The two sided Pulse of Society. TX

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children”
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

Sunset xxx

I have been truly puzzled these last few days. While waiting for a package at a neighbor’s driveway for three and a half hours as this particular carrier does not deliver here and my Friends were not home, having Wi-Fi and a bit bored, I started through my phone looking at Facebook’s timeline, something I never do. My Facebook usage is to look at some Friends pages to make sure they are still spinning and then on move on. One word came to mind while accomplishing what I would call such a "task"… what a bunch of "garbage"! From politics no one has any say so [sorry but that IS reality], to publicizing a cheeseburger, a hair out of place and a broken nail in much need of repair… I forget, the worse near death experiences, the worse accidents, the crashes and of course none would be complete without the classic motorcycle laid on its side in some mud of some foreign country. All what I am still guessing must be "sensationalism" at its best and if such content undertook an IQ test its results would most likely remain in the single digit.

Frozen seat xxx

Solar panels

The grass is greener here!-8 xxx

So I just don’t know. I am baffled. Is this the pulse of today’s society? This brought on of course another question I then asked myself as I do post on Facebook. We even have two pages! A bad idea from a Friend a while back! Am I being a hypocrite? I don’t post often. None has ever anything to do with politics, religion, sexuality and profanities. I share Nature, photos I take which I might find beautiful and interesting, quotes that touches my Heart, many which help me throughout the nights and days of this Journey, all thinking sharing as such can brighten other’s Life also. Am I being judgmental or am I merely expressing my opinion? Has Facebook turned into a utility such as electricity, water and phone? Is it the constant fuel of the masses? Is it an addiction for many? Has self gratification and egos moved to the top of this pyramid scheme called Life through the Church of Facebook? Our solitude in this barren Desert has become more attractive than ever I must say.

The grass is greener here!-7 xxx

The grass is greener on this side!-5 xxx

Yet, the other bright side of the coin, my Friends contents are worthy no doubt. I don’t have to sift to experience their shared knowledge whether it is Art, Music, their own Nature’s contemplation, photos, their own quotes. I know ahead of time that what they will post has a true value. Facebook feels as a huge menu a bit too long as while sitting in front of it I have to always order from a customized page, the contents which I can learn something and be filled with a mental experience adding some richness to my own knowledge. I always said, more jokingly than in reality, that I love Instagram [arawithspirit] because there is no social interaction. Very little of it. It allows me to look at photos from all over the world and in a square format which is new to me as I mostly take photos in a very wide angle.

The grass is greener on this side!-9 xxx

However, Instagram is also changing and now the spam fills the pages. [as in… would you like to chat with me?] What is "spam"? A canned meat product made mainly from ham? No… not that one. Electronic junk from others who have nothing else better to do which leads me to wonder what did these people do before the Internet? How did they project such clutter and mindless debris onto others? This is all so amazing and I should not even be thinking about all this. Seriously. I have since learned that just in case my wanderings take me back to Facebook’s timeline again I can turn notifications off. I was not aware of that.

The grass is greener on this side!-6 xxx

I look ahead of me and see what our real Life is. Roads into the horizon line broken up by the low mountains which surrounds us, the sun today trying to make its way through the fast moving clouds, the greenery carpeting the land this year in a way I have never seen before as already little yellow flowers are blooming. I smile at the silly thought that I might need a lawn mower! Spirit is running like a madman. He has his course all laid out in a circle as we now also play hide and seek. I cheat often as all I need to say in not even a loud voice as silence will carry the word "treat"… He runs out of hiding. My crazy Dog! Good crazy… maybe like me. Who knows.

