These are not imaginary days… NM

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

The Photos are from one afternoon spent in Artesia, New Mexico, about 100 miles East of home.

 “If something is there, you can only see it with your eyes open, but if it isn’t there, you can see it just as well with your eyes closed. That’s why imaginary things are often easier to see than real ones.” 
~ Norton Juster ~





I cannot let it be as such, I cannot allow myself to wallow staring at Life’s screen’s emptiness because of all the past losses. I would fall right back into that dark tunnel if I did. The one that was dug 16 years ago, the one I kept slipping in when even the hold of my hands and scratching as on a blackboard of my nails would not slow me down. There was no light, it was that total darkness. The kind when while visiting a deep down cavern the tour guide lights up a match, just a match and transforms it into daylight. Maybe some of you have experienced such a tour. I have. I remember the Mitchel Caverns. That was darkness for sure. Eventually out of nowhere as an apparition the caverns left behind years ago, a light bulb came on. I already knew Lance had turned that switch on, he did it a long time ago. That same switch which never went back to the off position regardless of the more losses which took place as the further I went, the further that horizon seemed so distant with no end in sight.





And truly there is no end. Only physically there has to be, that is the Law of our existence. That will be the moment we also take our last breath, that time, that moment is about the only certitude of Life. What awaits us on the other side and I say side because I really don’t know, I am only guessing and imagining as there is no harm in such thoughts, is a mystery. Almost a curiosity as today is not “imaginary”, it is real and will another form of real will follow us or will we follow it? There are such atrocities and misery around us. So much so we avoid reading about it, watching it when it comes on a screen staring at us. We have that ability to click on that channel or the cursor and like magic it vanishes bringing us back to our reality, not theirs. But we know what is happening. Even someone like me who does have a television with only one channel, someone like me who has taken 99 steps back from Social Media and even blocked headlines, the bold ones which invites the curiosity I would call “morbid” of so many minds.





So regardless, I am Thankful today. I am thankful just being alive as I look back and often wonder how Spirit and I even made it through all these years on the road. Sounds more like a miracle than a Journey! I am thankful to have food, heat, medical care, a car, a home and even clothing to wear. I am thankful to have a few honest Friends, the real ones if you know what I mean opposed to the ones who clinged to us for themselves to gain supposedly some notoriety. I found out a bit too late about those souls. I have a certain amount of naivety I must say and such deep thoughts as a game played had never entered my mind. I find it amazing and yet the Human mind in itself is amazing. It is so much greater than any super computer they will ever build! The thought process might have some similarities but we have “feelings” which is what will always differentiate us and allow us as today to be “thankful” and not continuously bitch about this and that when that “this and that” does not kneel to our desires, the ones most often futile.




I read back what I have written and realize that in three paragraphs I have not said a thing! Or maybe I have if one digs a bit deeper than just the words that makes its surface. There is always a meaning when I write and yet I don’t come out and straight forward say it. Must be my past studies in literature, philosophy and sociology. How far did that get me? Point blank in its meaning to have the ability to live the moment and be thankful. There is really nothing else of much value here! Maybe only a slight chance of going senile? I actually kind of like that word. It is my latest excuse when I forget something or do something a bit off. It is always followed by “blame it on my senility…”. Listen to the big laugh… That closes the chapter and amazingly other’s mouths as I am then left alone as truly, who cares what anyone thinks? If those days existed in the past, and I admit they did, they are today gone… vanished. Today is not “imaginary”…


I am sure that none of this probably makes any sense…

Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit [R.I.P. 04/04/2018   

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