Indian Trail Head Rd, Terlingua.Tx

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Big Bend a

We are back on “The Oasis” and that in itself is a therapy that goes in so deep. One has to miss to appreciate what they have, no doubt about it. This “space” is so immense, so calm, so quiet versus the urban effect of being enclosed within its walls I sometimes bounce into with no rest. These are the grounds to practice just “being”, watch the bright sunlight slowly taking its curved path, let the curtain fall as nighttime unveils the billions of Stars lighting up our ceiling including the Milky Way, and as last night, a falling Star I followed throughout half of the horizon as a welcome back sign for us.

road a

The Dr’s visit fiasco is just a memory here, now, today, realizing some are living themselves in their cement and barbwire cubicle out of touch from a humanitarian world even if years ago while graduating they signed an oath to help us out. The words meant at the time have been replaced with the “dollar” sign fading away a kindness that maybe they thought they had, or never had. I will not fight the system, I will not waste my own time going head to head on their senseless path. I am feeling actually better every day, specially today. I will undergo this coming Monday the “nuclear stress test” the best I can, in Odessa. I have found my own copy of the “lost” echo cardiogram that I will drop off for them to read, and as I have another appointment with the “good Dr” on December 2nd, in Alpine this time, I will listen to his final verdict, his version anyhow. Only then will I take a decision as to where and how to solve this situation, that is if needed, always hoping that maybe medication in itself will lead me back to a better Health. We still have so many roads to discover, photos to take and Friends to meet. I do need to add that they are some good Dr’s around as my previous Cardiologist in Atlanta which I might have to go and see depending on the results acquired soon.

rock b

The plate turned yesterday, it’s chipped edge is away from us. Keri and her incredible crew mounted my Photos on the Gallery wall as my emotions grew by the minute watching them fill the blank space. It has to be the “highlight” of our years on the road, I honestly find it an “indescribable feeling”. What will the passer by’s see? Some will only see a photo, maybe few will see the Journey encompassing the decision to go “there” as suddenly “there” is now on the wall, its feelings and emotions locked into the pixels that make them up. Who will have the ability to unlock them? I feel so much that these words here and the photos there go hand in hand as they are the ones that will unlock their true meaning. Friday and Saturday will be some days ahead of others for me…

rock d

Lindy Severns is the incredible Painter that is featured within the Kiowa Gallery. I always have such a hard time shifting my vision away from her Art, their colors and strokes have their ability to lock your senses as wanting to pull up a chair and never lifting your eyes from them. She send me a comment the other day that is so worthwhile posting here as her words are also on my own path of thought, sometimes however forgotten, as I quote:

“Ever think that the heart issues that slowed you down, that detoured your plans to photograph sites and people yet unseen and unknown also led you to a Gallery with intimate knowledge of heart disease, a Gallery located in a region where everything is thorny, infinitely wide and possible, a venue to share your vision of the world with thousands of folks, some of whom will immediately connect with that vision and be healed by it?
It isn’t the destination. It’s the Journey.
Enjoy Alpine’s ArtWalk/Gallery Night at Kiowa Gallery. You’ve paid your fare. Sit back and appreciate the scenery, wherever it takes you next.
Best, Lindy”

It is all said, there is nothing to add… It is an Honor… Thank you Lindy.



We took a ride to Indian Trail Head Rd today. I might be wrong on the name, maybe, but it should be pretty close. The road bears to the left as one arrives into Terlingua, an immediate left at the Big Bend Motor Inn as going into their campground but one needs to continue straight on it. It is a mild dirt road, the last rains have created some washes, almost doable with a street bike. It is the space I like to go and play with the camera among its rock formations. It reminds me a bit of Utah and its intricate designs being Mother Nature’s ultimate Art work.

rock a  
  rock e

I felt as a kid in a toy store, having put away all my worries of these later days, the clouds where so perfectly balanced within the clear blue skies, there was no time to consider being mid afternoon and Spirit was having a blast navigating through the new smells of this land we had not seen for a while. It was as being one with it all and yet all surrounding us so ancient and powerful demanding their due respect.

spirit a

  sculpture a

I had only seen copies of this sculpture, I have now found the original. My mind wonders of its time when it was only a raw block and all the years it has taken to be shaped, to maybe look as a majestic bird ready for the take off with its wings embracing the currants above. It made my day and with no doubt will go back to keep it’s company again. It is an isolated space, not well known and I know of more visits in the future since specially so close to “The Oasis”.

cactus a

  rock c

We hiked a little ways, the gate is an entrance to Big Bend Park actually and the Chisos make up its horizon. There are some Petroglyphs a bit further, I yet have to find them, today was not the day to do so, there was still a bit in my mind the fact that this location was not in reach… just in case! I can taste the freedom on that trail, a bit of adventure, finding always intricate shapes and forms, never a dull sight or color including a cactus having made its home right into the rock.

rock h 

  rock g

As the nights are getting colder, much colder only a few minutes after sunset, we then started to head back while still under light.I can never make it through without stopping on the side of the road when I see such a sunset! Spectacular colors and forms moving so slightly for the taking as a gift at the end of this day, slowly unwrapping its message of hope for the days yet to come. There is truly nothing that could compare to Mother Nature. So perfect, so attractive to all the senses even in at times in its raw form when her moods change into storms and unfortunately destruction. I always however wonder if the destruction is only happening maybe because we are not suppose to be on certain sites too exposed to her temper.

road sunset

Till next time… from Alpine!

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.” [quote: Anais Nin]


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  1. Debbie Says:

    Don’t lose your faith that the Docs will eventually find the problem which leads to the solution for your health to become as good as ever. It can be a tough road to get to the bottom of the issue. But you are young and have a lot left to see of this world. Take care and God bless

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