As I was… NM

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

… and yet, never the same!


I wrote in my Book "Freedom On Both Ends of the Leash", in 2014, already 5 years ago…

"So many to say ‘Thank You’ to. So many, it would fill a book on its own. Throughout these past years, the beginning were the two of us. Spirit and I. Within such a short time a community was born. And what a community! You all know who you are. ‘Thank You’ for you support, your Friendships, your hospitality. your generosity. your kind words and quite often clearing those murky windows surrounding us letting the light in"

When two and a half years ago Spirit and  I halted our Journey, out of physical needs while not a “want”, I knew Life again was going to change from those interminable years on the road. When Spirit passed away on April Fourth 2018, I then "really" knew I was at a crossroad. There was no denying. My Love for my Buddy has been a privilege and one of the highlights in my Life. I am fortunate I have experienced it as such.

I quite often feel as I am still at that crossroad and in all fairness as I still write, daily quite often, I need to publicly say "until later" for now. "Idle" has been the word floating around these past months as the sails are not catching any wind only drifting with a present currant.

So… "until later…”

Classic Spirit

Stay well…
                 Ara and Spirit [R.I.P. 04~04~2018]

PS: my email icon is above. Feel free to stay in touch if you care to…
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13 Responses to “As I was… NM”

  1. Jen Chambers Says:

    Ara – i will miss your writing. I will continue to check back in the hopes that you have found some wind.

  2. Pam Reynolds Says:

    Still think of you often, Ara – thanks for just saying, “Hi”. The times we’ve spent with you are unforgettable: finding you with a flat tire in the dark in the gravelly range, visiting you at the Oasis and cooking over the fire, and then visiting you in your cozy home in Alamagordo. Then your many photos: right now I’m envisioning the “Day of the Dead” in Terlingua (sorry, my Spanish is not good).

    Fond thoughts,

    Pam “Zelda”

  3. greg Says:

    It has been a long journey and I thank you for letting me ride along.

    It took me a long time, in fact I’m still working on it, to learn that “drifting with the current” is not necessarily the evil-idle that my hard-working parents warned us kids about. Rather it can be a necessary recharging of the body and soul.

    And it seems to me that a crossroads is a good place to recharge.

  4. dale johnson Says:

    Always good to hear from you and your pictures are outstanding as usual.

  5. Bill Says:


    I’ve enjoyed your blog for several years. Good luck and happy days.


  6. Laurie James Says:

    What a great pleasure to meet you and enjoy a few moments of conversation with you about Spirit…and your special journey together.
    Human beings that love so deeply in life…..experience heart wrenching and life changing pain with loss.
    You have been given a truly beautiful gift, Ara….you have the special gift of helping others in healing because you have felt so much yourself…
    I hope this message to you renews the wind beneath your wings.

  7. Carolyn/Caddie Says:

    A happy morning to you, Ara! Having read this post more than thrice and still puzzled about it, still wondering “Are matters smooth or not”? I certainly am hoping so – that you are physically well and content. And what about your new furry friend – nothing mentioned for too long. I too today pain about Spirit … and my Choco, who was my special ‘spirit’, who suffered too long from my selfishness to let go of him. I will live with guilt forever and broken heart from all my lost best buddies over a lifetime. Please let me know answers to all my wondering. Ah me, it’s just a wet dreary day and I am quite maudlin about this quietness & solitary existence. It is said “no man is an island” yet I wonder about that with great doubt.


  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    All is well and Peaceful! Sending you an email…

  9. Chinle Miller Says:

    Ara, Your house is wonderful! I’ll miss you, and hope your future journeys are happy and free. Chinle

  10. Carolyn/Caddie Says:

    Ara, Here is hoping 2020(and forward on) will be one happy fine experience for you, the very best. Still wish you could have rode to northeast Tennessee area. I’s different from the southwest but beautiful. Ah me, “if wishes were horses, I’d ride with the wind.” Plenty of the Best Wishes for you, dear friend.

  11. Carolyn/Caddie Says:

    Ara, Have you let us for good? I wish not. I never got a letter that I can recall either.

  12. Ara & Spirit Says:

    I did write you back…. Here I am sadly not able to say “here we are”… Stay well.

  13. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Chinle! A presence from the past. Are you still in Moab?

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