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Monday, March 23rd, 2015

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Spirit B xxx

People without imagination are beginning to tire of the importance attached to comfort, to culture, to leisure, to all that destroys imagination. This means that people are not really tired of comfort, culture and leisure, but of the use to which they are.
~ Raoul Vanageim ~

My Mother use to ask me "and what did you do all day?". It is a question I will never forget as now here since September, I ask myself the same question and the answer is still very vague. Do I really need to know what I do all day? The counterpart of the question being "are you ever bored?" also runs through my mind. I know that answer too well "never"! I often wish I was indeed bored at times, meaning a total abandonment towards Life moments, a halt with the wish something, anything to do would come up while I  wait… bored! It never happens. There is always something to do and if there is not, it is the mind that travels within my own far away lands, the ones I can see the images, sometimes even make them up. And why not? It is not important if physically I will ever reach those spaces, what matters to me are their mental aspects.

Storm and grillinng xxx

Lamb Kebabs xxx

Kebabs xxx

I have no clue what will happen from one day to the another, from one moment to the next. No one knows and it is the refined spice of Life slowly at times, in a hurry often, which passes through the hour glass. Putting up a dwelling here has kept my days busy. I am still waiting for a couple pieces of furniture to be delivered. I am still waiting also on other fronts. Like a release of X rays for my sciatica and lower back pains so we can once for all address the issue. Waiting for this particular person to show up to dig a hole 40′ away from where our solar is right now as it is in the wrong place while the sun is waking up a bit further North every day. There is a pattern here and it is called “waiting”. Patience is a virtue. I am mastering it!

Perky Mog xxx

Perky Mog-5 xxx

More waiting about some questions I had regarding our Photo Coffee Table Book. I am trying to make it affordable, meaning $40 including Tax and Shipping versus $90 not including Tax and Shipping. It will require some kind of crowd funding to be able to order 1000 copies which is the minimum bulk number. Simply put, pre-selling that amount of copies as the printer will also do the mailing for each book. Waiting… some more!
Update. I did get the first go ahead to submit our campaign. Must put Spirit to work now!

Perky Mog-3 xxx

Perky Mog-2 xxx

Maybe I am waiting on myself as we linger in this space right now truly not wanting to go anywhere. It is a new feeling to be comfortable not as much physically but with a sense of this being "Home". I cannot avoid that aspect. It is. At the same time there is a slow burning fire in me that will soon push me away from this space. It is my nature, it is the call of the road simply put. That excitement away from a present comfort zone. We are just not ready yet and the intermission still has its curtain down while the music is playing its tunes.

Perky Mog-10 xxx 

Perky Mog-8 xxx

We had some good Friends visiting us. It is rare but it happens. They are themselves on the Journey of their lives with their comfortable and large camper, a 30,000 lb. custom fitted Unimog "Perky Mog". A go anywhere vehicle as long as the grounds are not too soft and they don’t sink in. We had camped together once already last summer in Colorado and it was again pleasant times spent with them with good food twice while they also camped in the Park for a week or so in between. And what did we do? Nothing… What would be the definition of that "nothing"… It is a lot! Chatted, talked much, cooked, photographed Sunsets, shot a video, lounged. For most that is nothing when it does not entail going somewhere, driving around, hiking. In other words, we were not busy aka we relaxed and in itself it filled up our mornings, afternoons and evenings while also gazing at the Stars when dark, map in hand. On tablets actually… modern technological conveniences of apps.

Perky Mog!

Comfort, secure, body and mind relaxed… that is "The Oasis" which its meaning continues penetrating us and I say "us" because Spirit also I know feels that way while free to run around, of course his eyes on me while not wanting to get too far. Even some good Friends I spoke with this morning told me they are spending more and more time here. The years are passing us by, age is somehow creeping up and this must be the natural blueprint of Life’s desires and needs. It is Paradise here these days with perfect temperatures and the daily amazement of the green carpet surrounding us with thousands of yellow flowers now blooming. What more could we ask for? We are living the moment. Now. I hope you are also…


Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit

-The Oasis-, now-2

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