The “Goodness” of People… UT

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

"You can perish in a famine of your own making.  If you work to a different rhythm, you will come easily and naturally home to yourself.  Your soul knows the geography of of your destiny.  Your soul alone has the map of your future and you can trust this side of yourself.  If you do, it will take you where you need to go…."   "If you attend to yourself you will find exactly the right rhythm for your own life.  The senses are generous pathways that can bring you home."    John O’Donohue   "Anam Cara"

around Bluff  
Old Car  
Old Car  

I am increasingly finding out within my extensions toward others, that one is mostly responsible for their own receiving end, receiving and exchanges in any form and shape. So many, for the few times we exit our tranquil spaces, I find out are so ready and built up to project this “complaining mode”, this “non smiling face” stored in their chambers of Life. I had a choice years ago. That choice is always present, every day, every moment as the confrontations never cease no matter where we are, no matter who with, Nature, People, “Things”. I chose the upward positive peaks I can at times discern throughout my days. A slippery slope at times which I know takes me backwards often, but my grip is strong and I make my way back up even if the summit will never be reached. I do know it is there as the walls once granite have becomes softer by the day, and revelations incoming from many and Life itself makes their way into my own chamber of this Life present.

Chain Chain
Old truck  
Old Truck  
Old Truck Old Truck

I am not who I was 4 years ago, I am not who I was yesterday and not neither who I will be tomorrow, but I have concurred with my own thoughts that I am enjoying the goodness of the people I am lately meeting. Meeting for a few minutes with whom I will probably never see again, or ones we will continue as much as time allows to communicate in the various forms available. I have become understanding of others needs as my own needs are being slowly fulfilled. They have never been physical needs, as the “bling~bling” and “chrome Hummer” syndrome moments have never been present. The needs have always been from within, feelings toward this path we all have embraced since birth without any instruction books unfortunately present, or reference points for that matter to surmount the darker side of the coin we always carry in our pocket.

On the Road  
On the Road  
On the Road On the Road
On the Road  

I have been experiencing it day after day while here trying to take care of some logistic situations that often arise while living on the road. Strangers have opened up I know because I have cared for them within instants of the portal dropping between us. Simple things that have made a difference as I know have made a difference in their own day as we each then had to go on toward others for different matters needing attention. I wrote my Dentist the other day. I wrote her how great of a job she had done as her work has brought me a better quality of Life. She replied thanking “me” adding how great her upcoming week is now going to be. It was a Monday morning, very early. I smiled, her words warmed me up as I understood that mine also comforted her.

Chat and Chew  

I had problems with my Phone and had to place a call to resolve the issue. It was a friendly conversation as she apologized for my troubles as I also assured her that in the big scheme of things it was no trouble, only an issue I know we would solve with a smile not seen at the end of the phone line but perceived I know through our own voices. All was solved, and more. We talked about Houston where she resides and works, the weather and this and that. She end up giving me 10% off my phone bill for the coming six months and a phone exchange toward the top of the line brand new arrival as an even trade.

cemetery cemetery

We stopped at a fruit stand on the way back from Farmington where we needed to go for the Verizon phone exchange. I was checking out watermelons but the price, being too early in the season, was a bit high. This man taking care of it was counting money while we arrived as I called him jokingly “Hi Money Man…”. We talked “produce”, “travels”, yes, Spirit was also a subject of our conversation. He always has the key to the many smiles “he” (we?) receive, and as I was leaving after purchasing lesser expensive items, “Money Man” came after us with a wrapped quarter of a watermelon and a couple little Mexican style apple pies as gifts to take with us. And a nice handshake. How much is that worth? Plenty to me, more than anything money can buy, it was all done and paid for from within us, two souls meeting, probably never seeing each other again, but the memories will always be there lodged in that soft spot called “feelings”.

Vegetable stand watermelons

Our Journey is short and delicate. Being uplifted is always the lighter way to go on. We do have each other, we do need each other no doubt. Lets always do some “goodness” for each other. It feels better that way. It is the right way.

The photos are from a black and white series I often enjoy taking..

Ara & Spirit

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around Bluff

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7 Responses to “The “Goodness” of People… UT”

  1. Lorena Says:

    This post was so touching, I really needed to hear/be reminded of the initial quote you started out with, and those black and white photos, wow- All I can say is- What a divinely perfect post. Thanks, Gracias

  2. Michael and Louise Says:

    Ara, the Money Man story and others gives more meaning to the phrase, “it’s better to give than to receive” had the same experience the other day in Mcdermitt, NV of all places, talk to owner of store about Alaska, fishing and hunting – basically exchanging ideas and stories, he comes out of his freezer with a small log of freshly smoked elk sausage and says here take this and enjoy….we both walk away amazed.

  3. Michelaanna Says:

    You are a rich man Ara. Thanks, again and again, for all you share here in your Oasis, from your Soul. Down to my toes I felt, the priceless exchange between you an the “money man”. An Spirit teaches me as well, the power of now, the power of pure love! Happy Day!

  4. Phil Says:

    Ara – one of my favorite entries. I read it a few times. I would love to visit that place with all those wonderful vehicles. I feel the same way… the “fruit stand gifts” always mean so much. They charge the soul which acts as our battle shields against negativity. Thank you. Phil

  5. Andre Shoumatoff Says:

    Wonderful Ara! I rode a 2006 1200GS this weekend in San Diego that belongs to a friend.. I can only say what a feeling, I fear for my pocket book some day… Naturally I was thinking of you. What a wonderful post as well… Utah is special in many many ways.. 🙂

  6. texascindy Says:

    What a wonderfully inspiring entry, Ara. I believe we were all placed here to make each other’s life easier in whatever way we can. It is referred to in different ways: “good karma”. “what goes around comes around”, “tit for tat”, “random acts of kindness” among others. Whatever you call it, is should simply be a way of life. I know it is your way of life. Bless you for being you, Ara. Safe travels as always.

  7. Janie Dean Says:

    I am so glad you share these things, these thoughts. They give us all things to ponder and wonder at in our own lives, making us look inward at ourselves and then outward again at the world and the people around us. Thanks for your giving spirit.

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