The grass is greener on this side!-8 xxx

The grass is greener here! xxx

The grass is greener here!-2

The road has from long time ago reshuffled Life’s priorities. Some get it and some don’t. My Friend Mike for example who has been rolling  for a year or so does gets it. He is the "100mpg kid!". His concern is not about money, or the lack of it creating a must to adhere budget as we ourselves have done for so many years. I actually don’t think he has any worries… why pay interest on a loan not yet borrowed? He does not mind exchanging thoughts about such budget talk as we learn from each other. It is not taboo as some might think, it is often the subject of conversations everyone on the road shares without unleashing towards each other if there is a lack of it. We make due. We never tire of it. All is a matter of perspective. The same is respect which has grown toward each others on this path and stands tall like a skyscraper "demanding" the same in return even if I read about name calling or the disrespect arrow coming my way which I only dodge without fighting back especially when so popular on those pages I read that day, while also ethnic background is involved. Sometimes it also becomes personal while innuendos are expressed in words "telling me" that my own background is not the only one with a monopoly on this or that. Why even go there? What difference does it make where we are from as this World has become smaller and a boiling pot. We ride our own arrow who’s reach I cannot even see. The arrow that was shot a few years back having nothing to do with a stripped wallet but a life taken away. Again, perspective.

The grass is greener on this side!-2 xxx

The grass is greener on this side! xxx

How did I get this far? How did we get this far? Is the wall of our bubble thickening? becoming more solid as to not be pierced and burst? Am I better at observing red flags coming down the road with their content of disturbing words? I would like to believe so. Keeping an inner Peace on this stage has become my priority. Disturbing vibes cannot and will not make their way here. I will not allow it, I cannot as my awareness is just too intense to ruin these coming times I call "my last hoopla"! Thinking deep has become a gift, a way of Life. Decisions are so heavily weighed and the scenarios of probable consequences of consequences take shape in more constructive ways than ever. We have our own "Timeline" here, here and there, wherever we are. It is my Timeline without disturbing anyone else’s as I try to keep it vice versa. "Caution" is written in big bold red letters. I like that sign.

Sunrise xxx

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The grass is greener on this side!-4

Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit


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4 Responses to “The two sided Pulse of Society. TX”

  1. David Says:

    As someone who agrees with you wholeheartedly about Facebook, we still need to realize that it serves its purpose to those who use it for whatever reason. Personally, I have a Facebook page and have “liked” your page. I will also say that I am seldom on Facebook and would much prefer to read a good website like this one! Longer well-thought and meaningful stories will ALWAYS be a privilege for this reader! However, I realize that I am in a minority when it comes to that. My two-cents (three-cents Canadian) is that you stay on Facebook for the 2,408 people who follow you and your journey as the sad fact is, if they can’t follow you on Facebook–they probably will no longer follow you. That would require two clicks in order to get to a different page.

    Honestly, there are many people following you and Spirit, and living vicariously through you. Our reasons for not journeying ourselves vary: finances, family, fear… But you give us a glimpse of what’s right in this world, through word and pictures. A few people who may be lucky enough to meet you on the road, but for the rest of us your posts give us at least ten great minutes (here or on Facebook) that take us away from the avalanche of excrement that never stops falling our heads and takes us somewhere else, and sets our imaginations running, “I wish I was with them!”

    Hey, no pressure buddy! 😉

  2. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks for writing David. I knew this would be controversial and yet, I did title this entry “the TWO SIDED…”. I agree with you. Facebook is the perfect examples of “there are two sides to the coin”. Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

  3. Shawn Says:

    I like your question asking what we did before Facebook, even before the internet. If I remember correctly, it was mindless TV shows, radio stations, magazines, and newspaper that did the same thing. Crackbook (aka Facebook) has created another outlet for exchanging information, humor, and gossip. What people do with it is up to them. As current events keep reminding me, human nature does not change, only technology changes. I base this observation on events happening in the Middle East and Eastern Europe with the growing escalation of violence. Some of the atrocities being committed in the name of an ideaology is nothing new nor are some of the methods being employed. Dark thoughts for sure.

    On another note, love reading your words and viewing your pictures. I can hear your voice talking when I read them. Such are the beauty and power of words.

  4. Old Fat Man Says:

    If you are crazy like Spirit, then you are saner and wiser than all other humans I have ever met. Congratulations. I am sorry that I did not get to look you up when I was recently out at Bibe.

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