple weeks in my mind to figure out why it has been different here.


 And I did come up with an answer while taking the long loop through Tioga Pass yesterday. There are no BLM and National Forest to camp at near by… the campgrounds are mostly by reservation ahead of time… and… expensive! California is crowded… it is just not, and maybe cannot be, as Utah, Arizona or many of the other regions visited.


 So I will do a bit deeper research, I got word of some campground fairly quiet in Mendocino, near by anyhow, where a day’s ride will not be 500 miles! Again I felt for Spirit yesterday in the car for so long… we of course stop a lot, he does go for walks throughout the day… but I know it is not quite right to put him through it… Maybe we should have bit the bullet and camped as near as possible to Yosemite and Sequoia and Kings Canyon…


 We would still be wandering and learning about their wonders… This is when traveling and living on the road are such different two entities… But, we are learning… I am anyhow… A busy week ahead! Monday… more computer “stuff”… Tuesday, again, new tires… Wednesday, some food shopping for… don’t hold your breath… Thursday’s “Good Morning Sacramento” show… hummmm…Tioga Pass’s pictures will be next… quite a road… not to be missed, specially at this time of the year with all the snow still up the peaks… This one was taken as the full moon was riding above the Rio Vista bridge… It kind of looks like the bridge is toppling?… I don’t have a tripod… such is the reason!

Till then…

Be well…

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Ara & Spirit

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    I would like to Thank you and Spirit for sharing your travels and pictures with us. I have sent a $25.00 dollar donation to help with your expenses.
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