On “Oasis” time… TX

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

"You are what you are seeking. You are standing at exactly the place towards which you have been traveling — for seven years or seventy years or seven hundred years. Your reality is within you, it is not somewhere else. But to understand the point, sometimes it takes years. You knock on many doors before you come to your own door… and then you are puzzled, because this is the house you had left and this is the house you have been searching for. It takes time to realize that which you are. Basically there is no need: you can realize just now, this very moment. But to realize it you will need a certain maturity, a certain centering, a certain awareness, a certain silence." ~ OSHO ~

Sunset-2 xxx

Today, my Friend Doug, as we were all working on our motorcycles, in an unexpected and so kind gesture, gave me this coin of an “Angel”, a “Good Life Token”. That is how Doug is, no other way to describe him as “the good guy”, a good man living a good Life and like a few of us in and out of this space throughout these winter times, sharing his inner Wealth. I don’t believe in coincidences, my Journal is written over many days and the Song I wanted to share today is called “Angel” by Sara McLachlan from her Album “Surfacing”. No need to say more.



This feels as a week I want to call "nothing". Because we are not doing anything. Sometimes the movement weighs on us. I feel Spirit wanting to slow down a bit, catch up on his sleep, enjoy his during the day spread in the Sun naps, as I would also, and do. It is a week to catch up on "nothingness". Not blank, not empty, only to let go of it all, as they say "empty the mind and body". Await for the next wave to surf on, the next flavor of the road, people met, new dust inhaled as we always do.

One afternoon

We did go on to Terlingua on Sunday afternoon. It is generally deserted as the Tourists go home and prepare themselves for the Monday morning rush waves. We did meet a few riders however, Jeff, Steve and Mike. Could those be their real names? I am working on revamping my memory, nice to remember names for a change, much practice needed. A couple locals playing the guitar and the fiddle. Pleasant, great weather uplifting the spirits as suddenly much Music started. A couple guitars showed up, one more fiddle and an accordion. I had to look up the spelling on that one, you don’t see too many of them.

On a Sunday afternoon xxxx

On a Sunday afternoon..._-7


On a Sunday afternoon in Terlingua, Texas


This was the result. Everyone moved to the Parking lot, taking in the Sun fueling the oncoming notes so pleasant to the ears and the senses on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Suddenly a couple more days have passed. It is amazing as I am reading my own words and feel and still hear the Music as if it was just a few moments ago. There is no alarm though, there is no deadline on anything that could entail a prompt attention as our departure for Austin is not for another week. We are going to "Lone Star BMW" on Saturday the 10th to celebrate two Ladies, two Friends that have reached separately the Million Mile marker throughout their lives riding their motorcycles, crossing the finish line however together orchestrated on the Million Dollar Highway this past summer. Voni Glaves and Ardys Kellerman. Amazing. Read their stories!


It will also be time to wander into… COSTCO for a refill on my prescriptions so I can live a bit longer, put on a few more miles, a few more photos and carry on through this Life with my Buddy Spirit. It is not that far, about 450 miles, but will take a couple days to get there probably spending the first night in Del Rio. The temperatures are cooler, the days are shorter and we are slower!



Finally today we started the engine, added a bit of oil as it might be time for a change, she never burns any in between those times amazingly with over a quarter million of miles on her, (sounds better than saying 250,000 miles!), and the direction was Fort Davis or so. It is astounding how the body will communicate as only while in Alpine, 60 miles later, we turned around and came back. It was a great ride, it was the ride of the moment even if a certain vague destination was not reached. Tonight, I am nursing a sore throat, it all fell in place, I had not properly read my own health signs. So we watch the Sunsets as these past nights have been amazing. That is an understatement as same for those mesmerizing Sunrises.


Why “now”? I started thinking quickly changing direction. Why not "now" instead. Seems as I go through this every winter times. It is Friday and I am avoiding a visit to the Dr 60 miles away. I could drive of course as it is what I should probably do but also know it will not happen. The day makes me nervous as the offices are closed on the weekend. Positive thinking will work. I am pushing myself “to do” but nothing of any value is coming through, the momentum is broken, I now know why this week is called the "nothing" week!

sunset-10 xxx

sunset-11 xxx

Today however the drive changed. What is the use to lay horizontal and wait? It turned out to be the day for “Old Faithful” to be taken care of. One cure for when feeling as such ill is to be around Friends, specially when around Friends and working on a motorcycle. Fixed a couple headlights, bled the front brakes, new grips covers as it is amazing how lifted the ride becomes with such a simple addition! Much chatting, laughter, Spirit always loved, suddenly all pains and aches vanish. Always the best prescription. I am so lucky, we are so lucky to have such good Friends around here. Who would have known this would be waiting for us on this vast land we picked for winter times.



One might think as I look at those photos, the colors are enhanced. They are not. They are right out of the camera, it has been some truly memorable moments witnessing the changing of such colors, the shapes, the clouds taking off in their multi directions from winds themselves multi channeled.

Fido article

Fido Magazine has made their last issue free to read for everyone as also, well, we are featured within. It is all Spirit’s fault! Enjoy, it always has great contents. This “nothing” week on our own time frame has been therapy, slow motion times moving along, the body is feeling a bit rough but I am in good company, very good company.



Till next time… enjoy.

Take a look at my Photo Galleries. “Smugmug” stands for quality. The “One-Pan” Recipe store. Trying to share the Passion and keeping fuel in the tank… Thank you.

Be well, Ara and Spirit

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3 Responses to “On “Oasis” time… TX”

  1. heyduke50 Says:

    nice to see a photo of the Starlight Ballroom – spent a lot of time there when it was owned by a fellow named Rob Dean and his then wife… He was also major of Lajitas before it became a dude ranch… thanks for the memories…

  2. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirit,
    You are wise men indeed, listening to Mother Nature, listening to your body and enjoying friends. Just think, our rush-rush modern lifestyle s a mere blip in the history of humanity. Our ancestors took a rest when the winter solstice approached, and took comfort from each other, wondered and marveled together at the earth, sun and stars. Perhaps that’s what’s missing in our modern lifestyle, and you are finding it again and sharing it with us. Yes, the days are getting shorter in Iowa, and nights getting colder, and there is an irresistible desire for a nap. That’s what our wise ancestors did. Take care, you and Spirit, and enjoy your naps together.

    “Zelda” (Pam), Randy and Natasha

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank you Zelda. So well said as we came back a bit late from a very cold ride, however again stopping in Terlingua where another gathering took place including much comfort and Friends from other little towns around. How nice it was!!! Topped with a few $1 Tacos… delicious ones… It just feels right to be right now anchored! You all be well… Ara and Spirit

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