A couple days of idling in Escalante, Utah

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

No complains whatsoever! Discovered a leak within Old Faithful’s final drive, a new incident never dealt with before, final drives and transmissions are out of my league, kind of like Chinese food. My thoughts, as I think we might be programmed for always the worse, was… "Oh! no… this looks expensive… this will require a pro… nearest Dealer is 300 +/- miles away… and they are probably two to three weeks behind…". Those are the times I step back, let the path takes its course, actually only to sort my thoughts and figure out what would be the best next step. I have always had great support from Motorcycle Forums… I mean really incredible. Remembering specially when the ignition sensor went out, within minutes posting I would say, a new part was shipped without even requiring immediate payment, the community is unreal. First step was to remove the wheel and take some… beautiful pictures! I use a pink oil called Red Line, the consistency of milkshake, and I was told… very photogenic!

leak 2  
leak 3 leak 4

Notice the back up wood jack, in case the little red guy gives up! The replies flew in, it is the seal… that is if there is no grinding noises and no metal in the oil. So the next step was to drain the oil and check the magnetic plug. Beautiful, clean and no metal deposits on the plug, no grinding noises, the oil smooth as… it will be just a seal already ordered this morning and with some luck will be here Friday, as there is no overnight service here, and even second day air will most likely take 3 days. We should be rolling by Friday.

  oil plug

Actually we are rolling now! Might not be too wise, but I am not going to sit still till the new seal arrives… so, as I have plenty of oil, I refilled it and taking little 2 to 3 mile rides to town! Yes… that is it! But mishaps such as those have to come in threes! They say… Before this incident, which I had not even fixed yet, there was a bit of engine oil sipping from underneath the front belt cover. The cover is a real pain to take off as the crash bars need to be loosen, and so does also engine bolt mounts.The Forums again came up with the nicest opinion that it would be the oil vapor breather tube. Sure enough as I got to it this morning, after also an oil change, the upper 19mm bolt holding the tube was ready to fall out! That is fixed also now… Well, the third could have been a bit more complex, as I am getting real good at this, if "Desert Doc", the only Motorcycle Shop within a 200 mile radius would have not been here!

2008-06-19 08-35-07_0009  

2008-06-18 09-05-58_0005

As we pulled in and settled Spirit in the shade, I noticed a BMW RT coming down the lift, new oil, tire, brake pads and my comfort level went way up as John, another traveler from Ann Harbor, Michigan, was profusely thanking "Doc" for his work. What was the third incident? An engine mount bolt that needed to be loosened to separate the front pieces of the crash bar was… stripped! Nothing new, Old Faithful goes down some pretty hard roads at times, par for the course. No problem, new better quality bolt is inserted, tight, tapped, good as new! "Doc" will change my tires also as needed and even has the tool to remove my seal… Many stories this man has, many breakages including the rentals that travel this incredibly scenic road.

DD 4  

 DD 3

I hope you never need it, but here is his number as he also does towing (435) 826-4951. There is truly no one else around a long ways and obviously again my Karma coming here, contrary to what I originally thought is great! A mechanic for 41 years, he has mostly ironically worked on BMW’s! There are riders, travelers on foot, on bicycles, RV’s from all over the World that pass by here… his tire collection says it all!

DD 4  

DD 2

All the comforts of home, including coffee, chairs, couch, as sometimes the bikes needing urgency are lined up all the way to the street! And this really brings up a point how much ill prepared some riders/drivers are. Hopefully somewhere easily reachable there is a First Aid Kit… how about one for the bike also or any vehicle! I always carry spare clutch cable, throttle cable, belt, bulbs, brake pads, tire plugs, small compressor and many other little parts including all the tools needed. As much as I am on a budget, as soon as a spare is used, a new one is ordered immediately. "Doc" himself carries all those parts from experience of ill fated travelers suddenly stuck in the middle of nowhere, as this "is" the middle with no services around for many miles.


It just does not get any more isolated as far as little town goes. I am not taking chances riding far right now, the town center is near by, there is a decent Grocery store and people are friendly, this is a "wave at each other" town… I like it. We might go to the State Park tomorrow, it is not far, will take some oil with us, just in case, and in the meantime… much reading, walking early morning or late evening with Spirit as the days are starting to get hot. I have been warned about it… yes… "thank you", we might have to move to higher elevations, soon .

Es 1

I am studying the maps, talking to the locals about some roads we would like to ride such as Cottonwood and so many others, trying to get as much info just so we do not get in trouble here. There is a "fire" going on over the hills, it has been only 20% contained so far and we have been lucky as the winds have pushed the smoke the other way. We are relaxed… truly "thankful" that none of this is worse, "thankful" that all is being repaired as we are here instead of having to travel another 300 miles and waiting who knows how long for the busy season service. I have already decided that this winter, if someone offers us some room in their garage, we will stop for a while and get Old Faithful, again as last year, a complete make over! Take the sidecar off, a fresh coat of paint as already rust is showing its colors and also all the normal maintenance including the preventive ones… we just cannot do it on the dirt! It is the only reason she has now 187,000 healthy miles on her and I sure would like to keep it that way.

Es 2

Spirit of course says "HI"!!!… I think we are both a bit lazy these past couple days…

Till next time, as always, you be well… and a big "thank you" for all those that have helped us on line!

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