Halfway, to Joseph and some thoughts! OR

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

The pictures are from a short ride to Halfway, a few miles from here. I was told that the restaurant Mimi is as close as it could be to offering “Gourmet” food… meaning? Only open 3 days a week… will have to go back…We also took a ride to Joseph, I did not care for it… you usual little touristy town with too many espressos and bars and nothing really of any interest besides too many people! I did not even take a single picture… but the roads?… incredible! Strange as I really liked Halfway, just a nice little quiet town with people that have chosen to live there and proud of it. This is a town that puts up the pictures on the lamp posts of the graduating students! Nice touch… The Gallery and the Bed and Breakfast is of the same owner. She was busy on the phone, but I did read that she was one of the first models being on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue… many moons ago… might stop to see her again also. Besides all of the above… I had some thoughts… again… that I needed to write down.

Sometimes I find the right door knob, and with a little twist of the mind the door opens up. I fall into this space where I am today, a space where no decisions are needed, a space where one only needs to “be”, where a mirror like reflection of life keeps away any ripples no matter what. This is when the “thoughts” start taking shape, from blur grey like fonts against the bright blue day to suddenly transforming themselves into more defined characters waiting for maybe some approval.

I received an e mail today from a dear friend “Gwen”, some of you know here as “Shoganai” on the Adventure Riders Forum… Gwen, the Mother of the Year, she is the definition of the “Human being” if you look up any dictionary and truly so fortunate to have her as a friend. This was her signature borrowed from another incredible Human being and rider… Originally Posted by Hedge

I’m just a guy with two raw nerves rubbing together, his heart on his sleeve, all potential and no direction, naked in the face of his fears and his peers. I love and am loved, in some ways. Sooner or later it’s all going to come together and my money’s on magic. One of these days, dammit – one of these days.

I never forgot the “magic’ in my life. I never stopped being a dreamer, I have been blamed to be a dreamer! And I have to tell you that navigating the sometimes obscure path of wishes through unplanned plans, one needs “MAGIC” in a big way! I call it “Karma”… It has been good, never a complain, so many strangers, friends today, have emerged in times of need, wrong turns have put me on the right track, this has not been the Journey of one man and his Dog all alone!

We are “here”… “now”… “today”… I have climbed the steps taking me to this day one at the time, one step up, sometimes two down only to catch up later, and I feel as I have reached this plateau finally, this destination that never was one to know when reached, but I know today that this is where we are. As private as I have always been in my life, suddenly the path called for sharing… sharing the Journey to its fullest, I am happy that I am able to do so and be appreciated by many.

And so I think. What is next? There is no apprehension… all is calm, serene, peaceful… but there is a definite curiosity for when the stage will turn and the next scene will present itself. Everything has culminated to this point. Life… the Journey… the Friendships… even Spirit suddenly has changed and is wearing this persona never leaving my sight, his eyes constantly filled with joy, with his own language of love and affection.

This morning I realized that someone had left the lights on the sidecar… always prepared with a trickle charger, I smiled as… good… now we can’t go anywhere, I have all those thoughts, they will not have to wait till tonight to write them down! Just part of the daily magic you see…  How can it not make someone touch the depth of happiness? Those little things in life… which we experience, sometimes not paying enough attention to them or taking them for granted.

But, as I am on a roll writing from the bottom of my heart, the reality of my own life is that I quite often feel guilty about happiness. I feel guilty about happiness because of Lance not being here sharing this Life. Some times are worse than others, some times they are only better because I will always remember that he wanted me to be happy and go on with Life as he would have to. Those where his last wishes… his last words.

As I know that he is watching over me, I am myself sometimes successful at it… compliant with his wishes, and then again, the black hole opens up and my non understanding to such unfairness triggers such emotions that I wonder myself about this whole philosophy of life we try to paddle through. I have to believe his words, I have to believe so hard even without any more reassurances, because, well, he is not here anymore. Will make it through… somehow we will.

I never claimed this was going to be just a ride report with Spirit!… or a Cooking show… It is only the writings of the “Oasis of my Soul”… you know… Life under the Stars… where up above Lance is the brightest one of them all. Thanks for reading this…

Be well…

Ara & Spirit


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Thank you…


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3 Responses to “Halfway, to Joseph and some thoughts! OR”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Your are a rare and beautiful old soul, Ara. One of whom I’m pleased to know brightens the world with your thoughts, photos, and smile. Lance must smile to see you bringing joy to all of have the good fortune to cross paths with you and Spirit in your travels. Be well my friend and as always, ride with joy. Gwen

  2. Didier Bechu Says:

    Hy Ara & Spirit

    Even from Honk Kong (one week already) I follow step by step your adventure on the West Coast, keep going the good work on your website, enjoy the rides and I hope that your wobble trouble will go away. I have no idea what would be the origine of this, I nerver yet experienced any kind of handlebar checking on my rig. For me, two years of sidecar worry free headache!!, I will miss our brain storming conf call! Good luck and keep in touch.

  3. Froggi Donna Says:

    Ara, your blog is not only a feast for the eyes but it never fails to make me hungry! I’m really glad to have found it and hope you got my LONG email last week in reply to yours.

    Ride safe!
    Donna aka Froggi

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