Wandering in other towns, Texas

Friday, December 7th, 2007

I did say there will be no warning when we move, as we did yesterday. There will also always be a delay posting a Blog when we do… even if in this case as we only went north of Terlingua for about 70 miles! It could have been hundreds, it would have taken us the same time and same energy. This is because we cannot leave Terlingua without breakfast at Kathy’s, nice and cozy around the morning fire and much, much chatting. Spirit now also always asks to stop there, a hub for the local dogs, simply named "brown dog"… "white dog"… this way no one forgets their name! Why complicate life? We are only gone for a week as we want to attend the Christmas Art sale on the 15th back in Terlingua. It will be our first time displaying our pictures. We will have by then the folding white note cards with their white envelopes themselves packaged in nice crystal clear envelopes… just the way Artists do. We now have to pick which pictures to print. Local ones or pictures of the Journey? Maybe a little bit of both.

Camp Mitre Peak on the way to Ft Davis

There is one destination that I can talk about as we are picking up my Mother at the Atlanta Airport on January the 22nd. I can talk about it because she has already purchased her ticket, there will not be any turning around with this scenario. She will be flying in from Munich, Germany. She needs to spend a couple days in the big city, she is 80 years old and tired. The return date? February the 21st from the same Airport, and if you are wondering what we will do for just about one month… we are going to travel together. I have no clue how the logistics are going to work out. She needs a motel room every night… I need to stay in the RV. She wants to travel one day and stay in one place about 3 to 4 days, exploring as we do now… and no… of course not… she will not ride in the sidecar! Savannah? Charleston? Myrtle Beach? Hilton Head? Well… you know now as much as we do.

The Chisos in their grandeur

As I pull open my curtain up from my bunk at the first eye opening and look out, there is no Chisos, the Masterpiece that welcomed us every new day is not here, the dark silhouette of the majestic mountains has now vanished for a few days, and I am already thinking what will it be like soon when we are gone for good! I am already trying to set myself up to enjoy as much as I can being woken up by the silhouettes of high rises of a big city like Atlanta, no stranger to us, but after over a year in more or less desolate Deserts, Forests, it will tighten up the wide open spaces we have been used to. My Mother is my best friend, and at the same time, as from many I have heard from, her Love often transforms into, how can I say this… a hard time? This will definitely be a special event in our Journey… "It is all good".

We left for Ft Davis pretty early today. The thought was to stop at the Bakery in Alpine, and then again we just pushed on without stopping. That is just the way Life has been lately, I think the Desert has something to do with such straying from what I originally plan on. I remembered another coffee shop next to my friend’s bookstore, "Twin Souls", which by the way I really like its name. Great weather, heated gear on low because of a slightly cool head wind. We are 30 miles from Ft Davis, who knows, we might even have the time next week to venture ourselves into Del Rio which is about 200 miles from here. I said we might…

In between, on the way, we took a left on Camp Mitre Road, we came across this sign which I think did not mean the road but the land. There was only one mile of road left anyhow, Camp Mitre Peak is quite a sight, but already one can feel that the Desert has been left behind. "Twin Souls" was still there, they are serving lunch also now, filled with Artifacts, quite nice as I really like stained glass.

And you know, I keep talking about chatting in Terlingua… always thinking it is a Terlingua "thing"… well, today, for the first time I realized that I am a "chatter"! Did I become a chatter or was I always a chatter? The owner recognized me from my visit last year, truthfully recognized Spirit, and as I do have a clock on the rig, almost an hour had passed before we took off again. Next, down the road was "Sunrise Bakery", which really is not a Bakery since they lost their baker about a year and a half ago. They did have a great breakfast burrito I must say, $2.89… with Tax, same size as the ones in Terlingua and less than half the price. Distances costs it seems like… We chatted a bit also, it is sad for me to see a bakery that has been stagnant for so long, and so I asked to see the kitchen. To my surprise incredible equipment! All like new, polished stainless steel, convection oven, large and small mixers, racks… ready to roll. If only I would want to settle down… this would have been a great opportunity… breads… cakes… forget the doughnuts… muffins and so much more! What an irony…

The next stop truly was "the learning" experience for me. Just what it says… 1800’s working broom shop! When we leave for our rides, just about every morning, I am always at Peace with the day coming up, I know that something, someone, will come our way to make it a learning experience. This was one of them and don’t be surprised if we return to it! Ron and Marsha Cox makes old fashioned brooms. This below is the 106 year old machine he uses to put the "sorghum" twigs, branches together. He use to do it by hand, back breaking he said, this… modern tool (!!!) is so much faster and efficient.

This is the real "Artisan" truly has he said, having fun at their Craft. No website… they do have an email… why bother! They sell them in the store and also have a distributor. Simple operation. Marcha does the finishing with a big needle and colorful threads. We are going to try to stop by again when he is using his "modern" machine.

I used one, that is a broom, it really makes you want to sweep! That is as long as you know about the "broom superstitions", which of course I have a copy. Don’t ever carry a broom over your shoulder as it will be bad luck… That is only one of too may superstitions, but think about the role of the broom before vacuum cleaners where invented! Sometimes, there has been motorcycle riders that have wondered why I don’t write a "ride report", meaning just the riding part… go… stop… eat… go.. repeat… All I can say is that there is so much more than just riding if one can only see instead of just looking.

Ft Davis has a lot of charm, at the same time having stayed an original little Texas town, busy about six months of the year. We saw much more, yes, we also chatted much more, will write about it next time. I will finish with this one picture below… something we have not seen in quite a while, it is at the entrance of the Fort and they are "trees"!!! I do miss trees… I wanted to go and hug them!

Don’t forget his "Spirited Doggie Treats" and "Postcards"…. I can at least advertise our own products now on our own site! Dogs cannot live of Love and food alone… they need Treats.

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

Ara Gureghian   853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245   Naples, Fl 34108

Always, be well…    Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “Wandering in other towns, Texas”

  1. Kristina Hall Says:

    Ara & Spirit,

    Always making me smile! I love the Broom shop!! How Americana is that! You bring such sweet innocence and “days gone by” kinda’ feel to this over technology society. I love the feelings of Texas that you have shared with us. Makes me realize that there is still pride in Craftsmanship; family; community; awesome baked goods!; and gorgeous country–right here in America.

    Thanks you guys!

    Many Happy Holidays–and Many Happy Trails to You Both!!

    Peace & Blessings,


  2. joared Says:

    Found you at “Texas Trifles.” What a delightful place you have here. I’m jealous of Spirit as I’ve always wanted to ride in a motorcycle sidecar. You have some spectacular photos here.

  3. Allen Says:

    Once you escape the airport, you can consider several RV spots with a bit of view…one outside Gainesville (if memory serves on 306), of course Amicalola Falls S.P., Fort Mountain S.P., Red Top, etc. I’m sure you know the possibilities.

    I’d give a thumbs up to Savannah. I didn’t fall in love with Myrtle Beach. It was nice but a bit too commercial beach deal for my taste. You might consider a trip down to Andersonville (the old civil war prison encampment) and to Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon near Lumpkin.

    Definately send me a shout either when in town to pick her up or when returning her to the airport. Would love to sit down and visit over a meal as would my buddy Steven. And you don’t have to cook 🙂

  4. missy Says:


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