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Friday, June 13th, 2014

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Mesa Campground-15

Ironically, only a couple days away from Father’s Day, moments of reconciling with Life once again is taking place. Nature’s stage has timely risen its curtain and I can see while I stop beyond just looking. There is a fork in the road, the intersection is clear, its paths separating where I stand are not. I don’t try to discern where each lead because I know we will be on the right one when that time comes for the first step taken. Guidance has always been present from that day on a November 2006 while embracing this unknown ahead of us as I must. Most is still undiscovered while rolling down its hills and pushing up toward its peaks.

B W red barn xxx

Clarity has once again made its way into my vision as those window panes gone through their seemingly eternal stages at times sparkling clean and other times so murky, today I see through. Right, left, straightforward or backward is for us the spice living off these roads. They are all just paths, enticing when I know the beauty of the certain destinations which awaits. We live fully I must say almost as if we are jumping from one chamber to another sheltered from what truly most are unsheltered from. How could we ever go back to what was after acquiring this sometimes nameless spice I myself do not know what to call.

Endless Road


Have time for cooking again! Thin sliced beef with green curry, mangoes, coconut milk, green onions, cilantro, red roasted bell peppers and lemon juice over rice.

The Journey once again has become timeless in comparison towards these last months while reliving the past years and transposing them on pages now providing me with such a joyful sentiment called sharing. That is what it has been all about. Sharing with the many kind souls we have encountered either physically or through true words avoiding a banality which seems to reign today on other too many pages. Sometimes a certain priority look alike peaks in and its tentacles often have a strong pull, but it cannot last too long as our nameless for now space has become stronger throwing a hard punch filled with our reality and not the superficial displayed incessantly bombarding the too many wanting an escape, any escape. They are too easy to follow.

Perky Mog-6 xxx

Perky Mog-3 xxx

Perky Mog-7 xxx

As much we are used to it, maybe our Life and its physical demands are not that gentle. The gentleness is in the mind, soul and heart. It is priceless. It is what everything else lacks. It is not the mega size camper, the shiny new motorcycle or the expensive riding suit unspoiled yet by bugs. Money is only a commodity and the balancing act between the free unspoiled mind and soul and it, is the key of it all constantly swaying. The ditch can be murky and deep. It can also be too comfortable cutting off the ties with Mother Nature reigning above it all. She might not even lend a hand to emerge from it, it is that spark that makes some of us crawl up and reach its ledge to only prove ourselves what we can do and be proud of it.

Up and down the camper goes…

Perky Mog

Perky Mog-2

New Friends we met on the road with their… little Unimog Camper called “Perky Mog”.

It is the final and most beautiful aspect I feel of Life called "awareness". And what a big load that is. Huge. It is not a ‘thing", it has no price, we follow its practice for ourselves, to better ourselves and maybe if fortunate enough, spill some on others. It is not to display in brightly lit neon signs what we posses which is nothing when such nothing can be replaced unlike such awareness which branches out always filled with the hope and faith of Life in an upwards motion, tranquil and silent as no fanfare is needed.

Sharper in HD settings

Black Canyon of Gunnison xxx

Black Canyon of Gunnison-9 xxx

A ride down the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Black Canyon of the Gunnison-2

The interminable hours of Father’s Day will be here soon. One more time, ten years later… I will be thinking about the good memories, because there really is nothing else to do that can provide such a positive aspect. Of course I miss those past years, the ones way before those ten years unraveled one at the time. The scars are left uncovered, there is only one worthy prescription and yet, it is not designed for healing, only to allow me the experience of these days mixed in with the past vision of the laughter and the good times we had. It is acceptance which today has turned into a must with no questions asked as there are no valid answers. It is just Life… That is about all. Just Life.

Mesa Campground

Columbine Flowers-2

Columbine Flowers-4

In about ten days we shall be back into those spaces with their characters common to us. We have stayed put in Gunnison these past weeks out of need because of once again the logistics of publishing our book. We will be able to move on very soon before we get too domesticated with power and water on demand and a good Internet connection. Lets not forget a few nice grocery stores near by. However, being here for a month at "The Mesa Campground" is not just by accident. A few years back, totally broke and in a jam while going through this area for the first time, someone, and I wish I could remember who it was, e-mailed us to stop here and talk with Francie and Allan Ivy who own and run this Camp.

Mesa Campground-2

Mesa Campground-3 xMesa Campground-5 xMesa Campground-4 x

Mesa Campground-6 x

Mesa Campground-7

We did. Francie and Allan themselves have both intensively traveled while originally being from South Africa and on hitchhiking through Europe and around this country in a VW Beetle. They have themselves, as we call it on the road, been "bailed out" a few times and when purchasing this Camp decided they would never turn down anyone to stay. With open arms as we pitched our tent, they welcomed us for the few days we needed to regroup. I never forgot the gesture as I will never forget the help we have so always generously received when broken down or any other reason. It is a Camp like no other. They are the pillar of this space and the best way I can describe it is "they always make you feel good". This includes the semi part time residents. The snow-birds as we call them. If you are in this area and need to regroup and a feel good dosage, this is the place. It has been for us. To me, their brightly painted bus says it all.

Mesa Campground-14 x

Mesa Campground-12 x

Mesa Campground-13 x

Mesa Campground-8

Francie and Allan are also great Photographers. Even though we use the same cameras, they are professionals and their photos always look better. I just take pictures! There is a Gallery on site “Open Your Eyes” and their work also displayed in other ones in Gunnison. As much as we are ready to "bolt out", we will miss them and the many others here always with a "hello" and "how are you doing". Francie is actually organizing a book signing next week where I will also show some videos and photos from these past years. So again, that "spice" of the road has sprinkled itself on our path on these recent times. Now, it is time to again continue this Journey.


It is always that time…

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit


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4 Responses to “Rolling the ball of Life. CO”

  1. Pleinguy Says:

    Have a safe ride home. Hope you sell lots of books. I’m roaming around the northwest this summer. Take care.

  2. texascindy Says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Ara. I’ve been thinking of you. Got my books in but haven’t read it yet. As I held it I got a bit emotional knowing just how long this has been in coming. I’m waiting for the perfect quiet time to start reading it because I know I will not be able to put it down until finished. I’ll give Chris his today and send BIL his soon. Enjoy your day and I hope the book signing next week is a blast for you! Talk to you soon. Hugs and scritches!!

  3. swade Says:

    I love reading you posts. Mesa RV Resort is on my list. Ordering my book now!

  4. Harriet DeMoia Says:

    I just ordered your book and I know it will be an enjoyable read. I check in on your blog regularly and always enjoy the photos. Stay safe and best wishes.

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