More Roads up and down and around Sedona, AZ.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

We are almost packed, these will be the last pictures from Sedona and around, I actually know exactly where we are going… a bit North. I found some really nice gravel roads yesterday, the kind cars will drive on real easy, one of them was 618 going south right from the campground all the way to 260. A good occasion to pick up some speed… washboards as usual… too long of a road to go slow!

The rig is running good, it feels solid, my flashbacks are being more and more less frequent and I am starting to trust the mounts, mounts which I will checking again in a couple days… Of course I would love to come back to Kingman and stay with Mark, Anjie, the kids, the dogs and the cats… but, not for another failure!

I found a couple watering holes wishing I had known about. Perfect place to take a book, a towel and spend the afternoon… both with shades on different times of the day… such perfection from Mother Nature.

The colors are different, just not the same red that I have been seeing but mixed with some purple. With every water stream oxidizing the solidified sand, depending on its mineral content, the color will end up being different. This is about 30 miles south of Sedona… you cannot miss them going south on 618… one on the right, the other on the left.

As the weather keeps getting hotter and hotter, sorry Northerners… we are sweating here… we are also taking more water breaks for Spirit, actually refilling the ten liters can as often as I can with fresh water… poor guy!… hiding under the sidecar… at least it is a good thing that the rig is providing him with some natural shade.

I could not leave here without taking a last ride on 89A, northbound at least. It took us over an hour to get through Sedona… bumper to bumper… much construction… This is a house I call the “conehead house”, and that is the best picture I could get. Walked around without trespassing and the builder has ingeniously planted trees to hide it so well I imagine from anyone’s sight!

There are more cones in the rear, all different colors… and yes, as you might have thought… I like it a lot!!! Easy to explain where you live!…

The landscape once out of town is just incredible. Much reds of different hues, a bridge over the canyon and traffic was on the lighter side. There are a few State campgrounds on the way, three that I could tell all on the creek side. When I arrived about a week ago the weather was cold and I was looking more for lower and warmer elevation. Have I known the weather was going to be so generous, I would have camped right by the creek. Very peaceful… and who would not sleep well with the sounds of the water running through the rocks.

It is a twisty road!… which demands much attention, most curves are posted at 10 to 15mph, banked nicely, wider right at the curves and no place to pull to take more shots!!! The one hand handlebar and one hand camera just does not work here. I did want to write this Blog!

There is one section which you can actually see the roads being superimposed… this is what I call riding!

The first chance to stop was Oak Creek Vista, on the right going north, packed with tourists and cameras, even a couple buses… once again… Spirit was the center of attraction. At least people ask if they can take a picture, which I appreciate… and I think his head his really starting to swell… he just stares through his Doggles… that’s it! Waits till it is over… Mr Spirit… he’s just too much…

The view is spectacular, it is snow down the canyon and we ourselves are at 7000+ feet. The pictures are hard to take with the bright sun still over the mountains, the days are getting a bit longer and by the way, there was no time change here in Arizona. We are quite a bit north of Sedona with a totally different scenery filled with pines and much greenery. It is cooler, it felt great, specially continuing the ride toward Flagstaff which was only about 20 miles away.

As much as I do not, refuse, to ride Freeways… we did come back 17 South. Between the Freeway riding or being stuck through Sedona for an hour stand still overheating the engine… the choice was simple.

Another great overlook actually materialized on 17, at the peak before a long downhill to the 179 exit, and again, with much haze on the horizon, it was tough getting some good shots. But… it is here anyhow!

We should be by a little town called Tusayan tomorrow night. On 64 headed north, right before the Grand Canyon entrance. Talked to the local Ranger today and there is much free camping throughout the Forest… Of course the Grand Canyon will not be too far… the South Rim that is as the North Rim will not open till mid May. I know… everyone, including myself has seen many pictures of the Grand Canyon… sunrises and sunsets… but I need to take my own!

Till then, you be well… we are both tired tonight and feeling good, Spirit is already snoring… no comments on my sleep!

Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “More Roads up and down and around Sedona, AZ.”

  1. Cameo Says:

    I can’t believe all those pine-covered hills. It sure looks different than the east coast!

    Spirit is so cute with those doggles on 😀 They make him look so dignified!

  2. Jerry Feldner Says:

    For cameo – Those ain’t hills! They are MOUNTAINS!! Hills are 500 feet of elevation within a linear mile. These fit the criterion of !,000 ft in a linear mile.
    Ara, great pics of an area I love to visit. I think it was better 20 years ago before superdevelopment reared its ugly head and ruined a lot of the beauty of Sedona. Love it.

  3. Cameo Says:

    Jerry – Thanks for the info! Either way they are BEAUTIFUL! Where I live there are no mountains, only hills, so I guess I’m not good at telling the difference ;D

  4. aragureghian Says:

    Hey guys… maybe we should have a Forum besides the Blog… and then I will have no time to sightsee…
    Just set up at the south rim… National Forest… no one for miles… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    My kind of place… I am not moving!!!
    Be well… Ara & Spirit

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