Passing through Wasatch National Forest. Utah

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

“Follow me. Just around the next bend there is a land of heart’s-ease and forgetfulness”. There never was such a place of course. A man can walk to the end of all the roads there are, and to the end of his days, but he can nowhere lay down his past and walk away from it and never look back” ~ Gary Jennings “AZTEC”

Leaving Lander  

Midnight on Saturday. The rain has not stopped for these past two days, I am getting cabin fever and yet we are comfy here, sheltered, even watched a movie after a nice pot roast. We are able to watch the webcams for south Pass and Louis Lake, both our exits, and all we can see is a dark grey screen, much snow, however a Monday clearing promise. I am trying to put this down time to good use. I sat in front of my PC and was able to move over 160 galleries on my Smugmug which from one click error of mine end up in a totally wrong category. About a 100 more or so to go for the next time I have access to a fast connection such as here. Redundant it has been for the past hours, same from the sound of the raindrops that yet have to subside. "Old Faithful" even has been covered for the past two days, no sense letting her wiring handle this continuous bad weather. The bottom line is the fact that I do not do well without sunshine, I don’t do that much better in a house either even as welcoming as my Friend’s is. Nothing personal.

Leaving Lander  
Leaving Lander  

Yet I am thinking if anything has changed. Am I maybe not handling bad weather as I did? We rode through it a few days ago. It was not pleasant, even painful this time. Was it ever pleasant? Is it more of a climate change or a change within? Time will tell, my book in the midst of my reading is still only halfway, will see how many hours will be spend in the tent this summer. Hopefully I will not get to finish it. Tomorrow the forecast has the little suns for icons. South Pass will be cold but we will push through it to pick up the loneliest highway going west, #50.

Leaving Lander  

It is not just any photo to me, this one above. Three components that really moved me, including the word. It actually sums up my Journey. I am sure for many a bit of a puzzle.

Leaving Lander  

Is it morning? I stumble to look at the time, I can still hear the rain, I hope it is not the new day.  It is only 3 am. I keep thinking about the little icons. Back to sleep. Daylight is is now. I don’t hear the rain anymore and I am noticing some brightness with no clue or thought of it’s source. I look and a big smile of joy is on my face. It is more than that, I don’t recognize the blue skies. I am questioning their presence. They are blue, it is unbelievable, it has been so long, so gray, so cold inside out.

Wasatch Forest  
Wasatch Forest  

The day was intense. It started with a couple warnings. I lost the cap of our new 2 G water jug. From 4 G we are again back down to 2. Not enough for us. The wires to the chair’s hydraulic were dangling, broken. All this on our first stop. I don’t let it get to me. Nothing really could on this glorious and gifted day. The plan (a plan?) is to eventually ride the loneliest highway all the way to Reno. Highway 50. I have been told of it’s spirituality and I now have expectations I should not have. But I am thinking too far ahead as now the snow instead of the arid desert is surrounding us, at times knee high, at times as being delicately shaken from this giant imaginary shaker reminding me of some of those desserts I use to make.

Wasatch Forest  
Wasatch Forest  

The prizes of the day end up being of many. Wasatch Forest was one magical ride while taking what was in my mind at the time a shortcut to avoid Salt Lake City. We soared to the summit at around 10,700 feet with never another vehicle in sight, not till our descent when incredibly, for the third year in a row, unplanned, we bumped into my Friend Jan. Jan and Sharon. We talked route, the year’s events, bypassing Salt Lake City, the latter to no avail as we end up their guest in their home near by Murray. We also end up being their neighbors guests for a great dinner outdoor on the grill. Karma. Warnings in the morning, gifts of Life ending the day.

Wasatch Forest  
Wasatch Forest  

This morning I am torn between staying another day to allow me to ride back on 150 as the scenery with luscious green and pure white snow are present, or push on west. The conditions, the timing, the now, of it all is today so unique and sought after. If anyone is in the area this is the time to ride, drive, whichever way you can do and get on 150 through the magic of Wasatch National Forest.

Wasatch Forest Wasatch Forest

Be well, it is your choice after all, believe it or not!

Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “Passing through Wasatch National Forest. Utah”

  1. Denis Says:

    I met you at a gas station in Lander, WY in June 2010 and it was a real pleasure! I was going through this great website and saw a picture of my overloaded KLR and me moving on. I took some good pictures of you, your bike and Spirit, but know how to post them. (Tell me)
    I caught up with my friends the next day and finished the Continental Divide Ride. We tried to stay above 7,000′ on dirt, most of the way. We started where you are headed now (CANADA), and ended the trip and the Mexican border. The only part we did not like was Southern New Mexico, as it was so HOT!
    I envy your lifestyle and wish I could breakaway and do the same for a while. When I met you, I had just recovered from Cancer and was in remission. I’m still on Chemo, but am wanting to ride out there again. My wife and I spend our time running between our home and a grandkid in Ft. Lauderdale and another one in Annapolis, MD. If you ever get over to the East Coast, please call me. Until then, I will continue to follow you trip through life and DREAM along.
    Kind regards and Happy Trails,
    Denis Crowther
    cell… 954-650-2675

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