Balmorhea. TX

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein ~


These past days have been interesting, maybe not in the better sense of the words, more likely in just a passive way. Deeper and deeper I am falling into such a dislike for the crowded unpleasant cities with however not having much of a choice yesterday. A Friend of mine was kind enough to show up so we (meaning… “I”) can drive her car to Midland and back in one day, even squeezing in some, as previous, errands at La Mecca Walmart. The giant field where my ability to remain Human lasts on record no more than 22 minutes. To make the matters worse, instead of calling my Prescriptions into “that store”, I had inadvertently called them to the Houston store. Lucky me, a good Friend will pick them up and mail them to me.


478 miles round trip and a warning from the Texas Highway Patrol. I did not even think about taking the classic photo, the one with the rear view mirror and the Christmas lights flashing. Stubborn enough to not use the cruise control as I despise driving, wanting a bit of the excitement of that gas pedal, I stopped ASAP before the Gentleman even played his Christmas Carol. He was nice, a bit confused about my Florida Drivers License and the Texas plates. I cannot be a passenger. We are talking major medical unforeseen conditions if so. All is behind now, might have to go back in about 5 weeks, right before we take off for Overland Expo in Arizona which will be a quick stop before our yearly pilgrimage to Valley of the Gods, specially when during the one weekend when the balloonists will all be present soaring the skies with now that familiar sound of the burning gasses. Truly exhausted from the day trip and gum poking, it was today a must to change a tire, reinforce my saddlebags which had not been addressed in I think the past seven years and add a third layer of JB Weld to my “hole in the front engine cover”. It does not seem as that “stuff” is holding as well as metal when the rocks are flying right into it. I am thinking about devising a grill type of protection next.


The noises, the distractions, the pollution mental and otherwise of the cities makes me always realize how detached one could become from their own inner personal path versus while deep into the womb of Mother Nature, as nothing else really counts while staying on her path throughout this Journey. I almost feel as I then become another person. I don’t know quite know how to express it, maybe as I have to then wear an armor and my steps become more what they need to be versus what they are in this “let it all go” environment. I met someone the other day that is also a traveler with her dogs, has “rushed” to come south, fallen in love with the area and actually very quickly bought a parcel of land a few miles from here. I felt her energy from her Life slurping from the fast track and I was smiling within myself wondering if she was going to find a bit of the light that would spark on the path of her own search as I knew she was exploring another avenue she now knows exists.


Fast forward to another day, or actually “slow forward”. They are being again a gift as the blue skies have come back and the temperatures just perfect. The harder days have made me totally appreciate these “now moments” so inviting to move on, ride on with the wind, stop on the shoulders when the senses are caught by the scenery, attractive, awakening my curiosity and my camera.

Balmorhea-4 Balmorhea-14

We took off for Ft Davis to see my good Friends Jerry and Nelda at their Bookstore and Coffee Shop which soon will be called “Nelda’s Cafe”. Good food, simple but so gratifying, comfort food, and above all the atmosphere as in being “home”. We always have much to catch up as these two rarely get to go out. They love working 7 days a week, but they do not call it work, they are having their own fun through their own Lives together. With the knowledge that the days are getting longer as we now have an extra hour of daylight, meaning an extra hour of warmth, our destination was Balmorhea, the State Park.


It was again one of those great rides, sinuous curves, no traffic except for the here and there Rancher truck with the usual wave as everyone waves here, the scenery changing, trees, yes trees a bit unknown around this particular area south of there. The Park, only barely 45 acres is actually the San Salomon Spring. It is an amazing pool, 77,000 square feet with a flow of water just so astonishing, 22 to 28 millions gallons flowing per day! Wishing we had some of that water here. The pool itself  has a capacity of more than 3 1/2 million gallons!


We had been there before but never seen the scuba divers busy with lessons toward their certification. We chatted a bit, I discovered what a dry suit was versus a wet suit and thought how nice it would be while riding through the rain with Old Faithful. A bit pricey however and know also I cannot develop a new hobby. Spirit diving? I doubt it very much! We are now back, still plagued by some lights not working on Old Faithful, she is aging but remains strong as this summer will be a good test for her. My thoughts are always “going in deeper”, meaning riding the further away isolated roads, the less traveled ones, also meaning the less maintained ones. Those are the ones where the so often untouched beauty of Mother Nature lies.


Till next time, you be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Balmorhea. TX”

  1. Heyduke50 Says:

    the worse the road is… the better the adventure…

    happy travels.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Ara, what does it cost to drill a well there. I notice everyone has water issues. How far down do you have to go to get water? Just curious. When do you leave for the summer. After you go to Arizona do you keep going or are you going back home and then leaving again later.

  3. admin Says:

    LOve your homework Heyduke50…
    Debbie, my Dear Friend… Home? this is a Base Camp, we are not ready for Home yet! We will be going on in a few weeks. I wonder where you heard about water issues? we have to much water actually!!! the tanks are all full and Cowboy Mine to buy water with their new drill is only a few miles away. A drill will run around $25,000! Yes, we do conserve water… Average american uses 225G a day, we use that a month… wish everyone did. Let me know where you hear this misinformation about water issues… Thanks. Ara & Spirit

  4. Debbie Says:

    I guess when I talk about water issues, it is that so many of the blogs from that area talk about having to cart water and store it. I guess that is due to the cost of a well. Must have to go very deep or be very rocky for $25,000 and that is a cost most don’t want to spend. I would consider that kind of cost to get water a water issue for me. A huge cost to consider when thinking about living there. I guess I consider your Home Base your home, but I guess you don’t. We are on the road Came down the Oregon Coast and we are now in Northern California on the coast. Can’t wait to get out of this rain. We are travelin the costal route to miss the snow that is everywhere else. We should be able to cut across about mid California and then go south. Hopefully our paths will cross somewhere in a few weeks or months.

  5. admin Says:

    I am obviously mistaken on the definition of the word “issue” as I interpreted it as a “problem”. Yes, the ground is very rocky here and the cost of a well is not of anyone’s budget (that I know of). Again, there are compromises we are willing to accept gladly to spend some time here. See you down the road…

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