An Enchanted Evening, Tx

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

“It is this what you mean, isn’t it: that the river is everywhere at once, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the rapids, in the sea, in the mountains, and that there is only the present time for it, not the shadow of the past, not the shadow of the future?” [Hermann Hesse “Siddharta”]

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Someone not too long ago asked me who was I running away from? Three years on the move with never much rest, these are the first days we have truly not even contemplated a destination, a true one, a far one that would take us onto new roads and sceneries. I did not like the question at the time, it startled me. I ignore it and for that reason I do not even remember who had pronounced it. The answers are mixed as I truly like traveling, and yet, here at the Oasis, within the most comfortable and pleasant and peaceful environment I deep down know that I have been biting my time, wanting to be here and yet when am, wanting to leave. It has been troubling me with much thoughts as I do find every moment being the present, only to often fool myself and run away from it, run away from “my” and “self” as maybe the ostrich burying his head in the sand, my sand being those long blue ribbons of roads most unwelcoming in these colder and harsher times.

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Cynta's Home Cynta's Home
Cynta's Home Cynta's Home

All these past destinations, these magical Spaces so elaborated by Mother Nature have truly induced much easiness in my Life recent past. My own Spirituality has always been within the trials and tribulations of the oncoming steps ahead, but the sights, the wonders of those foreign lands laid ahead in discovery day after day have always paved the path a bit smoother. It seems as I have been trying to reach and reach time after time this imaginary moment that truly has never materialized, never as the start of this day, today, when I truly looked at myself and wondered what the present held, if it even held anything of any value.

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I shall not stop seeking the beauty of this Earth, but to find more of it, I am realizing that I have to find more of it in the present moment within myself and not disregard these nowadays gifts staring at me, most likely wondering why my vision is not resting as it use to be on my now surroundings. I have been walking around here like a zombie lately, my only true smile and exuberance being in between Spirit and I. He knows me well, he knows me better than myself can find the words to describe my recent state of mind. I know this because he is happier as he feels and knows that also together we will overcome this next step. He is the light in my Life, he is my laughter and my reminder of the moments I might have at times disregarded. How can I not as his agenda is only to make me happy day after day and after day. Only when I think we have learned so much from each other do I realize there is another chapter awaiting us. He does not allow me to be as quiet as I use to be. He does not let me sink into my pensive moods as I often since here enveloped myself with. He is the cheerleader now so often as he knows too well of my Love and affection for him, as he knows too well how to break me into laughter with his ears popped up and clowning around with his imaginary sought after maybe companion he will never catch.

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Cynta's Home Cynta's Home
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And again I think and ask myself as I have so often… “now what?”. The answer is taking shape as the present moments keep on knocking, as I cannot ignore their presence not only at times but always as how can I allow any particle of Life to be wasted away. Last evening was one of this enchanted magical evenings in the Ghost Town of Terlingua. A while ago I received an invitation which read:  “Just wondering when you would be coming back to Terlingua.  No there will be no Miner’s Reunion this year, but there will be a great Day of the Dead event (Monday, November 2).  I have been asked by several to invite you to a party happening here, at my house, Saturday night, October 31st (I live in the Ghost Town).  There will be 40 international photo-journalists (including 5 Pulitzer Prizewinners) and several of them adore your blog.  Actually, they will be here for the entire weekend and beyond, and I just get them Saturday night, but I asked if I could pepper their party with some individuals from Terlingua and they specifically asked for you.  Let me know when you make your way down here to God’s Country.  Its beau gorgeous right now.”

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It is now the day after and I have made my offerings to my moments as I feel Peace from within. As on queue Mother Nature has also offered her own Peace blending in with mine, a beautiful weathered Day after last night’s magical evening surrounded by so many talented people, their minds and souls and friendship within the same path as mine. I could not help at first feeling strangely intimidated by such, some with over forty years of incredible photojournalism experience, award pages would not be sufficient to enumerate. And as time passed by, words of wisdom exchanged, compliments I had never expected of my own doings, yes, I was proud of it all, there is no sense of me hiding it.

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Cynta's Home Cynta's Home

They had seen the physical and the intricate mental World so many only skim the surface of it all, that is if we even have an awareness of it’s existence. I was so much into the moment which I thought greatly would be theirs, their’s because of so much of everyone’s accomplishments, and yet “they” showed me a path which made me understood it was all the same moment “now” belonging to all of us. Food was plentiful, our Hostess Cynta the most gracious, helpful and Loving, Greg… the Cook who after seeing the World his fingers on the shutter for forty years, now had switched gear grating, cooking and blending with pots and pans. Earlier, good news had arrived. The dog that generously gifted me with his tooth prints had been previously vaccinated, a relief truly after I also have to admit, some tense times.


