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Friday, November 27th, 2009

“The doors we open and close each day decides the way we live” [Flora Whittemore]

on the road  
Long Horns  

Long hot showers, guilty feelings, many gallons of water, yes… but I will deal with it this time. Great meals, fresh fish, a real bed, I did say long hot showers… Great Friends, Spirit with a couple buddies happier than ever even if Thor, another male, is not himself thrilled, he is just only doing his job… Food stores I could only with my mouth wide open barely navigate through the aisles, my eyes and senses so far behind my own physical steps and the reality of it all. We are so far out of our parameters of months back. There however will be no hesitations going back, re-crossing the invisible line again where none of this exists. There is back there where we left just a few days ago, so much less, such few of “this and that”, to the point where even eating a good meal does not and cannot compare to today, and yet, I find it as there is so much more that will ever remotely fit within this huge busy, shiny, louder, faster box of now present.

George Ranch entrance  

I escaped the kitchen to visit once more time "George Ranch" near by. More guilt considering tomorrow is the feasting Day and my only contribution has been a Pumpkin Cheesecake. But Colette here has had everything under more control than one can imagine with three pages of typed step by step process. She will most likely be done by the time I get back.

George Ranch 1830's  
George Ranch 1830's George Ranch 1830's

George Ranch, four era’s laid out in front of me on a mere 24,000 acres. Life as it was in the 1830’s, 1860’s, 1890’s and 1930’s. The Homes present and restored are standing and open to such visitors as I. My favorite as it was last time is the first one build in the 1830’s. Rustic and basic and yet a fireplace giving out on this cool day the much needed warmth. There is no room here to in one chapter show off all the homes, I will for now only feature the first one, more later.

George Ranch 1830's George Ranch 1830's

I started thinking about our Life at "the Oasis" while being impressed upon from the different era’s of the Homes in addition to the present one while going earlier from store to store here in Houston tagging along. The present is the path we are on and yet I wonder where we really are. Am I even where I want to be as the Journey has moved on from one act to another these past now over three years. I like to live in a tent but the "White Elephant" is present as a Home Base. I find it to be a need for a center of communicating, there is comfort. a better shelter than thin cloth walls. There is a hot shower and a small kitchen, there is better heat. There is power, water, certain conveniences that weigh on the present to make the days and nights easier to deal with. The basics are so present at “The Oasis”.

George Ranch 1830's George Ranch 1830's
George Ranch 1830's  

As the day went on yesterday, as the crowd thinned out after everyone including myself took a step back with full bellies, I was telling Carl what came through my mind suddenly as a certain space within myself felt bottled up and tightly capped: “I cannot think”. I knew it was quite true as the enjoyment of the company had heightened throughout all those moments. I could think, I just could not in the same fashion and manner as when “back there” only surrounded by the vastness of Mother Nature and filled with a silence that has been my daily tunes. “Environment”  I realize is what all my recent Life has been about and being here, I am also realizing, has been grounding me, telling me the truth of the matter to what stage I belong.

George Ranch 1830's  
George Ranch 1830's George Ranch 1830's

We will start our trek back in a couple of days, the road as coming this way I know will be as pleasant as it was. It will be the same roads, the stops will be different, the big Prize will again be awaiting for my mind and soul to once more time drop and hover within the level of it’s comfort zone where I can think and feel in the fashion I have for now a long time. I realize so strongly that the road out of “The Oasis” has become a one way street and it is in such environment that I feel free, feel myself and happily can stay locked in to allow the growth of Life blossom in whichever direction it needs to take.

George Ranch 1830's  

Well, duty calls right now. This where our pecan wood comes from when Carl in turn visits us. He might even let me use the saw today or the splitter… Hopefully his Homeowner Insurance is up to date. Hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving as we have, surrounded not only by great food but by great Friends, a much more important aspect of it all.

cutting wood  
cutting wood  

Till next time, you all be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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