Trying to swim upstream… Texas

Friday, April 20th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

        ~ Ellie Hadsall ~

Dry salt lake bed-11

This week, well… “Running on Faith”, Mr. Eric Clapton from his Album “Unplugged”


Dry salt lake bed-17

What a chain of events suddenly as we are now back at "The Oasis" sitting tight through another very windy storm and amazingly actually "cold" this morning. A welcomed drop in temperatures which unfortunately is not going to last long. So much has happened from the moment we rode into Sandia BMW, that moment when the small crowd in Service turned around at the sound of "Old Faithful" in much pain shortly followed thereafter by a verdict which made my Heart miss a beat or two, or for that matter a few more. 

Dry salt lake bed-18

Our Presentation was not too far away, the clock was ticking. I had to turn myself around and get on the positive wave of it all. Test of the moment. She made it to our destination, she was now parked amongst competent hands and spirits so helpful toward our situation. This was all bound to happen with such mileage year after year and abuse from the elements. My video slide show had been ready for days now, the time approached quickly and the rooms suddenly filled with riders eating, laughing, conversing, including a couple acquaintances I had not seen in an eternity. 

Dry salt lake bed-10

I was amongst Friends. How to convey a physical and mental Journey that is in it’s sixth year? By bits and pieces, by choosing a few destinations close to my Heart, by pronouncing the aspects of the changes that internally have taken places. Some in a broad meaning and some with a few details that will let the mind linger on their meanings for times to come. Hopefully. Mixed in with Photos and a couple Videos the hour went by fast. My own World has put on such a distance  from the reality of the so many present, my Passion for our Path, it was all I could do to not go on for hours "sharing" it all as to me this what it is all about.


"Sharing". Distributing those bits and pieces physically and mentally acquired with such common denominators as motorcycle riding, sidecar driving, camping, cooking, on the road with a four legged Buddy such as Spirit, photography, new Friends met on the shoulders where we at times rest, and the biggest and most important of them all "Mother Nature’s" incessant gifts, sometimes throughout peaceful days and others throughout the stormy ones which each builds up our character and personality on a physical and mental level making us stronger by the day to confront it all with an incessant growth. That is the core of this path. 


sunset G-8

It was a gratifying time. It was a good time as I look forward to the few more upcoming presentations lined up. Some of my inner aspects have changed. I did not want anymore to run away from this Urban environment. I knew it was only for a couple of days and the "City" actually became entertaining as I knew soon I will be harbored back into our own little and yet very large World. I started watching others, feeling them. Others driving, riding, talking, their facial and body expressions never quite hiding their own Lives which maybe they themselves wanted and needed to escape. Everything was moving so fast around us, and I was moving so slow, and all was alright as everyone went around us with no mental or physical collision. 


We were provided with a real nice Hotel room for a couple nights. Nice breakfast awaiting every morning. An elevator. A king size bed. A far cry from a mummy sleeping bag laid on some hard ground sometimes with some forgotten rocks under the tent. A shower and even a little refrigerator. I know, I am aware, nothing exceptional for many as it also was for myself in years past. We like glided through those couple days as Spirit did really well, specially in the elevator. He did well with the crowds present, better than ever and I have been so proud of him even though I have to say so many gave him the attention which he loves to receive.



Ah! the two words come back to hunt me always. "Bitter~Sweet". So much so. Can Lance hear me? Is he listening to my "Thank You" and more toward him to have put us on this path amongst others which now also join us within such gatherings? Was all this his plan all along? So many questions, answers which will never be present, only now, today, within these moments thinking that "yes…", all is his doing and truly not mine. 


So some will say "your machine broke…". I now smile. A Friend even wrote that it might be time to "scrap" it. Like a dagger the words penetrated till I realized not everyone looks and feels as I do, as "we do" toward, yes… a machine. "Old Faithful" she is. She is the one that has carried us for the last 280,000 miles. Off road, on road, smooth and rocky, sand and hard packed, hot and freezing, when sunny and stormy. We found a new engine for her yesterday. I am thinking a bit as a "heart transplant" while saving her “Soul”! 2 years younger and only with 30,000 miles on her. It is going to be strange.  

sunset G

In my effort to stay on the road “we” now have a T Shirt and Merchandise store. I think you will like it. “SpiritedOasis.”
“Smugmug” for Photos and Digital downloads.
The recipes are on the
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Needing a great
Follow the link. Justin is truly the one that allows you to enjoy this Journal and it’s peripheral pages.
We both appreciate your support and hoping we are giving something back.

xxx eng neg dark T

Be well… Always.

Ara and Spirit

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14 Responses to “Trying to swim upstream… Texas”

  1. Dustin Says:

    I think Old Faithful should be immortalized as a center piece of a “coffee” table wherever you best call home! 🙂

  2. Ara & Spirit Says:

    That is a good idea! Maybe I can sell it to pay for my repairs… Might have to end up pushing the hack this summer or maybe Spirit can pull it!!! No joke…

  3. heyduke50 Says:

    Sorry to hear of your travails with Old Faithful… but soon she too will be back on the road stronger than ever. We pulled into Canyon Lake and are also experiencing cool weather here…

  4. Marty Says:

    If possible I believe you should return Old Faithful’s worn out heart to the Oasis and
    place it in the Spirit Circle. It’s earned it’s rest and place of honor in my opinion. It will be there
    to be close to the three* that it wore itself out for, and to watch over the Oasis while they travel.
    I am not a very spiritual person, yet I know and can relate to the feeling of life or spirit in an engine,
    especially one that has treated me well.


    *Ara, Spirit, and Old Faithful

  5. greg Says:

    Glad to see you are back on the road with a new engine. Best of luck.

  6. mq01 Says:

    im happy to hear that old faithful made it to the dealership. just like my old faithful ones, always reaching our destination before taking a rest. the engine could be a sign in table used at your art galleries or exhibits! 🙂 yes a table with a glass top! i love this idea!
    pushing? why? pricey install ara?

  7. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Yes, pricey… Have no way or the money to ship it here… so. It will rest somewhere. It is amazing that she made it there the last 600 miles!

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    We are?… Where did you read that? Wishing we were. Soon I hope. Stay well.

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks Marty for everything at such times much needed. Hope our path will cross soon again. Ara and Spirit

  10. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks! We will be on to cool weather soon… Leaving tonight but I know will be hot till “there”… Ara and Spirit

  11. Ara & Spirit Says:

    That would be nice… Maybe find a storage for it in Albuquerque! [for now]

  12. Russ Says:

    Hello Ara and Spirit,

    I was just recently introduced to your journals through a pit bull rescue group. I just wanted to say hello and wish you and Spirit well on your journey.

  13. Lyle Says:

    Yes, when the entire Service department turns to look at your bike because of the noise it is making, that can’t be good!

    Glad it all came out OK!

  14. ellie hadsall Says:

    Ara and Spirit,
    I for one am thankful that you and “Old Faithful” made it to Albuquerque the same day we walked into the dealership. Otherwise we would never have met you! We think of you and look forward to connecting in person again!

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