A ride to Thermopolis. WY

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

“No matter how much you live in the present and savor the moment, your carriage placed ahead of the horses will never be drawn”

Old Faithful  

Sheltered from the noon sun under a nice tree by the river flowing through the Wind River Canyon on our way to Thermopolis. A nice gentle cool breeze, Spirit is laying by my feet, we are both taking it all in. The face of Paradise is showing it’s colors, it is exclaiming to my senses a veil of restfulness unsavored it seems for a long time. It is also lunch time. There is a small container of blue cheese red potato salad starring at me as, while dragging through the aisles of a gourmet Safeway,  needing a couple of new bottles for our water, I deviated and purchased this exception for my taste buds. My favorite as for some reason I forget about that combination and only reminded of it when we are visiting my Friends, Mia and KC.

789-20 to Themopolis  
On Wind River Canyon On Wind River Canyon

We are pretty much repacked and ready to roll on West. I was waiting for a package, I got word through this beautiful and painful technology of ours called a smart phone, that it had actually arrived. My guess is now we will leave the day after tomorrow. The choice of route as we do not ride Freeways will be either the colder northern one zigzagging or again not quite a direct one, the southern path dropping near by Salt Lake City. There is not much around here going east and west.

Thermopolis State Park  

The canyon is a pleasure to ride, so much so that I did not think it would loose it’s light planning to take photos, specially of the tunnels, on the way back. That did not happen very well. Next time. Of course I know better and yet skip on that knowledge to take a photo when it is there staring at me. “Later” does not work in Photography, the moment, that instant seems to be always lost forever when putting it off. The pleasure of riding, that freedom wind in the face feeling just would not let my hand off the throttle and before I knew it we arrived in Thermopolis.

Thermopolis State Park  

Thermopolis it was then, our destination as the Park itself is well worth a visit, but the town is only elaborated as a space for tourists with the claim of the largest mineral pool in the world. They claim “healing waters”, maybe I should have tried soaking a while but with no shade for Spirit it was out of the question, as always on this Journey a compromise I gladly accept. Throughout the Park we looked for the Bison after reading a sign expressing them as dangerous animals, and without much luck at first we did finally manage to spot a few on a hill a big too far if needing plan B, meaning a quick gateway.

Thermopolis State Park  

The space at the Park was of a serene peacefulness. No traffic, quiet, the purple flowers are blooming everywhere as again Spirit and I just sat down to just “be”, sometimes with no thoughts emptying myself from them all, sometimes filled with question marks of the present developments as them even if it’s future is not in the moment seemingly try to take over the mind one way or another. I just received an email this morning stating that the “William Morris” Agency, “United Agent” from London, the Writers~Directors, everyone was “done”, “finished”, “concluded” with the script of “The Oasis of my Soul” Movie as it will go up for sale first to Independent Movie Producers, many that have been also showing interest to be working with the Writers~Directors due to their many recent Awards including “Best Young Director” at the “Cannes Festival”.

Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park Thermopolis State Park

The complete aspect of it all is suddenly numbing. I am so detached from that path which seems to be running in parallel with us, almost as a fantasy, a separate entity, and yet suddenly it is, has become reality as I cannot deny it’s presence. So many are already involved, so many have for the past two years spend so much energy and effort toward this big first step that is happening today. I already have so many to “thank for”. It suddenly became this morning the “now” reality. How strange I keep thinking Life can be. Bizarre? Astonishing? Happy and sad… as all takes me back to a fact too well known of two sides of this path we are all on. It is always a positive aspect when unexpected steps close in and sitting back a bit I finally realize it is “here”. 

Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park  

It was then time to snap out of it, wake up as the day so beautiful and so perfect was extending it’s invitation to go and explore the area a bit more. After a stop at the local little cemetery, a tribute to the Pioneers, the road took us to the swinging bridge. A real one! One that did swing as from my fear of heights I only made it maybe a third into it, if that far.

Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park  

As it said, it is here for the brave soul to walk above the “Big Horn” River and be filled with a bird’s eye view of also the Park. I skipped that view but did swing the bridge when I was almost off of it and it did go back and forth about half a foot, incredible technology considering it’s length and weight.

Thermopolis State Park  

Bridges are always fun to photograph. Thermopolis (Greek for "Hot City") derived its name from the hot water that comes from Big Spring. The turquoise and green mineral laden spring issues 3.6 million gallons of water per day at a scorching temperature of 127 degrees and water from this spring contains at least 27 different minerals, some say, making it very healthful to drink. I did not try that route either.

Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park Thermopolis State Park

It was all a one day ride, I needed about a couple of weeks to explore from Lander to Thermopolis. The western shores of the Boysen Reservoir that seemed to me from the distance as a no man’s land. A space I could pitch a tent and remain for days at the time riding the unpaved roads which did not look bad or harsh at all. South on 287 I was told of a “modern” Ghost Town, “Jeffrey City”, some hidden Gardens, so much that laid ahead of us, unmarked dirt roads right and left taking off the paved one, all waiting for another time. It will all be there when we come back again.

Thermopolis State Park  
Thermopolis State Park Thermopolis State Park

Great day, new sites, all stored into that memory bank as we have only scratched the surface of these new spaces including the “Wyoming Dinosaur Museum” I did visit and photograph, mind boggling sizes of past roaming creatures. I yet have to go through those photos.


Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “A ride to Thermopolis. WY”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    In the recent “One More Round…” post from the music festival, you commented thet “my words do not match my photos”. That caught my eye as I had been thinking that the photos — the festival — did not match your normal world. I enjoyed the posts from there and I know you enjoyed the festival but I’m guessing you’re a bit more comfortable in Thermopolis. Great pictures always.

  2. Heyduke50 Says:

    ahhhh… Thermopolis.. had a great friend who use to be a state park ranger there who originally hailed from Texas. I called him one day to say I was making a road trip and did he need me to bring him anything there… his answer… “Bring me a case of Shiner Bock!” And so we did…. that night we feasted on a pronghorn steak and a cold one…

  3. Zelda Says:

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful ride, Ara. How do you get the smells and the breezes into your pictures?

    Safe riding west, you and Spirit-


  4. RichardM Says:

    Beautiful photos! I spent a few weeks in Thermopolis about 30 years ago. The hot springs were wonderful and the bison were plentiful. We got surrounded be large numbers of them on some dirt roads in the area and they seemed to enjoy rubbing against our van.

    Thank you for taking us along on your travels.

    Safe travels!

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