My Life as a Dog, they call me “Spirit”, Tx

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

It has been cold tonight and I am wondering when he is going to get my coats out of the closet. My hair is so short, specially under my neck and belly, that only my shivering gives him that hint of covering me. And I don’t like to lay down right in front of the heater because it dries my nose, sunburn is bad enough. I do need to thank him for the sunscreen at times when we ride and also for removing that stupid windshield on which I kept bumping my head when the brakes are jammed on a bit too heavy.

So yes, I love to ride, feel the fast wind, and the smells are like being in heaven, millions of smells passing by so quickly, barely giving me a chance to take it all in. I have my own Ural sidecar, wish it was a BMW like his, but, oh! well, it does have a BMW emblem on it and most do think it is one, I hope my other buddies in town at least think so, they have to walk… I ride!

I am not a mean dog but it is my job to protect mine and his rig. Sometimes he is happy when I growl, even bark a bit, and then sometimes he tells me to “quit it”. I yet have to understand that one… humans can be funny about this kind of behavior. We have spend weeks at the time in desolate areas, and he sure has been happy when I warn him about anyone nearing the campsite minutes ahead, before his poor hearing even realizes it.

But I do have the good Life. He never trained me, so I took it upon myself to let him be and just live my own life when he is busy taping on some board with his fingers. No sense disturbing the flow of the day or even evening, I would probably just be told to do this or that! As long as I have my food twice a day, which actually is better now that I have fooled him that I would not eat plain dry food. He does not eat plain dry food out of a bag… why should I? It only takes him a couple minutes to mix some canned food and a bit of water, nice… I don’t know what he eats but I never had some. The other night, when we were visiting his friends, I had to endure some great grilling smoke and they all looked at me like I was some kind of an idiot with no taste. “He gets sick” he kept telling them when I was offered a left over morsel… well, I did one time in Utah and he was not happy about the carpet… so maybe he is right.

I am so glad that I am a dog. I don’t think I could stand his Life. Cooking, riding, driving, thinking so much and having so much to do. I live a simple life, I have no laundry to do, so I do clean myself a bit everyday, and as long as I am taken out I keep his space clean too. Actually the one thing I had to teach him, and I think he finally got it, is to relax when we are out specially in the Desert or woods. There is so much to listen to and smell that I need to stop every once in a while and concentrate, and guess what? He does too now! Finally we can listen to the what he thinks is “silence” for a while till I am ready to roll again.

Yes, it is a good Life… I have my nails done, he has only clipped me a bit too short once, I forgave him. I have my own electric blanket when we ride, many pairs of sunglasses, finally one pair with clear lenses… it is bad enough not to see colors! Add on top of that situation some dark lenses for night time… what was he thinking? I might even be getting a helmet soon! Black I hope to match my sidecar… and maybe a little BMW emblem in the back of it.

So, I give a little… specially when he gets on this kick to take pictures of me standing on a rock or in front of a bush, sometimes I even have to sit in the car instead of laying down. Slow he is, and he does not like me to move, so I wait and wait, as long as it makes him happy, just wish I could see the pictures. The worse is when we stop to get gas or at the Park… for that matter anywhere there are people owning a camera. It’s like they have never seen a dog in a sidecar wearing Doggles, they also get demanding… like I have to sit up and look at them, and I get nothing. Even worse is when he leaves me and walks away, I have to deal with the crowd alone. That is when I growl and shake my head to take those Doggles off and… well, they slowly walk away, sometimes fast… hilarious how I can scare them!

I hope we are on the road for long time and do much more riding, as long as I am not too cold or not too hot. I know my Life is better now than any of the other ones at the shelter back in Georgia. I still have nightmares about my previous Life, but I do get at least a hug a day, much petting and Love. I knew that my hours were counted before he decided to take me away and I will always be thankful for that… he is a great buddy to have and I know he thinks that also of me.

So enjoy the ride as I do… there so much more to say… next time.Spirit


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Ara Gureghian

853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245

Naples, Florida 34108


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10 Responses to “My Life as a Dog, they call me “Spirit”, Tx”

  1. Bob in LA Says:

    Wonderful commentary — the voice of a poet.

    Wonderful photos — the eye of an artist.

    Seriously. I’m talking about way back on your website.

    Nice looking dog, too.

    Thank you Ara.

    Nice doggy, Spirit!

    (Don’t bite! Pelease don’t bark! Please!)

  2. conchscooter Says:

    Stop! This is making me want to be owned by a dog again. I need a garlic necklace.

  3. Skinny Says:

    Excellent writing…I think Spirit has real talent…see you in a few days

  4. Froggi Donna Says:

    What a wonderful tribute to Spirit. Makes me sadder to know that I may be traveling dog-less soon. Sigh….

  5. Callista Says:


    Great story! I also own two rescue pitbulls. The are the BEST. Everyday I look forward to reading Your’s and Spirt’s adventures.

    Take Care and Be Safe,

    P.S. I’m waitng for you to come up with a Chili recipe and post it. I love Chili!

  6. geode Says:

    hey Spirit … Give yer old man a big hug for me, would ya? if not a hug, go swimming then run up and shake all the water off when you’re right beside him!! He always loves that!!!

    be well, g

    oh … and a Hi to Ara too … :waves

  7. Steve Williams Says:

    Well Spirit, I always suspected you were the mindful one behind the traveling, cooking, writing, and photographing. You are near becoming a zen dog. My own dog is sleeping at my feet and if she had read this she would probably feel a bit miffed that she never had the chance to ride in a side car or sort a pair of doggles. I suppose she’ll have to be content to stick her head out the window of the car every now and again.

    Thanks for writing such a fine piece on life as a dog. Gives us all a something to strive for!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  8. Ginny Says:

    I love these pictures. Your blog brightens my day. 🙂


  9. Bob in LA Says:

    Spririt’s buddy cooked up a good one with this post. You’re a lucky dude, dog!

  10. Michelle Says:

    Ara..what a great tribute to your best friend. My best friend, Hobo, loves looking at Spirit’s pictures. Hobo also has Doggles, but he doesn’t like wearing them … nor does he like wearing his fishing vest and hat. You have a great eye for photography and your words are inspiring. I always look forward to reading your page.


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