It was after all “Halloween” night as even the fire seem to carry it’s own face…

Strangely enough as I sit here in the shade of my Oasis, the skies seems bluer, the greens are greener, the air is so pure here, only Spirit is today unchanged as his Soul always escapes my own tribulations as I try to ride these wrinkles of Life. It is quite a ride, engine and wheels not even needed!

Till next time, you be well.

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Ara & Spirit

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7 Responses to “An Enchanted Evening, Tx”

  1. chessie Says:

    Ara, when your spirit is in this place, when your not feeling totally alone, when you discover another important innovation about happiness…
    Is when your writing shines, your photos seem to reach out and pet the wilder side in us… the portions that hunger for beauty, for discovery, for happiness.

  2. Janie Dean Says:

    I sense a somewhat of an unsettled spirit about you these days and yet at the same time such a clarity of the now. I wish for you peace as you wrestle with your thoughts and give thanks for Spirit who keeps you grounded. I know there are many of us who read your blog and it causes us to stop and think about our lives and the joy of it all, thank you for that. I do know in my life that the unsettled times are the ones I come away from learning the most about myself and the world about me. Take care

  3. Sven Peter Says:

    Dear Ara,
    your words become more precise and “rounded” with these years I follow your pass. Your today’s comment reminds me to my years as lonely wolf, then there was nobody to take care for and I always was restless travelling all over Europe. Later the years with always future plans and projects to plan about and at the same times angers for passed injustices.
    Yesterday on “Allerseelen” ,”all souls”, my birthday I had a call with my brother back in Germany and he was astonished to heir from me the words:” forget about the past, its gone; forget about the future it has not arrived yet and might never come; just worry about now and here, its the only moment you can change.” (this is a lot inspired by your example and I thank you for your lessons)
    He answered, that is what he feels each day he is able to take care for his nearly 2 year old son (the mother left the house and soon will leave the town too) Nothing else is important on those days and he is very concious and concerned about, that these days are the happiest in his life.
    I for my time expect Saturday when my wife will permit me to celebrate a real “Thanks giving party” with all the persons to whom I ow a lot over the past 21 years in this foreign country.

    Best wishes and God bless You.
    Sven Peter

  4. karen Says:

    Dear Ara, there are times when I feel great sadness when I read your words, then there are times it’s hurt, sometimes even anger. I want so much for the world to be a better place. Kinder, more respectful of each other, more present, not just floating through our time here. I admire you often times also when I read of your travels with Spirit and the beautiful places you both have seen. Ara you are a kind soul. I would love for you to read a book I have been listening to on CD these past few days. It’s Eckhart Towle’s, “A New Earth”. I would love for the world to read it as well! I find it scarily enlightening. Seeing myself and others in each of his chapters and understanding myself more has been very powerful. I think if you have not read it yet or heard of it you may find it powerful as well, after reading Sven’s coments it is apparent to me that there are folks here that are enlightened and it was uplifting to read. Blessing to you and Spirit

  5. admin Says:

    Hi Karen… I have read “A New Earth” and recommend it myself to many… I have dropped the book many times. It is an ugly reality of the World we live in, and yet, lets never forget the kind people that also swim in this vast Ocean of ours. They are of many…

    Have a great Birthday Sven, sounds as all the good news are excellent. It is so hard at times to stay grounded, but we can all do it if we become unselfish and just Love others as we should Love ourselves.

    Hi Janie… I cannot add anything to your words, only to thank you for yours. I feel as we can become here a small community truly building some awareness within each other. Maybe we have already as it seems.

    Chessie… as you write often my Friend I am always delighted with your words even if you are on the other side… of the country!

    Ara & Spirit

  6. Mary Says:

    Your dinner in the desert with so many talented and amazing people makes me realize that there is no plan for this life. In our culture, this dinner party should have happened in New York or LA, or Chicago and a photo shoot should have taken place that made its way to a glossy magazine or entertainment tv show. But you and your friends were given the gift of quiet conversation and music and food and drink. What else is there in life? What a gift. I believe we need to take each moment and try to live it completely. Maybe not happily, but we need to live in (or maybe just through) the moments in our lives. Give Spirit a good scratch behind the ears, if he likes that.

  7. Sven Peter Says:

    Hello Ara and Sprit,
    at the end of the party the last guest, a long lost friend, who passes worried times, asked me HOW I felt at that moment.
    All I could and still can say is “Grateful!”.
    Thank God for the gift of every new day.
    Pura vida. = Pure life.

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