Some Reflections on this Journey…

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Today is the day my new rod… of incredible strength… will arrive and able me to put my rig back together. I am camping a few feet from Mark’s and Anjie’s house, I am part of the family now, I feel like it anyhow, not being told if dinner is ready or being entertained… dig in before it is all gone… pull Mark away to fix other little items that needed attention on the rig… If I was younger maybe they would adopt me, they are already with four children and their friends a big family, what would it be to feed one more!!! I did mention however that I don’t like doing dishes…

 At the same time, the road is calling me! The open air has closed in on me and this internal camera of mine is so ready to scan and feel new surroundings. I should be leaving tomorrow, heading north, but I yet have to decide where to go. I have fallen into this little game waiting for a spark to ignite my senses, my deep inner emotions, and in big letter type in the next destination. That is called the ultimate freedom… don’t you think?

Quite often I go back into my own Blog, reading about my past days and experiences, looking at those pictures taken and what they represented to me at the time, what they are representing to me now… I had never done any travels in this fashion, and I like so much the fact that besides my internal memories, I have some past concrete evidences to enjoy in the form of writing and photography.Who knows where I will be in another year or even next year at this time. The weather mainly dictating my route, most likely in the south as I skip so many places to visit right now. Truthfully so many unknown Treasures which are going to take a lifetime to explore.

I was trying to make my highlights stand out… but it is impossible as there are too many, and everyday is a highlight of my life. Mississippi and Louisiana hold such great memories, specially witnessing the Motorcycle Cop Show with my friend Walt in Baton Rouge! Eye candy for a rider watching them defy gravity, sometimes not, resulting is scrapping sounds, but never a laugh as much respect was given to those putting their lives out in the open on a daily bases.

Big Bend, Texas, of course was a highlight in itself where I end up spending 3 weeks!… and some of us are planning to return these coming end of the year Holidays for a get together, and more great food. I remember the great sunny days, some of them also windy and cold with snow on the Mountain tops, but it was winter and what a better place to be.

Having quite often the company of Voni and Paul Glaves, not knowing ahead of time of their winter residence being so close, was such a great addition to my days. As warmer weathers are on the horizons, I know that we will meet again… we all travel quite a bit.

Joshua Tree also hold a special place in my heart, Belle campground specially. Filled with serenity and peace, it was one of the few places where time totally stopped and a sense of abandonment took over. One of the few places where one does not even need to go anywhere as if a spiritual blanket had fallen to shelter me from it all.

Mitchell Caverns in Mojave Desert was one of those places also. The line of sight went on as far as one could see, the weather was a bit brutal I must say, but again, one has to take in consideration the time of the year and be thankful at what we had at the time compared to the northern blizzards. The visit through the caverns was a great experience that I always recommend… and after all, that is where I became a Junior Ranger.

The day with the Scooter Riders was another true highlight. Just the nicest group I could have met, two wheels are two wheels, in this era I have to say, where I am feeling more and more prejudism from different makes riders toward each other, sadly, very sadly I must say, it was a refreshing day. They have been in touch with me through e mails and comments… all kind words asking me even to join them anytime! They have even asked me for some pictures… I got a kick out of the father and son team admiring them all… what do you think this kid will ride… soon?

And through it all, if I were to pick one and only one highlight, you might have guessed it… it would be my buddy Spirit! Through thick and thin, because there has been some “thick” moments, never complaining, never throwing a fit, never taking his affection away from me, he has been there 24/7! He has risen in the mornings and been down in the evenings when I have, has been my shadow and comfort through sunny and cloudy days… he truly gets the big prize if there ever was one.

Today is for my old friends and my new friends that have all opened their arms and doors, you know who you are, today is for all my new friends that I have not met yet that have taken the time to keep me company through their comments, e mails and guiding me to new destinations… to their little secret hideouts which I have end up sharing with you all…

Till next time… you all be well…

Ara & Spirit

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