Parked in San Antonio… Texas

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Spirit_2 Parked in San Antonio since yesterday… going to sightsee for a while and find some good Tamales!… the Riverwalk… anything else?

How do I manage to meet such great people?… How can my Karma be so good and so kind to my present life?… I must have lived right I guess… I can just imagine… trust me when I say "don’t let the few bad seeds of our society give you the wrong impression about human kindness".

One always needs to be planted firmly on their two feet… but what a lift it is when one similarly meets good hearted people that open the doors to their home and heart!

Spirit had a blast yesterday playing with a buddy!… over one acre fenced was his playground… can this dog run or can he run!… He is so much in my care that it felt so great to see him have a good time! Such a shame that Pits have such a bad rap… it is slowly I think changing however… punish the owners… not the breed!…

Crossing Texas… for the first time is really not being felt!… This is the way to do it… take time and cover a couple hundred miles per day, if you have the time… It reminds me of the many times I have crossed Kansas to get to Denver, what a long straight road…

On my way to discover the town… and make preparations for Big Bend…Be well… have a great day…

Ara & Spirit

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