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Thursday, January 10th, 2008

It has been "living" on the Carl’s and Colette’s 25 acres… a meal every night… and much play with Spirit, truly more than ever before. Of course it says something about having a home, a fenced yard that encircles such land, but also the fact that our bond, between Spirit and I has taken another step up. There is not doubt also that having such a nice home in the, I would definitely call it, the "country", has its shiny side of the coin. Life can so much show its different faces so often leaving one a bit bewildered at times… maybe with the thought… "this is what I will do when I grow up".


Will I ever… who knows as that is too far ahead to think about it. In the meantime, these past three days, the technology needed by us, mainly this corridor for us to stay in touch, meaning you and I, took a turn for the worse. The lack of knowledge from my phone company has totally managed to ruin any Internet Dish connection that I had. Very simply I exchanged my phone for one that would have EVDO, which is a fast connection, specially going through cities where setting up a Dish will not be an option, and also be compatible with "32 bit Vista". First the wrong phone showed up… no EVDO capability. That is when we rode to Marble Falls, 200 miles in some pretty cold and brisk weather, exchanging it for another one which would have the feature. Laptop in hand, in plain sight of the salesperson while installing the software, the word "Vista" was screaming at him… only to realize that, now my Dish connection was not working! I will not bore you with the details… or myself again, but the new phone was not "Vista" compatible and downloading its software had changed my proxy settings. Finally… as I found out today, Alltel does "not" make a phone which is "Vista" compatible with the EVDO feature, the "tech" department does not even support "Vista"… hello? Phone Company… On the phone for two hours with India, Microsoft’s new headquarters, a "fee" to solve this "case"… we are again operational. The lack of knowledge has totally blown me away… I cannot be the only one with this scenario… a slap on the wrist from reality has been undesirable to deal with.


Now that our technological failure episode is solved, actually while it was being solved, Spirit and I had much land to play on. There is not a need to really go anywhere while here, the space is serene and peaceful and what Karma it has been to be here while dealing with the interminable hours spend on the phone trying to get back on the right path of communication. Since our BBQ on Sunday I have discovered the great flavor of Pecan wood, a milder taste, more delicate… so much more that we are taking some with us for future grilling… maybe for the upcoming Duck, cream cheese and bacon little roll ups we are planning to grill while in Mississippi… while spending a couple nights at Walt’s and Paulette’s home.

S 6 S 5
S 4 S 2

He is just a regular Clown! Pits love to entertain, they like the attention and play those games with themselves with on eye on their spectators at all time. He has been playing with Thor and Mickey also… Thor, the big old grumpy guy, Mickey, the little bit shy and beautiful German Sheppard. They will bark at him, specially Thor, but it just does not phase him as he still will run a hundred miles per hour circling them, doing 180’s in the air and a body slam!

H S 3

H S 1 H S 2

What you will not see here is Spirit taking off with his tail between his legs thinking… please do not catch up with me… as the horse is slowly sneaking up on him! There is a chicken coop built by Carl… a little palace for them… why not! I never knew chicken looked so good and where so friendly… wait till you see the pictures of Colette hand feeding them while sitting amongst them!

chicken coop chickens2
chicken1 chickens1

So this week has now almost gone by, the word Atlanta keeps popping up in my mind, probably many hours at a stand still behind the wheels… I know that Savannah and south of it, the Golden Isles, will be nice to visit and worth may pictures and historical facts. Listening to my mother mostly as she will try to find out why we live the way we do I know will also be enlightening, to say the least…

moon face red ball

We are leaving tomorrow morning very early, probably at 4am to avoid the Houston traffic and simply take highway 10 toward Baton Rouge. Stop… once again at the Alltel store to exchange this cell phone for the 3rd time, they are expecting us!!!… and doubt it very much that lunch will be served. Mississippi for a couple days to finally close in on the final stretch. We went to the "George Ranch", a place so interesting that we are going back today. Since 1824, one family and four generations have lived there, we only had time to visit the couple first homes and will walk through 2 more today… plenty of pictures!

S 7

They are done playing!

"Spirited Doggie Treats" and "Art Cards"…. Dogs cannot live of Love and food alone… they need treats, they like treats… we know! Put Spirit to work!

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

Ara Gureghian   853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245   Naples, Fl 34108

You be well…. Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “Spirit… the Clown! Tx”

  1. conchscooter Says:

    The Dog is the God of frolic.

  2. Linda Hunter Says:

    I was watching a dog show on tv yesterday, and a pit bull won the frisbee toss. Made me feel good. So many people have the wrong impression of this breed.


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