Going South, "Garden of Gods". CO.

Friday, September 18th, 2009

” You need not do anything, just remain quiet.  Remain sitting quietly at your table and the world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked – it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet…” Franz Kafka

Garden of the Gods-2  

“It would be known forever as the Garden of the Gods “where it shall remain free to the public, where no intoxicating liquors shall be manufactured, sold, or dispensed, where no building or structure shall be erected except those necessary to properly care for, protect, and maintain the area as a public park.” By the 1870’s, the railroads had forged their way west. In 1871, General William Jackson Palmer founded Colorado Springs while extending the lines of his Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. In 1879, General Palmer repeatedly urged his friend, Charles Elliott Perkins, the head of the Burlington Railroad, to establish a home in the Garden of the Gods and to build his railroad from Chicago to Colorado Springs. Although the Burlington never reached Colorado Springs directly, Perkins did purchase two-hundred and forty acres in the Garden of the Gods for a summer home in 1879. He later added to the property but never built on it, preferring to leave his wonderland in its natural state for the enjoyment of the public. Perkins died in 1907 before he made arrangements for the land to become a public park, although it had been open to the public for years. In 1909, Perkins’ children, knowing their father’s feeling for the Garden of the Gods, conveyed his four-hundred eighty acres to the City of Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods  

Leisurely arriving to Colorado Springs the small, comparatively speaking, 480 acres near by Park reminded me of a bit of Utah. Not bad at all considering a fairly active urban environment surrounding it all. But more important it was dog friendly, everywhere, every trail, space. However the entrance being free, as us, get there early. We bypassed the visitor center as the maps are everywhere in the Park, by the time we had finished our short hike the parking lot was full. This is considering off season.

Garden of the Gods-10  

Riding and thinking. It really does not make much sense considering one needs to instead pay attention to the roads and their multitude of could be obstacles popping up as being in the midst of a fast moving video game. Not that I play, only know from watching others. I have heard the same from many riders, the ones with experience as I would even go further saying, it becomes second nature. Not all the time, only sometimes. Sometimes when the roads are straight, maybe fenced, giving us a false sense of security that the deer will not jump over, when all goes well.

Garden of the Gods-8  

I also know that the strangest thoughts enter my mind at times, hoping they dissipate, will not rock my World, but the seeds have a way of making their way within this fertile ground which has been vagabonding these past years. We are near by Denver right now, I see it as, no offense, “Any City USA”, loud, smoggy, fast, littered, loud again, even if I am totally aware that near by, the beautiful Mountains await. I don’t feel planted as we are just passing through, I perceive it more as if I am watching this Movie which “Fast and Faster” would be a proper title, even if I have not seen it.

Garden of the Gods-4  
Garden of the Gods-3  

I wonder if I ever lived in this fashion, and as I try to remember, I have. Was I caught up in it or was it I did not know better? Past Life sure went by fast, it was work and more work and more overtime for more “stuff”, the kind I today realize I could have done without it all my Life, if I only knew then what I know now. I don’t think the thought is new, it only slaps me when in “Any City USA”, as I also need to think unselfishly, maybe all these “people” are happy. I know they dream of their two weeks vacation, either a camping trip, a cruise maybe, or for that matter anything will do, away from their present environment. So maybe I am thinking a better balance of it all. I keep thinking I have one myself, it sways back and forth often, the scales are there, mental and physical.

Garden of the Gods-7  
Garden of the Gods-11  

I went to Walmart today, a Journey in itself, I don’t like to support imported goods, but my wallet thinks a bit differently then I do. Maybe because I live alone with Spirit, my tendency is sometimes to strike a conversation with total strangers. I know when they themselves would like to reciprocate and actually have met some real nice people. Today were two Ladies in their wheelchairs, one behind another. I could tell they were trying to make it through the aisles without taking up much real estate in this giant store. “You are almost a convoy” I told them stopping ahead. That is all they needed to spill their frustration telling me about being abused and even verbally put down by some shoppers because of their slow speed. I believed them.

Garden of the Gods-13  

They had traveled a bit as the Walmart in their own neighborhood was filled with unconsidered shoppers, thinking all will be well here. And it was not. We end up parting with much laughter and maybe I did make them feel good about themselves to mainly stay above it all and to not lower their presence of mind to other’s level… with the joke of course ensuing “you two are low enough in those wheelchairs…”. They decided to return but coming and shopping later when the aisles would quiet down a bit. Does Life need to be that rude? I think we are maybe over populated. Maybe the allowance of the common sense, the awareness, the respect and the Love for each other has been watered down. We are maybe too many and there is just not enough of it to go around. Just a thought!

Garden of the Gods-12  

If you find yourself perusing this site extensively, please, consider purchasing prints, T shirts, merchandise or making a contribution above.

Thank you and be well…

Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “Going South, "Garden of Gods". CO.”

  1. Sandra B Says:

    It is interesting and fortuitous that I should have met you and Spirit- if only briefly in Big Bend park. You have once again expressed ideas that resonate with my undulating perspectives (as what you express often does). What a spectacular part of life: meeting souls with whom you relate and can see reflections of your own sense of things. 😉
    I have felt a growing compulsion to rid my life of so much of the STUFF that life these days in this part of the world seems to revolve around. People work for it, give up time with loved ones for it, give up time and energy in general in the pursuit of “possessions”….stuff. I find myself wondering what is the value of it all? Meaning?
    Of course I never questioned it for years and acquired much essentially meaningless objects. Humans are bombarded with the messages of this way of life. Seeking happiness and meaning……I wonder if humans buy things chasing after a desire for fullfillment in life?
    I feel a growing peace the more I let go of THINGS…..and my world becomes richer. You seem to “get” this as well.
    All the Best,
    Sandra B

  2. Krashdragon Says:

    Since you’re thinking of Big Bend country (since I only rode past Valley of the Gods on the way home from a party…dint’ have time to stop..)
    …didn’t know if you knew about this…

    maybe the rain will hold off this year..

    I’ve signed up for Texas parks and Rec areas updates thru
    It’s cooler here up in DFW… only in the high 90’s!
    Take care and ride safe….

  3. Chad Says:

    My prints came the other day and they’re wonderful! I really have enjoyed reading your blog and gazing upon your spectacular photographs. A big Texas welcome back to you and spirit!

  4. elie and wyatt Says:

    it’s been a while, since we met up for what was way too short a meeting, anyway at 63 I decided that I had one more boat in my future, for this lifetime, so wyatt and I drove up to Anacortas wash. and I found just what I was looking for a 70′ canadian built seiner, which had been converted to liveaboard. Built in 1930. built with great hunks of wood that you couldn’t even find these days
    So I loaded the Ural on deck with the help of a small crain, and we took off for MOss Landing Ca. just about a thousand miles to the south. the trip was a great adventure, including loosing hydrolic steering 40 miles off shore at 3am. managed to sort it all out and we continued on our way arriving home in about 7 days, I’d send you a pic of the boat ” LOYAL 2″ , but I don’t see any attach file button. anyway if you get back out here to the center coast around santa cruz, you are most welcome (spirit as well) to stay aboard.
    keep the shiny side up

    Elie and wyatt

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