The Gentleness of Life. TX

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Abraham Lincoln said “And in the end, it is not the years in your Life that counts. It is your Life in your years”

sunset storm  

It is raining this evening, the cool breeze has seemingly finally arrived, yesterday was 119 in the sun. Thunder is profound right now, coming through not your typical rainy sky, but as behind it all, in glimpse, the sun is setting for the night, it is of an orangey cast with it’s curtains of grays moving on it’s path. The sounds of power and it’s sights are so present right now, and yet, I feel a friendliness unlike other times when such weather has also been upon us throughout other spaces. Here and there a patch of true blue tries to make an appearance, even if so brief for an instant before being enveloped again into the shadows. I feel the electricity in the air, I can almost taste it’s coppery smell mixed with that scent of Earth wet as it’s ceiling comes down and up, curtain calls for more but never the same.

sunset storm  

It is for me, to say the least, as this “Oasis” had never welcomed us in this fashion. Day after day in past times all was always so picture perfect, so ideal that I don’t even think I had ever given any second thought to a weather going stray. Why is it then I am finding some gentleness into all of this surrounding since our arrival, even if being subjected to some temper from Mother Nature, not quite allowing us to roam around as freely as we use to. Could it be that my own tolerance toward Life has in itself increased as I find a compassion toward my days as being of a higher stage to live on?

Back Roads  

The night has passed by us, it turned out it was the Mother of all storms yesterday. The radar was showing the biggest red, bright red blob exactly upon us, luckily moving northeast, slowly lingering for it flooded just about everything around here. The day had been fine, we had even taken a ride to Terlingua to purchase a new item called a rake to prepare the ground for a canvas tent given to us by “Montana Canvas Tents” in Belgrade, near by a past base camp. I don’t think that we really need it, but facing west it will be a new covered dwelling that will also harbor Friends passing by, if they ever find us.

Back Roads  
Terlingua Creek  

My Friend Ryan had invited us to ride with him in his Mule, one of those covered 4×4 ATV’s looking as a cross between a golf cart and a mini pick up truck with windshield and a flat bed in the rear. The afternoon passed as it was time to join him, I was hesitant about our ride seeing a storm develop, he does not have a telephone or Internet and so we decided to take a ride there anyhow. Ah! Youth and inexperience. I was so much subjected to it through Lance as Ryan is 27 and would not hear my words about this incoming storm and the threat of flash floods. I was not at my best, I read the weather too well, it was an uncomfortable ride from the inside of my thoughts not wanting to be on the path of a wall of water gushing down Terlingua Creek as the rain had started.

Back Roads  
Terlingua Creek  

His excitement to show me this back country so few have had a chance to ride into was at it’s peak, even if I often spoken reassured him that we will be here for a while, there will be much time to explore what we could not see today. But it was a bit further… let’s go a bit further… Some roads had already vanished from previous rains and tire tracks let me know that he had been here before, as amazingly this vehicle could cover any ground, for sure places Old Faithful could not even dream getting near or even myself walk through. A perfect vehicle for Photography, having the ability to be within spaces impossible for others. The ride was bumpy… youth like speed! 4×4 to me is crawling most of the time, as there is a pleasure to cross where others cannot, only at however slow speeds. My body feels broken today as it’s joints seem to have become loose needing time to set back in their previous positions.

Terlingua Creek  
Brack roads  

Finally under my insistence we headed back, different roads, smoother, but away from the storm, camera tucked in my T shirt, all of myself slowly getting soaked and now thinking if I would even make it back myself to “The Oasis”. A quick good bye, a fast “Thank You”… let’s do this again (!!!) and on we went after a bit of trouble with Spirit who suddenly, Mr Spirit did not want to get into his car and get wet. Within half an hour of a good rain, the roads here get slick as the surface of a frozen Lake, there is no even any worth trying to navigate on them. Ahead of the center of the storm that window of opportunity was still open and we made it back just in time, finally witnessing the most incredible show of downpour, lightning and thunder ever.


Tonight is a different story, a different chapter written in those skies. It is as the curtain dropped and raised again on a scene more familiar. The Moon is still hidden away, the billions of Stars forming a ceiling where the Milky Way is again separating into two avenues. The “gentleness” of Mother Nature is back with us, just as the fragility of Life we never cease to experience, it’s scales swaying back and forth as the prevalent winds so often whispering upon us here at “The Oasis”.


Till next time…

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Thank you and be well…

Ara & Spirit



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5 Responses to “The Gentleness of Life. TX”

  1. Justin Barron Says:

    Looks like I did miss one heck of a storm, would have loved to have been there! Next time I’m that way, will let you know.

  2. Louise Says:

    As we get older, we get better at listening to those “inner voices,” even if we don’t want to hear their message, yes? Hard to contradict Ryan in his youth and enthusiasm, but your inner voice said, “hmm, maybe no further today!”

    I only rarely hear a strong voice within, and today was the day. We are near Arcadia National Park, and something told me we should not try to visit their official campground. I wasn’t very clear with “The Quiet One,” though, and we drove on to the campground. There, we met the rudest volunteer, who angrily turned us away. Usually, I shrug these things off, but I was already hearing the inner voice and it was upsetting to me. We’ve been in the back country for a while, with Maine natives who are so polite and don’t ask the 1000 questions (you and Spirit know those 1000 questions!!) Meeting all that bad attitude from the camphost put my stomach in knots!

    Fortunately, we were able to retreat to the real “locals” town away from the National Park, Ellsworth, Maine. A nearby restaurant had excellent seafood, a good house red wine, and a light tiramisu. All within stumbling distance of the RV. Feeling better now!

    Sorry to ramble a bit, but your sentence “it was an uncomfortable ride from the inside of my thoughts not wanting to be on the path” really struck a chord with me tonight. Those photos of the aftermath in the sky, so gorgeous, make it all worthwhile!

  3. chessie Says:

    Leaves me without words. Beautiful is not enough.

  4. john Says:

    Hi Ara, I found your blog, by way of the Geeks travel blog.Thanks, for the spot messenger info for I will fulltime in 2 months out towards bend Tx and behond. Its a lovely area.I will use my future Spot ,to keep in contact with family back home and show my ok status on the road. Thanks John.

  5. John Wells Says:

    Ara and Spirit – Welcome back!! Ryan knows his limits….he just pushes them a little further than us are willing to…..

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