Rig maintenance time in Seattle… WA

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

700 miles or so later, here we are near Seattle, near Enumclaw… under grey skies, a bit of rain and drizzle this afternoon… country setting not near anything by any means, a great relaxed and peaceful property. I concentrated on the road yesterday, only stopping when needed… With much to do here, the day was just not proper one for sightseeing! I know how slow I travel when I do… I probably would have been a week late if not more!

It did not take long for Andy to cast his magic spell on the bike… a quick adjustment on the shifter linkage determined after our ride to Walmart today, and also his own test ride… that… big, and I mean big relief… the transmission is fine!

Oh!… he was ready to tear into it! The man is fast… very fast. 10 times if not more faster than I am, and that is if I could even tackle the project! I have already learned so much just by watching him! I don’t even hand out the tools… too slow! But I did manage to remove my wheel and my saddlebag holder while he was doing everything else. He was kind enough to say that… we “both” worked on the bike!


The shocks are already off, they will be mailed back to Georgia for my suspension Guru, Jacob, to work his own magic… not only rebuilding them, but also changing the springs to some heavier ones, something that needed to be done since day one after the car was attached… and also, as a seal has been leaking on the front one, some repair.


The poor quality and worthless Ural shock however has been mainly our subject of conversation. Works makes one… it is a special order which will take weeks… Andy is doing some research, I am sure we (he!) will come up with something viable… The sway bar will need to be addressed… as I also think that it is worn out… The rest? Realign the car, sand, prime, paint… Maintenance?… new belt, fuel filter, brake fluids to be changed, all the oils, valves, rocker arms, throttle bodies and a few other minor details!

“Old Faithful” with 170000 miles on has a lot of life left ahead of her… This is much needed care… much needed learning on my part, not to necessary do my maintenance any faster… but, better!


The dogs! Ah!!! What blast they are having… Spirit has a new friend… Tyson, the Boxer… glad that he is a male as Spirit’s girl friend in Kingman “Lucy” has nothing to worry about! They have been running around like two buddies now for these past couple of days… Spirit has done well off the leash as he did well at the beach also… besides going through the fence a couple times… to the neighbors as suddenly I am seeing 3 horses chasing him! I was too startled to even take a picture!

And the we have Kyra… the German Sheppard, older an wiser! Likes for you to throw a rock and get it… that is if the other two let her! We have Gretel… the 11 week old Boxer puppy… poor Gretel has not been feeling very well… when she gets better you will also see pictures of her! How can one resists a puppy! What do you think?… Are Kim and Andy dog lovers?… I told you that all my friends are indeed animal lovers! There are also 3 cats somewhere… eventually they will come out I am sure.


I even had time to prepare a quick dinner tonight… pretty much the recipe of the last Blog… except with Feta Cheese and some chopped tomatoes added… Everyone was too busy eating… some more than others!… Hummmm… no name needed!

More mechanical “stuff’ tomorrow… pack up to fly off to Michigan on Monday! Already planning my next leg of this Journey… most likely Wyoming… Montana… It just feels like summer is passing us by so fast… and sometimes I do wonder where the next winter is going to be… Wish Utah was a bit warmer in December and on… There is also our get together in Big Bend… Texas, for the Holidays… a truly Magical place…

I had saved another Sunset… I am now totally out of vermillion… won’t be long till we stock up again!You be well…. And remember… Beemerchef is for hire when in your area…www.personalchefara.com  Ara & Spirit

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