Mother Nature! So mysterious… Utah

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Recaptured Pocket-18 xxx

"It is the sandstorm that shape the stone statues of the Desert. It is the struggles of Life that form a person’s character"
~ Native American proverb ~

Valley of the Gods-13 xxx

A Saturday morning in Bluff, a home base these past days awaiting for this violent weather to move on. It seems finally we have a reprieve generously balanced between hot and cold and no wind. It is a time however we need to stay connected to the Internet awaiting the final print of the final proof. I like the word final in this situation. It only means soon our manuscript will be ready for the printer and will allow us to regain some freedom of whereabouts with no concerns of Internet connections. I so much feel for the ones making a career out of writing books. Much respectfully I must say. Spirit is patient as ever, we both are and need to be. His two meals a day are provided and much time for clowning around and hiking off his leash while making new friends here and there. These are calm days.

“Sitting, Riding and… Leaning” video series.

We have been all over the place with never a destination in mind. A good tail wind is always good enough for us. Back into Valley of the Gods, up and down Mokey Dugway and on one more time to Muley Point. The space there surprised me. Not long ago the name was unheard. Yesterday the sights were broken up from big campers parked all over the ledges. One more "kind of" secret now flagged in the local brochures. It just makes living on the road more interesting as the search for hidden gems will intensify.

Monument Valley in the distance from Muley Point xxx

The rocks at Muley Point xxx

Taking a break on Muley Point-3 xxx

One of those spaces is "Recaptured Pocket". It took me a couple of years to finally get directions from a local after promising I would not divulge its location. We spend quite some time there, yet many tire tracks in the sand makes me believe that its isolation and desolation is going to be short lived. The space affected me in more ways than one especially thinking these past days about "Life is a paradox we manage rather than a problem we solve" [Ted Wells]. Those words calmed me down as putting me back on those rails laid out ahead of us. The realization of how busy this past year was dropped on me and now finally we are faced with quieter times ahead of us.

Recaptured Pocket-7 xxx 

Recaptured Pocket-16 xxx

Recaptured Pocket-15 xxx

Writing our book this past winter was the best thing I could have ever done while missing so much my Mother. The cognizance of her being such a pillar in my Life has taken the winds out of my sails. Her absence is daily so strongly felt. After over a year it is still hard for me to recognize so many facts pertaining to our relationship now vanished. Physically that is while my thoughts are always with her, as they are with Lance. I started wondering if the word "recaptured" while in Recaptured Pocket had any ulterior meaning to me those days having reclaimed my ways of recent years past. It is maybe how Mother Nature works in her mysterious ways.

Recaptured Pocket-12 xxx

Recaptured Pocket-9 xxx

Recaptured Pocket-14 xxx

It is hard to describe the core of our life while living on the road as it was, as it should be according to my own thoughts and ways. It is not traveling. It is being stationary in some mental ways but moving on physically in the true aspect of these times we are living through. Moving on slowly with no agenda only more often than not a weather dictating our whereabouts. The simplest decision is as never taken. There is often no pressure of a calendar. As I sit here, right now, I don’t even know when we will truly go on to Moab. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe the next day? Who knows. We will when it feels right as my senses are coming back stronger than ever.

Recaptured Pocket-20 xxx  

Recaptured Pocket-13 xxx

Recaptured Pocket-11 xxx

Recaptured Pocket-21

This space has much magic and will release us when ready. Till then…

Cropped final for DEE

Release date to be announced soon.

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit

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2 Responses to “Mother Nature! So mysterious… Utah”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting videos of your and Spirit’s rides.

  2. Voni Says:

    Final. What a word to celebrate in this context!
    And freedom again for you both.

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