Kolob Terrace Road, Zion NP. Utah

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Even my toes are warming up this morning. NOAA was right, a bit behind in the temps, but the sun is out, energizing the mind but not Spirit. The bum is a late sleeper… the sunshine is right on him through the window, still has his two coats on… I like to watch him sleep, peaceful and always wondering what are his dreams. In the recent past his dreams use to be vocal… some barking, would break my heart when I would hear him cry in short bursts, but all that seems to be in the past for him. I will never know what his first 9 months were like, and don’t care to!

(Finally… maps!!!… thanks Linda…)

Maybe today we will try a run for Bryce Canyon?… I wrote to Alain today… you remember the bicyclist that has been on the road for 16 months from Argentina… as I arrived in Zion and missed him, I read on his site that he had made it to Bryce and already headed even more North… Boulder City in Colorado! And I did write to him that I felt like a wimp… I used Spirit as an excuse not to make it to Bryce because of the cold… that the motorcycle was faster… and the wind chill was colder!… excuses… excuses!

He already has two invites from a couple of my readers… I appreciate the gesture toward him, he deserves it and as I a mentioned before HE is quite the Adventurer and a nice guy!… incredible sense of humor!!! Just beware… he eats a lot… Late afternoon yesterday as the sun broke out to the west we rode the Kolob Terrace road, road I was told is beautiful… up and up we went, no traffic, the scenery reminded me of movie sets taking place in the countryside. Paradise setting…

West on 9 from the park and a right on Kolob road in Virgin.

Sorry that this seems to be a pattern… but we never made it to the end where the Lake is… the road was snowed in, the sign did say… “no maintenance passed this point”. But will try again as the views, the fresh air and absence of sightseers was incredible. The descend happened right at sunset when the sun glows its yellow cast on the facades on the Mountains and Hills. For a while the road took an exit from the Park, some homes were present with their smoke escaping from the chimneys… I would not mind at all some land in this part of the country… maybe some day… part time? Warning… will have many dogs!!!

After talking to a few local residents I have realized that “here” winter will not make an exit for a while! Elevation… I keep thinking we are done with the bitter cold that hit me up on Kolob Terrace, but it is not so. Wondering now if I will be able to explore the west side of this Grande Circle… a ride to Bryce Canyon will tell.

Then it was time to cook… after 40 years of tasting such variety of food, sometimes it becomes intriguing as to what I would like to eat, at the same time the choice in my pantry is limited!

Very limited… I remembered, when I was a kid in Europe, of an Italian dish that basically was meant to use leftover meats… Spaghetti Carbonara… the common recipe called for bacon… I had bought a Dry Salami with Jalapeno (never had it before, but was great…). I boiled my pasta, when done mixed it with a bit of olive oil as for it not to dry. Cut up the salami in think slices, and then again in quarters. Saute in the pot with a bit more olive oil, some sliced green onions, garlic, and… added a couple beaten eggs. Keep stirring and dump the pasta back in… Plate nicely, chopped parsley, diced roasted peppers and plenty of Parmesan… One form of Carbonara, one easy dish and great for camping… You can substitute any meat you have, any form of pasta… this is for two, one more egg is good… Poor man’s pasta dish…

Tomorrow, more riding. The weekend is coming up, the weather is awesome and I feel the Park filling up. Full moon soon which will bring in the Photographers in waves waiting for that incredible shot…

Hope you all come and visit this area… well worth it!

You be well…

Ara & Spirit

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7 Responses to “Kolob Terrace Road, Zion NP. Utah”

  1. Hans (GatorTiger) Says:

    Hi Ara!!

    It’s been a while since I had the good fortune to meet you at the vortex. Being busy for work I didn’t have a chance to catch up on your incredible story until this week. Had quite a bit of reading to do. All I can say is: incredible! Everything! Words, food, and (oh my god!) the pictures! Fantastic!!!!!!!! RSS is set and everytime I check my email I smile when I see that you posted something new!!!! Thanks for all the work!!!!

    I’ll be going to Montana again the end of July using Colorado City as the entry gate to the Rockies, then north to Helena via Beartooth. Any plans on your side to be in that area at that time? Would love to chat with you again some…

    Safe travels for you and Spirit!! Stay healthy and warm!! 🙂


  2. Macrobe Says:

    Oh dear…….Ara, your photos always make me smile and overfill me with that longing to be out there. Surrounded by it all like you are. I know my time will come, but its becoming almost unbearable not to be *there* NOW. 🙂

    Keep teasing me 😉

    Your vagabond pal,

  3. earlene Says:

    A friend just told me about your web and I am enjoying it so much. I love Spirit already. What a comfort you are to each other. Especially cuddling at night. I am on dial up so your pix take forever, but they are so worth the wait. Be careful out there and wish I had what it takes to take a trip like that. I bought a motorhome a few years back and planned to “take off” but being a single lady and not a mechanic my kids thought it better I not travel alone. So I will enjoy reading about your wonderful adventure.

  4. Steve Williams Says:

    I’m not sure which is getting more enticing faster—-the rides or the food!

    Sitting here getting ready to have a bowl of cereal I can’t help but wonder what your breakfasts are like.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  5. geode Says:

    Hi Ara,

    Hi Spirit, (a.k.a. Mr. Sleepy Head),

    Let me add my voice to those loving your cooking. Had breakfast with two ADV folk this morning, and the subject of your cooking and cookbook came up. Lots of positive response!!

    Been studying a map with a calendar beside me. Trying to figure out when I can sprint west. Snow and sleet due here tonite and tomorrow. So I won’t be leaving quite yet. I’m thinking there might be a chance the middle of April. Where will you be? Even further west?

    How crazy is it to be planning a 3,000 mile ride to have a meal, maybe two, and then ride 3,000 home?


    be well, g

  6. geode Says:

    Apples …

    There’s a gentleman, Nick Botner, near Yoncalla, Oregon, who grows 3,500 different varieties of apples. You should stop and meet him, maybe try a few different apples?

    I bet your teaste buds would enjoy a visit.

    be well, g

  7. Kristina Hall Says:

    Hi Ara & Spirit,

    I love the Utah country, my favorite! I was wondering what kind of camera and lens you use for your fabulous photos?

    Take care, be safe and many Happy Trails!


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