From Western WA to Eastern Oregon… and back!

Sunday, September 14th, 2014



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Lake Cushman-2 xxx

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It has been, it feels as [and I know it is of the contrary] days on end of urbanism. We said our good byes to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery and once again ran through Portland on our way to Halfway [Oregon] with overnight stops in Gresham and Pendleton. It has been and still is interesting to have an easy going travel companion such as our editor, both of us enticed into deep conversations about Life standing out amongst the more banal aspects we daily encounter. After all, what else is there but those few years we pass through on this Earth surrounded by such constant changes of a society I often wonder about their own destinations. Our task is to take care of our own path, mostly on our own.

Some photos from the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center-10 xxx 

wagon xxx

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center-2 xxx

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center-6 xxx

Why does it take so many years to open up this bag and find laying tucked away at its bottom so many realizations which years ago only provided the mysteries which moved us forward further and further too often into oblivion. I don’t know. Human Nature? The thoughts of brain waves not giving up? Yet one day, "that one day", the present stage empties of those questions and the bag flies away twirling itself in a hurricane like turmoil to finally rest inside out showing what was real all these years. I would say "nothing" had remained but it is not so. It is only truly the fact that the questions have erased themselves. Mainly the "whys", the "how’s" which brings on also others aspects such as "why now" and maybe as it happened to me in the early stages "why me?". Quite often this intimate life replies "why not you?". 

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center-11 xxx

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center-4 xxx

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center-5 xxx

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center-9 xxx

Feelings do not go away, scars remain even if we can forgive, unfortunately however not forget as truly I would not want to. I am asked by others, thanked often by a few about our sharing, this core of life we live not kept too often for myself but laid out in words on these pages. And it brings on this scenario which its script reads  too often "there are no answers". None. It is the fabric of Life.

Halfway-8 xxx

Halfway xxx

Halfway-6 xxx

Halfway-7 xxx

Red Barn xxx

Back in Halfway [Oregon] the space brings on memories already years old. Nothing remains the same as we ourselves change by the day. It is not a trend but a reality with also everyone that I know and if they do not know it themselves I see it in them. The mysteries of the wilderness opens the soul and the shadows of urbanism closes it. It is for me such a huge conclusion and yet I know at times the city will call for its various reasons and needs. The vastness of the horizons surrounding us let’s us go further to no end, even maybe deranged at times but, that is my world, my wilderness, my space empty from the self degradation which could only be mine. It is not dark, it is bright, maybe too bright which blinds me and puts a smile on my face. On our faces.

Halfway-9 xxx

Halfway-10 xxx

Halfway-2 xxx

Halfway-3 xxx


Halfway is kind to us. It is a little town, population 350 and while we walk downtown we look for cars that never appear. Everyone waves here. Just like in Big Bend Flats. It is a warm feeling. When asking which restaurant of the two present is better, the lady I spoke with replied "they are both good, we want to see them both succeed". A good answer I might say. It is country cooking. We tried one last night and I could not finish my plate. The left overs will be lunch today. For such a little town there is two fuel stations, two groceries stores and also two hardware stores. The local bakery is not so good, we cannot win them all.

Tunnel in Oxbow xxx

Tunnel in Oxbow-2 xxx

Hell's Canyon xxx

Hell's Canyon-2 xxx

The road to Hell’s Canyon takes me back even further in time remembering that night we arrived in the smoke of near by fires and after a not so good sleep realized there was too much smoke from fires near by and why they call it Hell’s Canyon especially in the month of August. Hot. That was the reason we had backtracked to Halfway and found some comfort in a campground walking distance from town where we are now and the many friendly locals. We went back to Cornucopia as the good guide that I am. I had forgotten a few still live in that Ghost Town where once again we stood on the deserted Main Street listening to a silence and replaying the past sounds only in our minds.

On the way to Cornucopia_-9 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-2 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-13 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-5 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-17 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-19 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-16 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-21 xxx

On the way to Cornucopia_-12

On the way to Cornucopia_-4 xxx

Friday is our last day here. Back once again to Portland to drop Dee off at the airport and ourselves start heading South. The cycle of this summer is coming to an end and we are going to try spending the month of October back in Utah. The weather should be perfect. We are shooting a month long documentary. I am doing the filming following a script and I have already learned a lot, mainly how "almost" boring my own videos have become! I also received an e-mail and signed a release form for one of Spirit’s photos to be featured by Instagram at a New York Show from September 18th through the 28th! Chosen amongst thousands of others, maybe millions who knows. The Show is called "Photoville". If anyone can attend and take some photos to send us it would be the icing on the cake. Spirit, always the Star, always so happy for him as lately he has been more than once the teacher in my Life.

Instagram Show, this is the chosen photo.

Around Moab-10 xxx [original]


Stay well…
                Ara and Spirit

Mt Hood

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  1. john H Says:

    we too will spend some of October in Utah near Bryce Canyon… maybe our paths will cross once again… safe travels!

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