From Midland, TX, to Easton, KS

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
~ Albert Camus ~

Hues of my Vision FB2 B use

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God Country, WA PCTB 29

With some good Friends in Midland for a few days. It feels good. A master bedroom, my own bathroom, cold air, food stores, good food, great conversations. Never thought I would say "this feels so good". A few more days have passed and we are ready to roll on East a bit further while I still savor this comfort. This lazy comfort!

Antelope Slot Lower Canyon, Arizona PCTB 43   xxx 

One interesting conversation we have had has been the one with the question "what is it that keeps you going through Life regardless of a tragedy happened a few years back?". A Life not lost in alcohol or drugs which I myself witness too often. A question that also could be applied to anyone while a tragedy not needed. It is a thinking question which encompasses every day of our Life, bad days and good days without giving in with arms and head down but instead standing tall with arms up ready to take it all in.

Day of the Dead, Terlingua, Texas. PCTB 40 

It is not the alcohol or drugs absent from my path, it is not an Armani suit or Nike running shoes, it is not a diamond ring or a top of the line Jaguar, it is Life itself, its presence, its current, its essence. I did not get here with so many realizations from one day to another. It has taken time with one blow at the time chipping away the barriers of Life’s granite to finally discover its inner seed while the search and taste for it will never stop. I feel it my responsibility to do such. The path does not contain entitlement, self gratification or a desire for fame as it is also a scenario I witness too often while such aspects take over too many lives, eventually letting others see right through those trying to stand tall on an imaginary pedestal.

Magical Sunset at The Oasis, Big Bend, Texas PCTB 8 

It is awareness, consciousness, it is an inner desire to be able to live with such a clear conscience and as they say to be able to look in the mirror while seeing a reflection with no shadows, as they also say "I can sleep well at night". Yes, there are some "hobbies" or maybe I should call them "needs" that besides mind thoughts are the tools that keeps me going. Such as Mother Nature being our Mistress. The beauty of the spaces witnessed and lived within and the ones to come. Riding with my buddy Spirit while we both together feel the wind caressing our faces filling us up with an unequaled awareness. Photography which is beyond taking photos as most of them cannot relate one hundred percent since they have no feel or smell and true dimension, but yet, they project what we see and the icing on the cake of such a hobby is to share as I do through these pages and a Photo Coffee Table Book.

Snow riding PCTB 64 

Living and adapting throughout our four seasons as they each project their own personalities. I cannot say I truly have a favorite as I would not want the three others left take away from our reason for living. They each as everything else have their pluses and minuses. Summers are challenging especially when as this year not having the ability to move on above 9000 feet as we normally do.

Local from Marathon, Texas PCTB 53 

Our close Friends are also the high octane of this path. Trust is of essence while everything else then on falls in place with true communication. Acquaintances also fill up that desire to live while they send us caring and kind words. Those above aspects are a bit of a sad reality for me as there are not enough hours in the day to stay in touch with them all. A few emails will be exchanged and on replaced with a new name and address but no one is forgotten and such a thrill when they reappear.

Luna PCTB 58 

The road keeps us, keeps me alive. Those pathways taken sometimes with a destination in mind and sometimes not. Travelers are of many! Some line up the shoulders where we stop and make new friends. The road is truly our main fuel while the new ones with every miles divulge so many unseen wonders. It is an addiction, no doubt. It is the other side of the coin, the other side of four walls as they are none around us. The closest aspect of freedom I can find with no boundaries, no doors and locks.

Exploding Sunset at -The Oasis-, Texas PCTB 49

We are now in Kansas, Easton to be exact spending a month with our dear Friends from Germany, the ones that bailed me out so graciously when my Mother passed away over two years ago. I think I would still be there doing paperwork if it had not been for them. They are my closest Family. The plan after being here in August was to head East to attend a couple gatherings and again see some old Friends. Yet, my follow up with the Dr in Midland was not very positive. A couple arthritis spots on my lower discs need to be shaved off and two discs as one is slipping needs to be fused! So we will slowly track back West, most likely to Colorado until the heat of Big Bend dissipates and then on surgery again in Midland. The good news is that I met a couple riders having had the same surgery and they were riding within ten days! Technology has come a long way and I am counting on it. The hips which are marginal will be next! So much to look forward to for next fall/winter.


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Sunrise in Toroweap, AZ PCTB 7

Stay well, Ara and Spirit

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  1. texascindy Says:

    For starters, that is one of my favorites quotes. Love it…Next…the pictures..I have to say you have included some of my most favorite ones here, too. You must be reading my mind! And then your thoughts…as I’ve come to know you better, I can truly understand exactly where you are coming from. You just have a way of putting it into words that explains it better than I ever could. Take care and as always…
    Safe travels as you move on down the road!

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