The West side of Big Bend and more…

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

Stuffed up, throat on fire… do I have your sympathy yet?… I am not too much into writing today…

I did want to ride "Old Maverick" road going the other way… with no cloud in the sky and T Shirt only weather, but of course I did wear my riding jacket, I headed toward that direction.

It was a fine ride, 12.8 miles of non paved roads, then followed the Rio Grande going west to Castolon for 8 miles. Finally back toward the entrance for 35 miles, with the views of Mules Ear Point, Sotol Vista Overlook and Sam Nail Ranch again…

I had a request for more Big Bend pictures… and so I have gone through them all, the ones I did not use and post them on SmugMug… The start of the pictures are of today… ending with a couple of the past days that I did not use.


Your best bet will be to, this time, since I have ran out of energy to write, set the upper right hand corner "style" window to "SLIDESHOW"… I hope you enjoy it… you can click on "fade" and even set the time for each picture to show… full screen also! You got to love SmugMug… I think Spirit is also under the weather, has not touched his food today, luckily he is drinking a lot of water…

Actually, I do not think any comments on my part would enhance those pictures in any way…

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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