Pinto Canyon, part II, Texas

Sunday, November 11th, 2007


I am now left with the memories of that day and already planning to return, explore some of the other roads that I noticed. I have already looked at the map and they will be turn around roads, but that is alright as the views and the riding will be worth it. After the initial couple miles of a bit rough riding, the surface smoothed out, a few dry creek beds crossing did not present any problems, ranches on each side with a bit of wild life and a creek providing the water for some colorful vegetation.

Someone asked me the other day about the wildlife and also, since we ride alone and do not own a Sat phone, if we always left word with someone in the area as to our whereabouts. Well, honestly we don’t see that much wildlife. Not an abundance of it anyhow. Javelinas are frequent when they decide to bolt out in front of us and cross the road, often stopping and raising their hair. The other night we almost ran over a couple mountain lions in the Park, there was one on each side of the road and decided to each cross on the other side… they were quick. No bears, no hawks and for that matter not too many wild horses. As far as letting someone know about our route, well, I have not, I think about it a lot, it would be easier in the Park to let a Ranger know, but outside the Park… will have to give it some more thoughts and arrange that situation.

The descent flattened out, it was time to stop again for a longer break, Spirit had to play the role of a cow, remember he is not camera shy!

It was also time to attack the snacks from the Bakery. I made an exception that afternoon and shared a croissant with him, well deserved after I am sure his frustrations a couple nights before having to smell some grilled steaks! Yes, we both enjoyed it, finished it up with much water… funny as at first he did not know if he should eat it or not! Probably confused at the situation… "hey, this is not dog food!"

Finally we did see some wildlife behind a Ranch fence, funny as they all stopped to look at us. They most likely stopped to smell Spirit’s presence and trust me that it was mutual.

Just beautiful markings, and sorry, ignorant me, I have no clue what their name is… hoping someone will write and let us know. Definitely with a white tail, deer family… (thank you… "Pronghorn Antelope", the wonders of the Internet…)

Looking at the GPS, River Road which would take us back to Presidio, was getting close. Far away in the picture is not the stretch of road going into it, there was a fork on the road and we took the one bearing left toward the Mexican mountains which you can see. The turn off to the Chinati Hot Springs also is on this road where we will go soon, even maybe spend the night there camping.


And suddenly it was River Road, always a bit sad to get off unpaved roads, the little town of Ruidosa where the local Church is being renovated. There is a mail box for "Angel" right across the Chapel, I thought it was appropriate…

We had just covered safely the 54 miles from Marfa…

Presidio was another 37 miles, and about another hour would take us back to Terlingua through Lajitas. It was a great day… I would not change a thing! The bakery was great, the Pizza Foundation was a pleasant stop to see  Marfa’s local colors, I would definitely try some of the other roads, spend some time at the Chinati Hot Springs, I have been hearing about this Pinto Canyon Road for over a year now… great timing.

We caught the sunset while nearing Lajitas on River Road, right at a peak where suddenly one can see the Chisos, a few clouds made it for some great colors, sunsets, sunrises, with a bit of weather always makes it a good picture. There is some weather changes coming up, cold they say, who knows, maybe even a bit of rain. I has been weeks since we have experienced rain, but we are ready for it. If you are ever in this area, don’t forget Pinto Canyon Road…

Till next time, you all be well…

Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “Pinto Canyon, part II, Texas”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Hey Ara,
    Looks like antelope to me.
    Life is good!

  2. Ginny Says:

    Good morning Ara. Great pics as usual! I’m getting a good sense of what this place is like thanks to your descriptions and photographs. I have a friend that travels to Ruidosa once a year…I’m thinking for some kind of festival? Thanks for writing about the wildlife. It’s cool that you saw some mountain lions!

  3. Jim Says:

    Great pictures and narrative. First time I have visited your site. I was wondering what brand of GPS you had and if you had thougth about making the log file available to others who want to retrace (more or less) your trail. Also wondered how much of this trip was off blacktop (I ride a K1200LT that is a little wearing on too much gravel). Thanks.

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