Rolling again, one more time. Texas ~ … and some Tilapia

Sunday, October 19th, 2008
Paul a  

Absence, time gone by, silence… all is making this "Oasis" increasingly appreciated . Yes, I like it here, Spirit likes it here. It is the ultimate "retreat", the "calm" waters in the midst of this turbulent World as there is a spark that has ignited, which as small as it is, bringing surely the facet I have been chasing for so long. It does not have much to do with the physical aspects of material "things" surrounding me, "Old Faithful being fixed up, the solar working, the phone being installed very soon… those are plusses of course, they are the peripheral tools regarding a certain "other" well being. It has more to do with the ability to live for "now" in the present moment while here, just "being". It is hard to just "be" sometimes, external forces have a tendency to pull and make me gravitate with a gear that at times just does not mesh very well.

clutch g wires a

Before and after…

Yes, this is different  than camping on just any other land. It is not however its ownership, it is not the numerical address to come to, it is slowly becoming the ‘space’ we belong to. I see it in Spirit whenever we arrive here. He is home more than I have ever seen him being home! And yet, besides this small RV we have nothing up, and who knows, maybe nothing for a while as it really does not matter. He was tracking a scent this morning as if an intruder had stepped on " his" territory… I watched him for a long time, I think he could have gone on forever. He has become my shadow as I have become his. Never out of sight as if I ever am he is never that far! This is all so new to us, and yet, as strange as it might sound I am ready to go camping! I am ready as I know this, our "space", will always here upon our return.

ABS brain
drive final drive
old clutch starter

The parts were scattered waiting…

It is and will be in the midst of those adventures that I am re-learning to live for the "now", seemingly a factor which keeps me at "Peace". Maybe none of this makes sense to many, I often lately myself try to understand my own well being here, its path clearing up by the day as I let it be on its own destiny I call "Karma". Same "Karma" stepping forward, however not taking it for granted, making things so easy on us specially considering where we are. When one lives in the City I was thinking, the choices are of so many when needing outside help "fixing things" as that is the nature throughout Life. But here, the choices are not of many, if any quite often. And so I wonder how come the choice, the presence of Paul Glaves only a few miles away, the best help I could have had, presented itself as all planned, as this is the way it should be and has been. The same with Ryan, ending up with a solar system that is just a silent wonder enabling us with no effort to go on about our days and nights.

new clutch

And the brand new clutch…

But there is more with Paul then just "fixing" Old Faithful and giving her new Life, as yes… she has already rolled yesterday to Terlingua and back leaving me speechless as to her smoothness and ability. I have come through this experience learning a facet of Life called "humbleness", called "help your neighbor", "the logic on how things work and their ‘why’s", "never give up", and I know I am missing some as days to come will emerge with more thoughts today yet so fresh and surprising. Calm and erased and yet not only to my eyes but in sheer reality the man has to be the greatest mechanic there is, has to be! But what good is being on top of the game if all is hollow underneath? How good would it be to be a great Chef if the space worked in becomes miserable and unbearable as it is the "big picture" that truly matters while getting from point A to point B and not only the end result. It was never "I fixed it", but always "we"… I never heard "how good I am" but always "this is what we do"… there was never impatience when a couple things did not go right at the first try, but "it’s okay…". What a lesson I have learned!

freedom wheel

I really never knew Paul till these past 4 days, all I could see earlier was a curve with a fixed motorcycle at the end. What I received has been so much more, a "Human fix" so much more rewarding than a motorcycle fix. Surprised… I am and then again, School is always open and one never knows where the lessons will come from… could be from your neighbor too. My "Thank You’s" will never be enough!

ride a  

ride b

We went on to Terlingua late afternoon, the tail end of a Motorcycle gathering, "Friends of Big Bend", as they raised money for the Park. Motorcycles are like shoes. Many styles and many colors and designs always interesting to look at, even more when having a chance to speak with their proud owners. And that is what I like when I hear their enthusiasm toward their rolling statements so different then mine. The passion is the same and the fact remains that "two wheels is two wheels"… sometimes three!

Elvis a Elvis B
reaper reaper a

A rolling "Memorial" for the fallen Soldiers…

in memory in memory a

… and every way to travel is a good way

trike wood saddlebags

Today, well, we are resting… maybe. Will we go for a ride later on? Of course we will, we both need some of that medicine we have missed these past few days! On another front, I made a rice and tilapia the other night, not a one pan dish but two. Here is how I made it…

tilapia a talapia b

Boil 2 1/2 cups of water and one can of diced tomatoes in the first pan. Add one cup of rice, bring it to a boil again and then covered just simmer till the steam stops exiting. Let it sit for the rice to fluff up while the fish is being prepared. Mix gently before serving.

tilapia c talapia d

In the next pan add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a couple teaspoons of hot sauce to taste, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, a tablespoon of Balsamic vinegar and much garlic to taste again. Sauté the garlic to a medium brown and add the fish turning it gently only once till done. It will not take more than ten minutes. Plate and that is about all…

tilapia e 

Yes, I liked it… Those recipes I post are just templates. They are made with what I find, meaning their are just ideas. The same recipes can be used with different vegetables, different meats or fish… no set ingredients really, no set amounts when it comes to spices.

Two years of Photography is finally in order on SmugMug… In "Your Favorites", in "States", some labeled "first year" and second year", now also "Texas the third year". Feel free to browse, you can even use the slide show mode and have fun.

Merchandise is also available through SmugMug. If you like to order a print all sizes are available as I store the originals myself considering the huge bandwidth needed to upload on the Gallery.

Help us keep the site alive. Please contribute…

Be well, always. Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Rolling again, one more time. Texas ~ … and some Tilapia”

  1. James NomadRip Says:

    I haven’t even had breakfast yet, and I am going to have to go get some Talapia!

  2. Colorado Kid Says:

    Once again, your words lead me into a better inner space, help me to focus on what’s really important. Thanks, and glad to see all’s shipshape and rolling. Kudos to Paul!

  3. Barney Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your food preparation techniques. I hate rigid recipes. When my wife left my son and I about eleven years ago, cooking was a new wonderful world to me. I can follow a recipe exactly, but in the last few years I have been learning to cook instead of follow recipes. The style and feeling in food preparation makes all the difference. Your little tidbits now and then have made a difference in how I prepare food AND increased my enjoyment tremendously. THANK YOU.

  4. Zelda Says:

    Hi, Ara,
    I’ll speak to you for a moment, separate from Spirit – I realize he is a beloved family member and a fine dog indeed, but alas, sees no point in cooking or taking pictures. Your wonderful pictures of some of the dishes you prepare speak eloquently the universal language of food. Sounds like you are making your place your home. I’m glad to hear the good news that you found some expert help to get “Old Faithful” running again. With winter coming, nomads (real ones and armchair types) need to rest and recover from the rigors of life on the road before setting out on the next odyssey.

  5. Rick Thomas Says:

    Keep the pictures coming. Spirit and my dog Jasmine could be doubles. Except Jasmine is getting gray around the mussle. But then so am I. We are a good match I guess. Your travels on the road are inspirational.

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