The first bloom in ABDSP…

Friday, January 19th, 2007

When one looks for something in an unfamiliar town they are liable to bump into some pretty cool people I do anyhow. I was looking for some carpet remnants, you know… to get unstuck just in case, as I have one but one never knows… might need enough to cover a runway, and a mouse for my laptop, finally the left clicker broke… I stopped at a store called “The House”, was told it was a thrift store, but was not… a very attractive young lady has opened it as a used and Antique furniture, bric a bras store… From New York herself, and already knowing everyone in town, besides inviting me to a sun downer on February 16th, meaning big party on the street!… she send me across the street to “The Frugal Coyote” which was a true Thrift Store! The owner?… Carl, a retired Master Chef… with 40 years experience… my double!… can you hear the conversations?
Infinite subjects… which lead to again the sun downer, he will be making the deserts for that night… I offered my help if I was going to be in the area… and of course… I will be!

My excitement was conductive to a new ride, as I was eager to see a new side of ABDSP for more pictures. Okay, you might think after a while that they all blend kind of… but from the Valley, as I call it, each side has its definite character. I decided to take what I end up calling ‘the road to nowhere! Back on S3 south, to Borrego Springs Road, left on 78 and finally right on such said road called “Old Kane Springs Road” which parallels 78, must be the old road before the black top.

I know, straight road with no curves or turns, but to my surprise the dips… deep ones and hundreds of them made up for the lack of curvature!… the sand was not too deep… it gave me a chance to stop a few times… notice the first blooms I have seen yet this year… already taken possession by the local little bird…

…and sure enough the views were just magnificent from this angle of the Valley.

This morning, I cannot say that I remember being told, only noticed it passing by, the weekly Friday Market was up on the town’s center circle… Yes!… the much advertised great local produce was there…

Flowers… cactus… my favorite little fingerling potatoes… purple potatoes… real tomatoes…
avocados… fresh lettuce… even nice red radishes, delicious soaked in lemon juice… everything was there… stock up for a few days, ride back to camp to put it away… and again back on the road. You did not believe me when I said I am busy… non stop!

I am leaving camp tomorrow morning, I have had enough being crowded… too much town for me… I decided to go ahead and find me a good spot for my next few days. In the middle of nowhere. The skies were dark today, I like this weather as it adds a different dimension to the scenery… I know we all like blue and nice sunny skies… but after a while clouds are a welcome sight, it adds character… I think!

Since I am leaving the area probably Thursday for Death Valley, there was no sense going up to Aqua Caliente, the going uphill to the south side of the park, I will leave that for later, after Death Valley, a couple days in Mojave hiking with a friend that wants to show me around… my own personal guide… imagine that… finally back to Gilla Bend to take possession of my own Internet Dish with some intense training as to how to set it up. If you knew me you would understand why I wrote “intense training”…

I had an area in mind… and we rode around… I think I know where we will be as even Spirit liked it! This dog is really starting to love the Desert!… he has become so playful and at the same time does not leave my sight… think about it, we are together 24/7 now for almost 3 months… love that guy! So… do you like this view…?

or this view…? I can have them all… you spin around… 360 degrees and this is it! I guess I will put up with it!… right?… what would you do… I actually felt, and that is just me, having the same hard time when trying to park in an empty parking lot, too much choice… I never know where to park… same here… we rode around for an hour… here… no… there. Who cares really! There is no one around… the fire ring was an attraction… I have to find some wood now!

Well, we still had some time, no rain yet, but cool, heated jacket is plugged in… I decided to ride Fonts Wash to Fonts Point. I hear it has a great sunset… still too early for it… but worth the look.
It was a fine run, the yellow sign “ Deep Sand Ahead” did not disturb me… as it seems that when the sign is up, well, the sand is not that deep, what one needs to watch for is when there is no sign!

So… I did not want to make a big thing out of this… but again… I got stuck! You know what they say… when you ride, do not look where you “don’t” want to go! It seems that I have a fixation followed by arm movements toward where I should not go… and sure enough I went a bit off course… and this was the result!… As soon as the wheel started spinning… it was “that” feeling again.

But this time… I was ready! The winch properly mounted, solid as a rock… anchor with ax/hammer, 600 amp power pack fully charged, good jack and a piece of carpet, even Spirit’s pad could be used I thought… if he would not mind… Can I say it was, for lack of words… “beautiful”! All went by the book… I was able to use actually one of the park’s sign that happened to be just there solidly planted in the sand… and pull myself backwards to some solid and more packed sand… I had to take off from there, roll on the carpet and the pad and I would be back on more hard packed ground… that warmed me up, finished the ride… and here we are!
Of course, Murphy’s law… as I was done… a jeep went by… I waived… he waived… no, thank you… today I was self sufficient!

In conclusion, I think Spirit is getting to know the drill… as it took maybe 20 mn’s to get unstuck… he sat patiently… did not move an inch… looking and waiting… did I say “I love that dog!”.

Be well…

Ara and Spirit

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