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Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
~ Dr Seuss ~
”To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
~ Oscar Wilde ~

Big Bend National Park-27 xxx 

Flowers and more flowers in Big Bend National Park…

Big Bend National Park-11 xxx

Big Bend National Park-13 xxx

Big Bend National Park-16 xxx

I guess I don’t like defeat! I know it is an aspect from my many years of working in a kitchen that follows me when once in a while throughout this Journey I take on a project such as right now, our Photo Coffee Table Book "Hues of my Vision". My motto was and obviously still is "failure is not an option".

Big Bend National Park-18 xxx

Big Bend National Park-19 xxx
I have followed the idea from hundreds of readers, as we are somehow approaching the five million visitors mark on this Journal, to put together such a Photo Book. It is an adventure in sharing with no financial profit from pre-orders for $40 a Book including Tax and Shipping anywhere in the World seems like a good idea. I know that as a print on demand, as the sample [the only one!] I have and paid a bit over one hundred dollars which included Tax and Shipping, it would put this Book out of reach for many.

Big Bend National Park-3 xxx 

Big Bend National Park-7 xxx

A week has gone by and we are slowly getting there. Kickstarter is a funny thing! I watched it every day, I still do and as a live project I realize it gives back emotions I did not expect! Yes, I am posting on some Social Media, I try to send out a shameless letter to the ones that I have purchased our Book from last year, some forums that allow me to do so, that is about it. I did some research and read reviews on agencies that could help [for a fee!] and all I found out has been the fact that they are scam artists! I mean seriously, one cannot make "someone" buy a book if they don’t want to! That is a fact. Of course I myself find it to be a beautiful one with maps and quotes, but not everyone thinks like me… Yet, I know deep down that we will reach that goal and put a smile on many, give a bit of a push for others to get in their vehicles and go out "there" to enjoy Mother Nature leaving the urban environment behind if only for a day.

Big Bend National Park-6 xxx

Big Bend National Park-8 xxx

We are still here… at "The Oasis". It is turning out to be a redundant phrase by now. The weather is more than cooperating as nights are even cold while I wear a bit of some winter gear to stay warm. The yellows are mostly gone and a faded green has taken over but other kinds of flower are now taking birth especially on the the cactuses. I am not very familiar with names… I just like to take their photos and admire the constant changes taking place. Every day here the birds are having a concert. I can sit for hours and listen, there is no need for other music which could not replace the sweet sound of what I now call "my birds"!

Big Bend National Park-9   xxx

Big Bend National Park-10 xxx

Yes, redundant again, we are having a hard time leaving. Spirit’s freedom here is unparalleled. There is no leash as it would be the minute we leave. There is no one around that can infringe on this present freedom which I also have. Of course the road calls. I pretty much know where we would go but as "things" have also changed as having to look over my shoulder more often than I would like to, being here is such total peace. We will leave, I have no doubt. In a week? two weeks? Something like that. In the meantime we are going back into the Park today to take some photos. We were there a few days ago but it was a day of riding. Sometimes I just don’t care to take photos as all is about the riding. That day actually turned out to be an eventful day  as lucky us while in the shade the clutch cable broke. It so much pays off carrying spare parts such as that cable which only took about 20 minutes if that long to change. We returned just in time before 35 mph winds started blowing! Good Karma is always on our side I must say. Always has been.

Big Bend National Park-25 xxx

I have been thinking a lot lately how it would be to live the "normal Life"? And what is the normal Life? It seems as we are digging deeper and deeper into it. As normal as one could live while off the grid. Maybe all these years have taken a physical toll as my sciatica is worse than ever, my knees even are painful, my dry eyes with drops or no drops become a constant burn… I am too young I feel to fall apart as such. There is really no good Health Care around here and maybe we need to get to a big City and find me a good Doctor. Arthritis? Allergies? What could it be? All is infringing on our Lifestyle. It has become a daily thought as "what could be wrong?" as none of this was present just a while back. I cannot be falling apart, that is for sure.

Big Bend National Park-23 xxx

Big Bend National Park-21 xxx

The couple Friends I spoke with regarding falling into a "normal Life" started laughing! "You?… a normal Life?". Then again, was is it? Breakfast, lunch and dinner like normal people? Taking a nice nap in the middle of the day avoiding the heat? Relaxing while reading more books? Contrary to what many might think, I don’t do much Internet besides some research and at times a good Documentary. Maybe even one of those rare good movies. Then on sleep a good night, wake up, coffee and start all over while riding here and there depending on the weather mainly for Mr. Spirit not getting too hot! he is spoiled. We have rarely seen temperatures over 80 degrees! He is cold under 70… hot over 80…

Big Bend National Park-31 xxx

Big Bend National Park-30 xxx

Big Bend National Park-26 xxx

I am taking it all in, one day at the time with no decision… That is my way to live. When I cannot decide I just let the thoughts slide away as I know some day, that one day, it will click and out of here we will go… Colorado will call us!

The Bird-3 xxx 

The Bird-4 

Kickstarter link for our Photo Coffee Table Book

Our Photo Coffee Table Book is ready for pre orders. This is the only way I was able to drop the price from $90 + Tax and shipping to you by setting up a Kickstarter Campaign to pre sell one thousand copies bringing the price down to $40 including Tax and Shipping to your door. Close to a $70 savings if ordered print on demand.
61 photos, each with a map showing where the photo was taken [with camera icon and arrow], description and 61 quotes. 63 photos if counting the front and back cover. 10 x 13 on premium premier luster paper, the best quality available and offset printing.
You can order more than one for gifts, Christmas and Birthday presents, make sure you have the right shipping address on Kickstarter.

Hues of my Vision Final FB [original]

And, “Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”, our Book, is now available autographed through us for $24.99 [$19.99 + $5 S&H, Continental 48 States] by clicking the photo links on top of this page. [PayPal accepting all cards]. It is also available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download. All other electronic formats are also available.
You can also order from any Bookstore and Beemerboneyard.
If ordering more than one copy through us you will need to place each order separately or e-mail me.
Please read below about rates for International Shipping and outside the 48 States
The flat shipping rate for outside the 48 States or International is $15. Please e-mail me [“e-mail me” link above] for those orders as you will have to get directly into our PayPal account bypassing the normal procedure.


Stay well…
                Ara and Spirit

Big Bend National Park-39 xxx

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